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Size Matters - Luggage Ideas For Urban Riders

Size Matters - Luggage Ideas For Urban Riders

Size Matters - Luggage Ideas For Urban Riders

If you live in a city, any city, you know that you’re constantly riding alongside many cars. This is usually not a problem, that’s part of the reasons why we love riding our motorcycles to begin with, right? Being able to cut through traffic is like nothing else in this world. Unfortunately, slicing through traffic brings it’s own set of problems. Leaving legality aside, here in California it is legal to split lanes, the problem with splitting lanes is luggage.

The reason a motorcycle can split lanes is because a motorcycle’s profile, think width, is much smaller than any car on the road. Thus, allowing you to split lanes in between to cars. Unfortunately, this means that you’re stuck with this width and you really can’t do much. Ahem, trike owners know this very well. Adding that third wheel generally means that you’re no longer able to split lanes even if your state allows is - the same goes for adding a pair of saddlebags. Trust us, no one loves a pair of saddlebags on a motorcycle more than we do, but we understand the limitations that they can provide in terms of splitting lanes. Adding a pair of saddlebags will generally add at least a foot of width to your motorcycle. Assuming each bag is a minimum of six inches wide, you’re looking at six inches per side plus the hardware, which can generally add about an inch on top of the bag width. And again, those are minimum widths on our smallest saddlebags. Generally, the average width of saddlebags is between 7-9 inches per bag not including the hardware. Though having big saddlebags is great for luggage, it can eventually add almost 2 feet of width to your narrow motorcycle, minimizing the amount lane splitting you can do with your, now much wider, motorcycle. So what is the solution?

Size Matters - Luggage Ideas For Urban Riders

We have developed a full line of swing arm bags and solo bags to solve the luggage & lane splitting problem. By adding a solo bag or swing arm bag to your motorcycle, you’re adding much needed luggage space BUT you’re not adding much width to the motorcycle. The solo bag & swing arm bag widths range from 2.5 to 5 inches, which already makes them much narrower than any saddlebag we offer. Considering you’re often only adding one bag, hence the name solo bag, you’re actually saving a lot of space in terms of width. Of course, you’re sacrificing luggage space but that’s the trade off.

Our line of solo bags includes a total of 10 unique designs, some even available in brown leather. Amongst these designs there is some specifically made for the Harley-Davidson V-ROD, most Softails, Sportsters, and Dynas as well. Though not limited to just Harley-Davidson, these solo bags can fit a variety of different motorcycles with some ingenuity.

Size Matters - Luggage Ideas For Urban Riders

The swing arm bags are just that, bags that are made specifically to mount on your swing arm. These swing arm bags have been specifically designed to fit most Sportsters, Softails, and Dynas just like the solo bags. In fact, some of these designs are very similar.

So no matter your preference, black or brown leather, buckles or no buckles, we have created solo bag and swing arm bag designs that will fit your style and preference so you can add luggage space without adding too much width to your motorcycle.

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