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Motorcycle Luggage for Your Dirt Bike

Motorcycle Luggage for Your Dirt Bike

Motorcycles have a long history and the first motorcycle was built by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885(Germany). Since then motorcycling has become one of the most ravishing and endearing ways of exploring the heavenly landscapes, learning about different cultures, making new friends, and savoring some of the most luscious local cuisines in the world. Besides all these cherish able moments that motorcycling gives us, many people choose motorcycles to travel in the classiest way where you become part of the scenery you are traversing from, visit more destinations on less budget, and use off-roads for getting some unique experiences especially if you are going on a dirt bike.

All these charms of riding a motorcycle have become the reason that around 200 million motorcycles including mopeds, motor scooters, motorized bicycles, and other powered two-wheeler and three-wheelers are in use worldwide. Besides these great things associated with biking, there are some undeniable risks, challenges, and limitations with motorcycling too. For instance, when riding a motorcycle, you are more vulnerable to accidents and you will get the whole impact of the crash directly on your body. Also, you are exposed directly to the extreme weather conditions while riding a two-wheeler. And lastly, you have very limited storage capacity in the form of saddlebags, backpacks, trunk bags, sissy bar bags, tail bag, and handlebar bag. Read on to learn in detail what different types of add-on storages you can have with your dirt bike.

Motorcycle Luggage for Your Dirt Bike

1. Dirt Bike/Enduro Saddlebags:

You cannot attach the saddlebag of one bike to another because every motorcycle needs its own saddlebag that will be the perfect partner for its unique journey. Learn about how to find the right saddlebag for your ride here. This is true for heavy-duty motorcycles like dirt bikes which are used by riders to cross the off-roads and roughest of all terrains. The saddlebags manufactured by Viking Bags for these bikes are the most durable, rough, and tough road partners for the most adventurous of all riders. These saddlebags are made from Cordura or heavy-duty polyester that make these bags extremely lightweight and able to withstand the worst weather conditions, survive through the extreme changes as well as take in the extremities of the tracks and freeing the biker from any mundane luggage worries. Moreover, these bags come with reflective designs for increasing the visibility of the bag.

2. Dirt Bike/Enduro Tank Bags:

Tanks bags for your dirt bikes offered by Viking Bags are the best and most affordable tank bags you could find in the market. They are manufactured from a supreme quality material (high-quality polyester or Cordura) which makes these bags extremely durable, extraordinarily lightweight, and highly efficient. Besides these materials, some of their parts like buckles, straps, locks, and the brackets are made of chief quality leather and plastic. These bags normally have the quality of expandability. Moreover, there are a large number of zippered and mesh pockets these bags have for you to store frequently used items in them. Reflective carry handles and side accents make enhance the visibility of these tank bags.

3. Dirt Bike/Enduro Tail Bags:

You can enhance the storage capacity of your vintage dirt bike by adding a tail bag to it. Many professional motorcyclists consider these bags the most convenient of all especially when you are going on a trip that will last many weeks. Tail bags come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes to match all kinds of rider needs and demands. Tail bags produced by Viking Bags are very sleek and compact looking which makes them appear so stylish and elegant. Furthermore, the material used in their manufacturing is high-quality polyester which is highly durable and water-resistant to save your items from getting wet and damaged. The bag has great storage capacity and comes with inner compartments, and zippered pockets to house all of your items safely. Also, these bags are very lightweight and extremely affordable for the bikers. There is a quality of visibility added to these bags to make riders visible during the night.

Dirt Bike/Enduro Tail Bags

4. Dirt Bike/Enduro Backpacks:

When you own a dirt bike, you always plan on venturing into some mesmerizing landscapes while traveling on rough terrains. And to make your bike tour a smooth one, you must have all the travel-related and ride-related items with you but due to the limited space of your bike, you need extra space like backpacks to save yourself from the trouble of underpacking. To boost your storage space, Viking Bags offer imperishable backpacks to carry your stuff with ease on your dirt bike daredevil tour. These bags are mostly crafted from leather which makes these bags weather-resistant, lightweight, and long-lasting. Furthermore, these bags are within the grasp of every rider because of their affordable quality. Additionally, the base and back of these backpacks are supported by ABS plastic, a high-quality material that makes them rigid and holds them up despite all the pressures they may face on the road. These bags come with chrome buckles that have quick-release technology and Velcro flaps with easy on and easy off features. In addition to normal large space, there is an internal pocket system for an improved organization in these bags. You can find the best dirt bike products offered by Viking Bags here.

5. Dirt Bike/Enduro Handlebar Bags:

Dirt bike handlebar bags constructed by Viking are the best add-on bags for adventurous riders. There are innumerable uses of these bags for you on your trip. These bags are very handy when traversing through tough terrains because they are easy to carry. You can hang them with the handlebars of your bike, in front of the bike, on the backrest, or fuel tank facing the rider. You can easily take things from them while remaining free of the worries of carrying these bags. The material used in crafting these bags is Cordura which makes these bags weather resistant, highly durable, lightweight, and abrasion-resistant. These cargo carrier bags come with two looped handles that are equipped with Velcro flaps or quick-release buckles. Besides large pockets, there are some small mesh pockets to hold your mobile phone, keys, and other stuff like that.

6. Dirt Bike/Enduro Fender Bags:

To increase the storage capacity of your dirt bike, you can add a Dirt Bike Fender Bag that is designed to fit the fenders of your dirt bike. You can thousands of fender bags in the market but no bag can match the quality and functionality of a fender bag crafted by Viking Bags. This is why Viking Bags are gaining popularity in the biking community. These supreme quality fender bags are manufactured from Cordura, a material that is very long-lasting and durable, to provide you a strong luggage system that will perform smoothly for years. On top of that, these bags are very lightweight, have weather-resistant quality and you can have them at a very affordable price.

Dirt Bike/Enduro Fender Bags

7. The Bottom Line:

Traveling is one of the most fascinating hobbies that free souls adopt. And traveling by road gives you much more control over your trip. You are in charge of the trip to decide where to go, where to stay, and how long to stay. You can change your tour plan if need to. Road tripping on a motorcycle is an even more enrapturing experience. You get to visit some of the most beautiful landscapes with a more up-close look, make some real friends on the way, find some hidden treasures while traveling off-roads and on uneven terrains, and save a good amount of dollars on your trip. Forbye, the maintenance of a two-wheeler is also very easy and affordable. In addition to all these adventurous things analogous to biking, there are some shortcomings and challenges of bike riding and limited storage capacity as compared to the trunk of the car is one major setback of bike riding. You can enhance your vintage bike’s storage capacity by adding some add-on bags like saddlebags, backpacks, fender bags, and handlebar bags.

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