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2022 Kawasaki KX450SR: The Next Motocross Monster From the Green Team

2022 Kawasaki KX450SR: The Next Motocross Monster From the Green Team

Kawasaki has dropped the mic with the launch of yet another addition to the epic Kawasaki KX450 lineup, featuring even more race-winning components that have helped the team to get this far.

1. 2022 KAWASAKI KX™450SR Highlights:

1.1 Engine Highlights:

  • NEW Cylinder head with polished intake ports
  • NEW Optimized ECU fuel injection settings
  • NEW Hinson clutch cover with Kawasaki Racing Team logo

1.2 Rear Wheel and Brakes

  • NEW Renthal® rear sprocket
  • NEW D.I.D. DirtStar ST-X rims
  • NEW D.I.D. gold chain
  • NEW Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro titanium exhaust system

1.3 Design and Ergonomics:

  • NEW Monster Energy® Kawasaki race team-inspired color and graphics
  • NEW XTrig ROCS-TECH triple clamps with PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Damping System)
  • NEW Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro titanium exhaust system
  • NEW KYB front and rear suspension components

Offering a push-button start like the KX450, the SR or the Special Racer offers a 449cc lightweight engine package that features the exact input prescribed by the Monster Energy® Kawasaki race team.

Promising smoother airflow with the newly polished intake ports, the KX350SR also features a lightweight finger-follower valve actuation design that contains comparatively larger valves that result in an aggressive cam profile. The motocross monster comes with a 5-speed transmission along with a cone disc-spring hydraulic clutch that helps with control and remains consistent in extreme use.

Unlike the KX450, the SR also comes with exclusive ECU fuel injection settings and provides more powerful engine characteristics such as controllability and factory-spec peak performance riding for every rider. Moreover, the bike also features a diamond-like coating with its all-new KYB front and rear suspension. Combined with the XTrig’s PHDS mounts(Progressive Handlebar Dampening System) that are lightweight and improve fork responsiveness, the 22mm front axle enhancements, recommendations by the race teams, drastically improve the front end traction.

Available at a price of $12,399 in Lime Green color, Kawasaki KX450SR is available for purchase for all those who wish to swing an enduro bag over and take this futuristic iconic dirt monster as their next off-road companion. 

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