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45L - Tactical XL Motorcycle BackpackViking Tactical XL Motorcycle Backpack Bag on Bike View @expand
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Backpacks for Dirt Bikes

If you own a dirt bike then chances are that you like to venture into unknown territories and ride across all kinds of harsh terrains for days on end. It is also natural that you will be looking for specific kinds of motorcycle luggage that will not weigh you down when you are in of your daredevil trips but also help you carry your stuff with ease. The dirt bike backpacks from brand Viking are perfect for this purpose because they have been specially crafted to be hardy and durable and be extremely lightweight at the same time. The use of pure Viking leather and fiberglass is the secret behind their incredible body and make, superior materials that are hard to find anywhere else.

The base and back of the bags are reinforced with ABS plastic, a high quality material that makes them rigid and holds them up despite all the pressures they may face on the road. It allows them to absorb the constant road shocks that come their way and yet stay in shape. Not give in to sagging easily like the other regular brands, so they look like new even after years of usage. Together, these materials make the Viking backpacks for dirt bike riding very strong and of course completely weatherproof. So, no matter, what kind of harsh weather one is riding through, the luggage as well as the goods within remain protected at all times. So it is absolute freedom from worries for riders now.

Dirt Bike Riding Back Pack from Vikingbags:

The dirt bike backpacks are equipped with features like chrome buckles that have quick release technology and Velcro flaps with easy on and easy off features. The handles are strong and yet soft, so instead of additional weight all the users feel is the support from these bags. Sometimes, they can be attached to the side, back or front of the bike if the user so wants. In such cases, a detachable bracket is used to keep these in place and convert them into regular or fixed motorcycle luggage. This flexibility is welcome when riders want more freedom during their rides or have passengers who need the space to ride. Now they can get all that space and comfort without giving up the privilege of extra storage, an advantage that a rider cannot easily get anywhere else.

Any motorcycle backpack will have a lot of functional space in it but when it comes to the Viking dirt bike back packs, you will find a whole new world of utility features. Built to last and serve riders to the optimum best, these products have multiple compartments with special zippers and locks to store and protect all kinds of goods. All these benefits come with an additional bonus of affordable pricing that makes them the perfect match for all riders.

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