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Tips for Safely Overtaking on the Road

Tips for Safely Overtaking on the Road

Knowing how to ride a motorcycle safely is a skill every rider must learn. Make sure to take motorcycle riding classes, get a license, learn how to ride safely, and follow traffic laws before you start riding a motorcycle. Since the road tends to be full of traffic, a motorcycle rider should follow traffic rules, wear appropriate riding gear, and always be vigilant. Even if you drive safely and follow traffic laws, it is possible for someone else to hit you. That is why all motorcycle riders should make sure to be aware of their surroundings.

Motorcycle riding can be fun, exciting, and economical, and have several mental health benefits. However, riders are more exposed to dangers while riding a motorcycle. A car is safer than motorcycles due to being fitted with airbags and seat belts. However, modern motorbikes do come with their own safety features, including ABS, traction control, cornering ABS, electronically linked braking (ELB), and electronically controlled throttle.

One of the most important things you learn in your motorcycle learning classes and training sessions is how to overtake. Overtaking is when you pass a slower vehicle in front of you by using the adjacent lane. This maneuver requires judgment, skills, and an active mind. This article discusses useful tips on how to safely overtake when on the road.

1. Tips on How to Safely Overtake

1.1 Slow Down

Before overtaking a vehicle, make sure to slow down and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Slowing down can give you more time to scan the road conditions ahead and check the next lane over. Overtaking a vehicle while moving at high speed may force you to make hasty decisions that could endanger your life and others sharing the road.

1.2 Overtake in Low Gear

You must keep some distance from the vehicle ahead and ride in low gear in case you need to accelerate quickly when overtaking another vehicle. Riding a motorcycle in high gear will only allow you to accelerate as fast as the vehicle you are trying to overtake.

1.3 Check the Visibility

Before overtaking a vehicle, make sure to check what is ahead of the vehicle you are trying to overtake. Poor visibility and being unable to see what is ahead have often led to road accidents. Also, the rider must make sure that the lane he/she is switching over to is clear, with no fast-moving vehicle approaching from behind. You can check what is ahead in the current lane and over in the next lane by riding on the side.

1.4 Use Side Mirrors

Because overtaking a vehicle requires you to switch between lanes, you need to use side mirrors to help you scan for vehicles coming from behind.

1.5 Do Not Overtake More than One Vehicle

If there are two or more vehicles riding close together ahead, do not attempt to overtake. You can judge the speed of the vehicle ahead of you but you cannot be sure of the speed of the vehicles beyond that.

1.6 Use Turn Signals and Horn

Notify other drivers on the road when you are going to try to overtake, especially the vehicle you are going to overtake. You can notify the front vehicle by flashing the dimmer or honking the horn, while you notify the vehicles behind you using turn signals.

1.7 Only Overtake When it is Safe

Do not overtake a vehicle if you think the conditions are unsafe. Always evaluate your surroundings and judge whether it is safe based on how confident you are in your skills and experience. Do not be in a hurry and force the front vehicle to get out of your way. Be patient and wait for an opportunity to safely overtake a vehicle.

1.8 Don’t Overtake on a Curvy Road or a Turn

Always overtake on a straight road since you have better control of your motorbike. Never overtake while turning a corner or when navigating a curvy road since you may not be able to see what is ahead and cannot safely calculate whether it is ideal to overtake or not.

2. When Not to Overtake

There are certain circumstances where overtaking is illegal. These scenarios include:

  • If a vehicle is slowing down or coming to a stop let pedestrians cross the road safely.
  • Do not overtake a vehicle if you have to move into the cycle or bus lanes.
  • Do not overtake a vehicle unless you are riding under the speed limit and the distance between you and the front vehicle is adequate.

3. What to Do If Someone Else is Overtaking You

If someone is overtaking you, make sure not to speed up. Drive your vehicle at a steady speed or slow down to keep a safe distance.

4. Takeaway

To promote safety on the roads and avoid accidents, every rider must know how to safely overtake. Always follow traffic laws and wear appropriate riding gear before going on a motorcycle ride. Before overtaking a vehicle, the rider should slow down, maintain a safe distance from the front vehicle, and check for any vehicles coming from behind using side mirrors. If you are riding in high gear, your motorbike will not accelerate quickly while overtaking. Make sure you are riding in low gear so you can quickly pass the other vehicle.

Just like how wearing the right gear is important to riders’ safety, there are several aftermarket parts necessary to improve your motorcycle’s safety features, including crash bars, fairings, and sissy bars. Riders should also carry certain essentials with them, including a first-aid kit and a water bottle. To help you carry your belongings, Viking Bags has different luggage options available, including saddlebags and sissy bar bags.

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