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Practical Features of Motorcycle Adventure Gear for All Weather Conditions

Practical Features of Motorcycle Adventure Gear for All Weather Conditions

Long-term motorcycle riding involves riding in different weather conditions. Whether you are riding to another state, planning a motorcycle camping trip, or commuting to work, you need riding gear to help you handle changing temperatures and heavy rainfall.

Buying multiple motorcycle camping jackets, pants, and other riding gear for different seasons and weather conditions is not a budget-friendly strategy. However, you should invest in motorcycle touring jackets and pants with versatility and special features to help you adapt to sudden rises or falls in temperature.

This article discusses all the practical features you should look for in motorcycle adventure gear for all weather conditions.

1. Features to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Adventure Gear

The market is overflowing with advanced motorcycle travel gear, making it difficult to narrow down the best selection of motorcycle adventure gear. To ensure you make the right purchase, look for the following features in motorcycle adventure gear:

1.1 Breathability & Fitment

Motorcycle riding gear that fits too snugly is not always the best option for summer and winter riding. It is better to buy motorcycle riding gear that are slightly loose when worn.

Loose-fitting motorcycle riding gear allows optimal airflow during summer as wind can freely move around inside the jacket to help keep you cool. In winter, the extra space allows you to add insulated layers inside the jacket. Even with more insulated layers, the jacket and pants won't feel tight, allow more mobility, and ensure better comfort.

Motorcycle Jacket Length

Invest in long jackets with hems that rest below the waist and completely cover your upper torso when sitting on your motorcycle or standing upright. In summer, a long jacket will help protect your skin from sunburn.s In winter, a long jacket will help keep your hips and upper legs warm.

Perforated Vents & Venting Zippers

Summer motorcycle vent suits can help you stay comfortable in hot and cold temperatures. Zippers and vents ensure maximum airflow and keep you cool even when riding in sweltering heat. Look for jackets with exhaust vents at the back and air vents at the arms and chest. Most of these vents have zippers that allow you to close them if the temperature becomes cooler. Closed vents and zippers have good insulation that help prevent cold air from entering and heat from escaping your jacket.

Wrist Zipper & Gloves

Wrist zippers that run along the forearms can help maximize breathability. When you slide the zippers down, air travels up your sleeves. Open-sleeve vents coupled with small riding gloves that reach the wrists help facilitate ventilation. Pull up the zippers and wear long gloves that can go over the jacket sleeve openings to ensure better insulation in cold temperatures.

1.2 Waterproof

No matter how carefully you plan your trip to avoid obstacles, sudden rainfall can occur and spoil your trip. If your motorcycle gear is waterproof, you can continue riding in comfort.

Motorcycle Rain Jacket/Suit

Waterproof or water-resistant jackets and pants are often packed in motorcycle luggage bags and carried just in case. Though useful, motorcycle rain suits can add extra bulk and take up more space on your motorbike, leaving you unable to store items like camping accessories, clothes, motorcycle tools, snacks, water bottles, and a tire-changing kit. 

Having a rain suit packed inside a bag can be problematic if you suddenly are caught in a heavy downpour. By the time you stop, pull out your rain gear, and put it on, you will already be wet. Not to mention, a heavy rain jacket can feel suffocating in humid weather. For summer motorcycle trips, look for waterproof coating instead of a rain jacket.

However, a rain jacket has its advantages when riding in wintery weather conditions. For winter riding, a rain jacket can function as a motorcycle jacket. If it rains, the jacket will keep you dry and warm due to its internal insulation even if the temperature drops.

Breathability to Waterproof Ratio

If you want motorcycle gear that performs equally well in hot and cold temperatures and also keeps you dry when it rains, looks for products with a waterproof or water-resistant coating. You can also buy outdoor motorcycle riding gear built from eVent fabric, a breathable, lightweight, and waterproof material. Depending on the temperature, motorcycle riding gear made from eVent fabric offers the best breathability to waterproof ratio.

Taped Seams

Every seam on motorcycle adventure gear should be taped to make them more water-resistant. Taped seams keep water from seeping into your jacket and pants, keeping you dry and comfortable when riding in the rain.

1.3 Durable Material

Motorcycle adventure gear can be constructed from organic leather, Cordura, Kevlar, or synthetic fabrics. Long-distance motorcycle riding requires durable motorcycle adventure gear that can handle rough roads, weather conditions, frequent washing, and constant use.

Most motorcyclists convert their motorcycle tour into a motorcycle camping trip, staying at motorcycle camping destinations. Usually, these campgrounds have rugged terrain, harsh conditions, scenic views, and hiking trails. When exploring wilderness areas and off-roading on dirt trails, your adventure gear may become damaged due to dust, debris, tree bark, or sharp rocks. Motorcycle riding gear should be made of tear-resistant, durable, and long-lasting materials. Examples of durable materials for motorcycle adventure gear include: 

Material  Properties 
Leather  Leather jackets and suits offer better style, durability, and comfort. Leather offers significant protection from scratches and abrasions, is tear-resistant, and can last a long time before needing to be replaced. 
Organic leather is porous and not water-repellant, but it is breathable and windproof. You can use a leather jacket for summer riding, navigating windy areas, and winter travel by adding a couple of extra layers underneath. 
Cordura  Cordura is a 6,6 nylon material but is sturdier than regular nylon. Unlike regular nylon, Cordura is waterproof and tear-resistant. Motorcycle gear crafted from Cordura also has optimal abrasion resistance. Due to being lightweight, heat-resistant, and breathable, Cordura is best suited for summer riding. 
Kevlar  Kevlar is a synthetic fabric with heat-resistant and tear-resistant properties. However, Kevlar cannot be exposed to direct sunlight and is not waterproof. Therefore, Kevlar motorcycle jackets may also be made from other fabrics to protect it from direct sunlight and improve flexibility. Riders can wear a thin waterproof liner atop Kevlar riding gear to protect the material from rain. 

1.4 Body/Joint Armor for Protection

Motorcycle adventure gear can help protect your body if you end up in a crash or fall off your motorcycle. Your motorcycle adventure gear should come with built-in safety features that offer optimal comfort and protection.

Important safety features include body armor or joint protectors built fromSAS-TEC Body Protection Systems. These integrated joint protectors are lightweight, flat, and flexible.

Protective features in motorcycle adventure gear are usually built of viscoelastic foam with high shock absorption and holes for ventilation. The material conforms to the joint shape, retaining its shape to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

If you are unable to find a motorcycle jacket with built-in protectors, consider investing in separate shock-absorbant protectors for the shoulders, hips, elbows, and knees.

1.5 Thermo-Active Membrane

Motorcycle adventure gear with a thermo-active membrane makes it suited for use year-round. This membrane is waterproof, windproof, heat-resistant, and insulated.

Motorcyclists who love to go motorcycle camping should invest in motorcycle riding gear made with a thermo-active membrane to ensure maximum comfort in all climates and terrain. Thermo-active motorcycle riding gear is designed to help your body adjust even in changing temperatures.

2. Takeaway

Practical motorcycle adventure gear can help make motorcycle rides more enjoyable. When on the road, you need motorcycle adventure gear that protects you from extreme weather, keeps you dry, has good breathability and insulation, and improves safety. Motorcycle adventure gear should be made of lightweight, water-resistant, long-lasting, and durable materials.

If the latest high-quality motorcycle adventure gear with the newest features is too expensive, look for older yet reliable motorcycle riding gear instead.

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