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Tips on How to Color Match Your Motorcycle's Paint

Tips on How to Color Match Your Motorcycle's Paint

Most of the time, you do not need to change the color of your motorcycle or paint every single part. Instead, you only need to paint the damaged motorcycle parts covered in scratches. However, you may find it difficult to find paint that matches the color of your motorcycle’s stock paint. Read this article to learn a few tips on how to color-match your motorcycle’s paint.

1. What If You Can’t Get the Perfect Color Match for Your Motorcycle’s Stock Paint?

What If You Can’t Get the Perfect Color Match for Your Motorcycle’s Stock Paint?

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If you cannot get the perfect color match for your motorcycle’s stock paint, the motorcycle’s final look may not be what you want. Mismatched colored paint can cause the parts to clash with one another. It might look like you installed cheap parts on your motorcycle.

2. Tips for Color Matching Your Motorcycle's Paint

2.1 Compare the Colors in Sunlight

To ensure the best color match, check the original motorcycle’s color in bright sunlight. When the sunlight reflects on the motorcycle’s body, it will give the best view to determine what color it is.

2.2 Using Paint Codes

Using Paint Codes

Visit a shop that has several color samples or paint codes so you have more options to pick for better color matching. The best motorcycle paint shops have catalogs that you can compare with your motorcycle’s original paint color. You can pick from different shades of the same color, including matte, glossy, dark, and light. After matching the color, compare the original motorcycle’s paint color with different shades to ensure a smoother finish.

2.3 Go to Expert Painters

If you want to find a perfect color match with your motorcycle’s stock paint, go to an expert motorcycle painter for advice. Check samples of their work done so far and ask if they have experience with color matching.

2.4 Duplicating the Current Paint

If a motorcycle part was scratched due to an accident, a painter can easily cover the damage and match its color with the motorcycle’s current paint. If you are unsure whether a certain color is the right match, spraying a little paint on a motorcycle part will help you determine if it matches the stock paint or not.

2.5 Chromavision Pro Mini

Color matching has become a lot easier with the introduction of the ChromaVision Pro Mini device. You do not need to use paint codes and samples or visit a motorcycle paint shop to find the perfect match.

How to Use Chromavision Pro Mini

Place the ChromaVision Pro Mini device closer to a clean surface of your motorcycle’s frame to allow it to detect the color of the paint. Its system has a huge library of pre-installed colors to help you find an exact color and effect.

3. Last Words

If you are looking to paint a part of your motorcycle that has been scratched or damaged in a crash, make sure the color of the new paint matches the color of your motorcycle‘s stock paint. Even a slightly different color can ruin your motorcycle’s look. If you are having trouble matching the paint color, follow the tips mentioned above to help improve your motorcycle’s appearance.

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