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How to Find the Right Aftermarket Motorcycle Saddlebags for Your Bike?

How to Find the Right Aftermarket Motorcycle Saddlebags for Your Bike?

The benefits of saddlebags on motorcycles go beyond the ease of carrying luggage. They save the bike’s paint, your skin sometimes, and aid during motorcycle adventures. Choosing the wrong bag can be a huge pain in the ass because of so many reasons. But the selection of the right one can keep all needed emergency and essential items safe and sound. We are here to assist you in finding the right and perfect aftermarket motorcycle saddlebags.

1. Finding the Right Saddlebags

With a lot of options at hand, it is difficult to choose from. Apart from that selecting the best and just perfect saddlebag for your motorcycle is also not an easy task. But answering the following questions you can easily find the right match for your bike. This method will narrow down your options. The following questions can also say to be the features of a bag. So, you can buy the bag easily if it has the features you want. Let’s begin!

2. How much storage space you want?

Finalize your storage requirements and objective? Would you be using the bag mainly for groceries or would the saddlebags also be used on trips? But the main question is, how can you know how much space do you need. You can either everything you would need to put in the bag and measure the total square inch requirements. Now you can buy a bag that meets your requirements.

Here is a trick I use. I take a shopping bag that is big enough to keep all the stuff (i.e. which will I later put in the saddlebag). When selecting a bag, I put that shopping bag in the saddlebag. If it fits it is perfect. You always have a replacement option. So before doing any mods or damage to the bag to see if it fulfills your storage requirements.

3. Style and design requirements

This comes down to personalization. Different manufacturers give you different personalization options. You can also get a customized motorcycle saddlebags. The feel when you would open the customized saddlebag sand see dedicated space for everything cannot be described in words.

  • Studded or plain
  • Quick-release buckles or straps
  • Build-in locks or not
  • A lockable saddlebag or non lockable
  • Waterproofing
  • Frame and body (metal or plastic)
  • Color
  • Lid closing
  • Chrome
  • Shock cutout
  • Piping
  • Braided or not
  • Carved or non-carved

You have to select between these options. Make a list of features or style of the bag you want. Then prioritize the important and must-have features. Now you know what to look for and what features to compromise.

4. Which mounting system for the saddlebags?

Now it is time to select between a mounting system. Choose and install motorcycle saddlebags correctly to ensure safe riding. The attachment or mounting of saddlebags can be divided into 3 basic categories i.e. Overthrow, Quick release, and solid mount. The following is each category explained.

  • Overthrow system – Positioned in line with the rear wheel you attach these just like putting a saddle on the horse.
  • Quick-release systems – Attach a mounting system on the bike and attach saddlebags on it with the key lock system.
  • Solid mount system – These bags are bolted onto the motorcycle, and cannot be quickly detached.

5. Security and safety features?

Padlock and key lock system is used to secure saddlebags. Key lock saddlebags have built-in systems accepting a key to lock and unlock. Saddlebags with padlock system have a small prong which accepts a padlock. Mostly these bags do come with a padlock, thus you have to buy it separately.

6. Your usage?

Hard saddlebag for tools might be noisy when off-roading so you can go with a leather tool bag or saddlebags. This is how the selection of luggage depends on your usage and riding style.

7. Footnotes

If you travel a lot then you might also need a tank bag, sissy-bar bag, roll bags, tool bag, and even a backpack depending on your needs. These are something you have to narrow down on your own. It would be different for everyone depending on their personal choices and requirements. Note that, some saddlebags come with a mounting system and kit, like the ones mentioned, so you don’t have to buy anything.

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