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Top 5 Dirt Bike Brands in 2022

Top 5 Dirt Bike Brands in 2022

Dirt bike racing has become an immensely popular sport in recent years. People are thrilled to watch dirt bikes racing and doing stunts. For this reason, people have begun to show a greater interest in dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are designed only for off-road maneuverings and adventures. To make the dirt bike sport more popular and exciting, various motorcycle companies are manufacturing high-quality, competitive dirt bikes.

1. What are Dirt Bikes?

Dirt bikes are very different from motorcycles or cruisers. Their bodywork is different from a motorcycle and is built to be lightweight, making dirt bikes suitable for off-road maneuvers and stunts. Dirt bikes can be ridden on unpaved surfaces.

1.1 The Difference Between a Motorcycle and a Dirt Bike

The key difference between a motorcycle and a dirt bike is the tires. The tires on a dirt bike are rougher and have spikes on them, whereas, motorcycle tires are smoother. Dirt bikes usually have low-powered engines as they are not meant to move very fast. Dirt bikes also have greater ground clearance compared to motorcycles. Dirt bikes also have flat seats and a slim design. The suspensions on dirt bikes are more flexible and softer compared to motorcycles.

2. What Makes a Dirt Bike the Best?

2.1 Suspension

Having good suspension is necessary for a dirt bike to be able to travel on unpaved surfaces. High-quality suspension ensures less bumpiness, good traction, and consistently smooth cruising. The best dirt bike has suspensions that ensure longer wheel travel.

2.2 Transmission

The best dirt bikes come with a five- or six-speed transmission. This is because a dirt bike’s performance is judged by its capability to maintain a balance between torque, acceleration, and speed. With a six-speed transmission, the rider can produce more torque because of its wider gears.

2.3 Lightweight

The dirt bike should be made out of lightweight aluminum. The best dirt bike should weigh less than 113 kg. The lighter a dirt bike is, the better it will perform.

3. The Top 5 Dirt Bike Brands

3.1 Yamaha

Photo Credit: @swapmotolive.com
Yamaha is one of the most reliable manufacturers of dirt bikes. Yamaha has consistently created new dirt bikes that never disappoint its customers. It took decades of effort and continuous innovation in the dirt bike category for Yamaha to become the huge brand it is now. Yamaha is a versatile company that produces motorcycles, car engines, boats, and water pumps. Yamaha’s first dirt bike, the DT-1, was launched in 1968. The DT-1 was a 250 cc two-stroke dirt bike and brought great success for Yamaha. Yamaha dirt bikes are well-known for their top-quality suspensions and handling. Yamaha has received several awards and is recognized globally for producing one of the best dirt bikes. The company has come a long way in upgrading and innovating its dirt bikes.

What are the popular dirt bikes by Yamaha?

The YZ-125, WR-250-F, and YZ-250 are the most popular dirt bikes by Yamaha. These dirt bikes are loved by riders and have won several dirt bike racing competitions.

3.2 KTM

Photo Credit: @motocrossactionmag.com

Despite being a younger company than its competitors, KTM has made a mark in the dirt bike industry. The company started in 1992 and within 30 years, KTM has proved to be a leading dirt bike brand. KTM has become a global dirt bike brand. Apart from the performance of KTM’s dirt bikes, their wicked looks are the most appealing part of these vehicles.

KTM is also well-known for its street motorcycles and sports cars. In 1992, the KTM took several steps to re-evaluate its business strategies which proved to be helpful. KTM’s dirt bikes have won several dirt-bike racing competitions and more than 200 dirt bike titles. The KTM brand has also won the Paris Dakar 18 times in a row.

KTM kept its position on the list of best dirt bike brands by winning the Jeffrey Herlings’ World Championship MX1 and Cooper Webb’s 2021 AMA Supercross Championship in the 450 cc category.

The KTM dirt bikes are built with aggressive looks. Many riders find it difficult to switch to another dirt bike after riding a KTM dirt bike.

7 Of the Best KTM Dirt Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

  1. The KTM 690 Enduro R
  2. The KTM Freeride E-XC
  3. The KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days
  4. The KTM 250 SX
  5. KTM Freeride 250 R
  6. The KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition
  7. KTM 300 XC-W Six Days

3.3 Honda

Photo Credit: @pinterest.com

Honda is well-known for the durability of its automobiles. In 1973, the first dirt bike by Honda, a two-stroke dirt bike known as the CR250M Elsinore. Starting from the first day, Honda has produced high-quality dirt bikes. In any discussion about the top dirt bike brands, you will always hear the name Honda.

The Honda dirt bikes are different from those of other companies in terms of the engines’ performance. Honda specializes in producing powerful and durable engines. Honda dirt bikes can produce extra power and offer a smooth riding experience. Honda’s innovative engineering skills are evident in the dirt bikes the company produces. Almost all Honda dirt bikes are painted red as a symbol of passion, excitement, and action.

Most popular Honda dirt bikes

The most popular Honda dirt bikes include the Honda CRF-450 R, CRF 250 R, and CRF 125 R for experienced riders and dirt bike racing. The Honda CRF-50 F and CRF 110 F are designed specifically for beginners and kids.

3.4 Kawasaki

Photo Credit: @swapmotolive.com

Kawasaki is a renowned brand that has produced several well-known motorcycles. The Ninja series, Z series, and KZ900 are a few of the legendary motorbike series. Like the other top brands, Kawasaki was a versatile manufacturer whose main production areas were electrical generating plants and shipbuilding. The first metal aircraft in Japan was made by Kawasaki in 1918. Kawasaki started making motorcycle engines in 1949.

The B8-M was the first dirt bike launched by Kawasaki in 1963. The B8-M was equipped with a 123 cc two-stroke engine. Initially, the B8-M could not be described as a true dirt bike. To remedy this, Kawasaki made several changes to the B8-M. The addition of the knobby tires, upgraded suspensions, forks, handlebars, and seats helped transform the B8-M into a true dirt bike. The B8-M went on to be a success and ended in the top six of the All Japanese Motocross Championship in 1963.

All of the dirt bikes produced by Kawasaki have exceptional handling, powerful suspension, and great torque-producing capability. Kawasaki makes dirt bikes for both expert and novice riders. Kawasaki has made it on the list of the top five dirt bike brands due to the record number of wins the company holds. Kawasaki has won over 30 AMA motocross racing championships.

Kawasaki is an expert in producing both four-stroke and two-stroke dirt bikes. Kawasaki not only delivers high-quality motorbikes, but the brand is also well known for producing affordable motorbikes. Most of the motorbikes and dirt bikes Kawasaki produces are in a more affordable price range compared to its competitors.

3.5 Husqvarna

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Husqvarna has made a name for itself as a top dirt bike-producing company by producing top-quality dirt bikes that can compete with the top dirt bike brands. Husqvarna is well-known for making lawnmowers and lawnmower parts. Husqvarna began producing dirt bikes in 1983, having performed well all of these years. Husqvarna’s top dirt bikes include the FE 300, TE 300, Heritage, and Enduro. Husqvarna’s dirt bikes are equipped with powerful engines, offer good traction control, and are lightweight.

Husqvarna started by producing bicycles before moving on to produce motorcycles in 1903. This makes Husqvarna one of the oldest motorcycle companies in the world.

Husqvarna dirt bikes have gained a lot of popularity among young riders in recent years. Their reliability and affordability are what make Husqvarna dirt bikes so appealing.

Husqvarna was later acquired by the KTM Group. However, motorbikes were still produced under the name Husqvarna. Aside from the ownership being changed, there were no changes in the production and quality of the motorcycles. Also, after being acquired by KTM Group, Husqvarna increased production and produced more dirt bikes than it ever did before.

The Husqvarna FC450 is one of Husqvarna’s more well-known models. The FC450 is popular because of its looks, performance, lightweight, and electric starter.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 Why are dirt bikes more expensive than street bikes?

Usually, dirt bikes are not as expensive as street bikes. They both are in different markets and serve different purposes. You will only find dirt bikes more expensive than street bikes when comparing the styling, weight, engine size, and specs. The fact that dirt bikes are in such huge demand may also factor into why they are so expensive.

4.2 Why do manufacturers not make dirt bikes above 600 cc?

Dirt bikes are not designed for high speeds on paved roads. Dirt bikes do not perform as well as street motorcycles due to how different their designs are. Dirt bikes are built to ensure a balance between torque, acceleration, and handling. Dirt bikes having rougher tires and being lightweight makes them unfit for extended trips on streets and highways.

4.3 Are dirt bikes automatic?

No, dirt bikes are mostly built to be manual. They are fitted with a gearbox and clutch. This is because dirt bike riders have to keep changing between gears to adjust to the appropriate torque or speed while riding. Manual dirt bikes can reach higher speeds and are easier to control. There are a few automatic dirt bikes built for inexperienced riders and kids, however, they are not as common as manual dirt bikes.

5. Takeaway

Each of the dirt bike brands, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, and Husqvarna, have unique motorcycle lineups but they all produce high-quality dirt bikes. Common features that make them the best dirt bike brands include building motorcycles with powerful engines, good reliability, being lightweight, having high-quality suspensions, and ensuring smooth handling.

If you are looking for a dirt bike, you can buy a vehicle from whichever one of the top dirt bike brands suits you the most. These top dirt bike brands make dirt bikes for kids, beginners, experienced riders, and racers.

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