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How to Repair ABS Plastic Motorcycle Fairings

How to Repair ABS Plastic Motorcycle Fairings

ABS plastic motorcycle fairings are the most common example of motorcycle fairings. Older ABS plastic motorcycle fairings tend to become brittle and cracked over time. Replacing a damaged ABS plastic motorcycle fairing can cost you hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it is better to know how to fix them. This article explains different ways you can repair ABS plastic motorcycle fairings.

1. Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings are mostly installed on sports bikes and help improve their aerodynamics by deflecting incoming wind. They also function as protective covers that keep the engine and frame from getting damaged in the event of a crash. A fairing with a windscreen will protect the rider’s face from being buffeted by heavy winds while riding.


2. ABS Plastic Fairing

An ABS plastic fairing is made of high-strength thermoplastic materials that can handle heavy impacts. Its materials include acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene monomers, ensuring the ABS plastic fairing is stable, tough, and glossy.

3. How to Repair ABS Plastic Motorcycle Fairings

3.1 Plastic Welding

Plastic welding is a complex method that often requires the help of a professional mechanic or welder.

Remove the part of the fairing that is broken or cracked. Wash any dirt off with a sponge and water. Though similar to metal welding, plastic welding requires using a plastic cable tie instead of a metal wire. You will need a soldering iron to heat the plastic cable covering any cracks. Fill in the gaps with body filler putty, then rub it with sandpaper to smooth the surface. After the body filler putty has been applied, you can paint the welded area to give it a new look.


3.2 PlastiFix

PlastiFix is a rigid plastic repair kit that includes:

  • A black powder
  • PlastiFix liquid
  • Molding bar
  • Applicator needles and cups
  • A pipette

Before applying the PlastiFix, make sure to clean and remove any dust on broken parts. You also need to rub and smooth the area where you will be applying the PlastiFix. Then use aluminum tape to hold the broken pieces in place. Fill the needle dropper bottle with the PlastiFix liquid using the pipette and a small cup with some black powder. The PlastiFix powder is available in two colors: black and white. There are two ways you can apply the PlastiFix:

Dropper Technique

Using the needle dropper, pour one or two drops of liquid into the powder and pick the droplet using the needle’s tip. This liquid droplet is wrapped around the powder to create a sticky material. Place this droplet on any broken or cracked parts of the ABS plastic fairing and gently apply using the same needle. Put more liquid and powder on the broken parts to strengthen the adhesive. The dropper method is ideal for a detailed repair of an ABS plastic fairing but can take a long time to complete.

Sprinkling Technique

The sprinkling technique is simple, fast, and used to repair large cracks on ABS plastic motorcycle fairings. First, apply the liquid to the cracks and sprinkle the powder on the liquid to create an adhesive mixture. Add a little water to saturate the powder.

Before the PlastiFix liquid and powder mixture hardens, take a piece of fiberglass cloth and apply it to the cracks to strengthen the PlastiFix. Sprinkle the liquid and powder on the fiberglass cloth to ensure it sticks in place.

Repairing the Other Side

When working on the front side, remove the aluminum tape. If you do not want a bumpy or rough surface, make sure to rub and smooth the cracked region where you want to apply the PlastiFix. Doing this will create a channel to direct the PlastiFix. Apply aluminum tape to the edges to keep the PlastiFix mixture from spilling out. Use the same procedure of mixing the powder and liquid and apply the mixture to the intended area. Let the mixture dry for a few minutes to complete the repair of your ABS plastic fairing.

3.3 Plast-Aid

A Plast-Aid kit includes Plast-Aid liquid and powder that must be mixed in equal proportions.

First, put an adequate amount of Plast-Aid powder in a cup. Then pour the Plast-Aid liquid in to saturate the powder. Stir the mixture until it resembles a paste.

Before applying this mixture, make sure cracks are held together with aluminum tape. The tape is applied to keep the broken edges smooth and flat. You can use the Plast-Aid to fill in the cracks.

To repair the cracks, use the stirrer to apply the Plast-Aid mixture. Wait for the mixture to dry before removing the aluminum tape. You can also add acrylic paints to give the mixture color.

3.4 Oatey Medium Black ABS Cement

The Oatey Medium Black ABS Cement is one of the most affordable ways to repair cracks on ABS plastic fairings. Before applying the ABS cement, apply the Oatey Clear Cleaner on the cracks using a cotton swab. Then apply the Oatey Black ABS Cement using a new cotton swab. Force broken parts together to make them stick and apply aluminum tape on the crack to keep it flat and smooth. Leave the ABS cement alone for at least 24 hours to dry before removing the tape. You can also paint the area to customize its look.


4. Takeaway

Many modern motorcycles, especially sports bikes, are fitted with carbon fiber fairings to improve performance. However, most motorcycles are fitted with ABS plastic fairings that become brittle after years of use. They can also get damaged in the event of a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle fairings are expensive parts and replacing them can cost you hundreds of dollars. Knowing how to use ABS plastic repair kits and methods, including the PlastiFix, Plast-Aid, Oatey Medium Black ABS Cement, and plastic welding can help you save money.

Fairings are motorcycle coverings that protect the engine and frame. However, to protect the fairings, you can install crash bars to protect the fairings. If you want to make your motorcycle safe, comfortable, and cool-looking Viking Bags has several aftermarket parts, including nose fairings, sissy bars, handlebars, seats, and sissy bar pads. You can also transform your motorcycle into a better touring bike, by installing luggage options available at Viking Bags, including sissy bar bags, backpacks, handlebar bags, tank bags, and saddlebags.

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