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Options for Lowering Motorcycle Seat Height

Options for Lowering Motorcycle Seat Height

Most motorcycles are built to suit riders of average height. If you have a short stature, it can be difficult to find a motorcycle that offers comfort and is suited to your height. However, there are ways shorter riders can ride their bikes and keep their feet flat on the ground while sitting on a motorbike. This article discusses different ways to lower a motorcycle seat’s height.


1. Why Flat Footing While Seated on a Motorcycle is Important

Every rider wants a comfortable motorcycle for daily commutes and long-distance rides. The average weight of a motorcycle is around 500 lbs and requires both feet to maintain balance. Flat footing while seated on a motorcycle will improve rider confidence, especially when applying brakes and coming to a stop.

2. Why is Low Seat Height Important on a Motorcycle?

Why is Low Seat Height Important on a Motorcycle

Photo Credit: Visor Down

A low seat height ensures a low center of gravity and better handling. The seat height should be low enough so that you can place both feet on the ground.

3. Ways to Lower Motorcycle Seat Height

3.1 Replace the Stock Seat with a Custom One

The most common way to lower motorcycle seat height is to replace the stock seat with a custom one. This is the most reliable method as it does not affect your motorcycle’s handling and is less expensive than modifying the shocks. Replacing the stock seat with a custom seat can improve your motorbike’s comfort and look. Many custom seats are available on the market, such as leather seats. Also, even if you replace the stock seat with an aftermarket one, you still have the stock seat in case you wish to reinstall it. Viking Bags has specially designed aftermarket seats available for the Harley Davidson Sportster series.


3.2 Replace the Suspension

Replacing the suspension is a more complex procedure that requires a professional mechanic. It will also change your motorcycle’s handling and riding experience. Replacing the stock shocks is more expensive than replacing the stock seat. Also, it will be difficult to reinstall the stock suspension if you no longer wish to use the new suspension.

3.3 Replacing the Seat Vs. Replacing the Suspensions to Lower Motorcycle Seat Height

Replacing the Seat Vs Replacing the Suspensions to Lower Motorcycle Seat Height
Replacing the Seat Replacing the Suspensions
Easy installation Complex installation
Low labor cost High labor cost
Does not affect motorcycle handling Affects motorcycle handling
Takes less time Takes more time

3.4 Customize Stock Seat

Many custom motorcycle builders customize the stock seat to have a lower seat height by removing the padding and changing the design. You will need to fill out a form providing your height, riding style, inseam, weight, and how often you ride. You can also provide images of you sitting on your motorcycle to help custom builders determine your seating position and distance between the seat and handlebars. To ensure comfortable rides, the custom builders will fit your new seat with closed-cell foam and adjust its height to better suit your body type.

3.5 Adjustable Seat Height

Several motorcycles come with stock seats that can have their heights adjusted without needing to be replaced or modified. You can also adjust the ergonomics by repositioning the footrests and handlebars relative to the rider’s seat. Several Kawasaki motorcycles, including the Kawasaki Vulcan S series and the Kawasaki Ninja H2 series, come with a smart Ergo-Fit feature that allows you to adjust the rider triangle and ergonomics. BMW motorcycles, including the BMW K 1600 GT and the BMW R 1250 R, also come with adjustable seat heights.

Adjustable Seat Height

Photo Credit: Kawasaki

Kawasaki Motorcycles with Adjustable Ergonomics Feature (Ergo-Fit)
Kawasaki Vulcan S
Kawasaki Vulcan S Café 
Kawasaki Ninja H2
Kawasaki Ninja H2R
Kawasaki Ninja Z900RS
Kawasaki Ninja 400
Bmw Motorcycles with Adjustable Seat Height from the Factory
BMW K 1600 GT
BMW R 1250 R
BMW S 1000 R
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

3.6 Riding in High Motorcycle Boots

Wearing high boots will not lower the motorcycle seat height, but it will increase the rider’s height, making it easier for shorter riders to ride motorcycles with tall seat heights. It raises the soles of the boots by a few extra inches, making it easier to reach the ground. However, it can be difficult to switch gears while wearing high boots.


4. Final Words

There are many ways to lower motorcycle seat height, but the most common and reliable method is to replace the stock seat with a custom seat. For a comfortable riding experience, the motorcycle seat should be low enough so that the rider can place both feet on the ground when stopped. Replacing the stock seat is easier, cheaper, and requires less time than replacing the stock suspension. Also, it does not alter the motorcycle’s handling capability.

If you want to improve your motorcycle’s comfort, safety, and aesthetics, Viking Bags offers several aftermarket parts, including handlebars, backrests, sissy bars, crash bars, and fairings. If you love to go on long-distance motorcycle rides and want to carry cargo, Viking Bags also has different luggage options available, including backpacks, sissy bar bags, and saddlebags.

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