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Learn How to Pay Less on Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

Learn How to Pay Less on Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

Transporting your motorcycle to far destinations can seem a bit complicated if you do not plan to ride all the way there. With so many ways to transport your motorcycle, such as shipping or trailer rentals, choosing the best way to move your motorcycle can be a tough decision.

If you are working on a tight budget, then a trailer rental is better than shipping. Shipping companies will charge you over $600 for every 500 miles and over $1,000, along with additional costs for longer hauls. On the other hand, a trailer rental usually only requires $300-$500 for every 1,500+ miles; some trailer rentals offer unlimited miles of travel. For traveling and moves, renting a trailer is a more affordable option than shipping.

However, you need to be careful of hidden fees, such as cists for extra straps, road assistance, etc., when renting a motorcycle trailer since they can increase your bill.

It is recommended you spend time researching the best motorcycle trailer rental services in your area, compare their costs, ask about additional charges, and try negotiating to reduce the overall cost. In this article, Viking Bags has put together tips on how you can pay less on your next motorcycle trailer rental.

1. Tips to Help You Save on Your Motorcycle Trailer Rental

1.1 Estimate & Compare Rents

Research and compare the rental rates of different motorcycle trailer rental services. It is important that you not only ask about the cost of the trailer rental, but other charges as well, including liability coverage, roadside assistance, charges for extra weight capacity, hitching costs, tie-down rings, etc.

Approach Rental Services for Rent Estimation

Try starting with U-Haul, one of the best motorcycle trailer rental services in the United States. If it seems too expensive, look around for smaller trailer rental companies as they may charge you less.

Moreover, many local motorcycle trailer rentals offer discounts to attract more customers. If you prefer more well-known rental services, then try going to U-Haul, Budget, or Penske.

This information can help you negotiate rental rates in your favor. Often, rental agents are willing to reduce the rates.

Online GVWR Estimators

Many rental trailer companies provide guides online to help you estimate rent rates according to the trailer you’ll rent and the distance you’ll travel. These guides can help you learn how much a company charges for a fixed distance and their rental rate per mile in case you wish to add a few extra miles.

Furthermore, you can use online tools like the GVWR Trailer Calculator to find out which trailer your vehicle can tow. This will also help you compare rates based on the size of the trailers to see which ones better fit your budget. To compare estimates using the GVWR, you need to know the following information:

  • Size & weight of towing vehicle
  • The number of motorcycles you want to transport
  • Type and weight of your motorcycle(s)
  • Distance you’ll be traveling
  • Will you make a one-way trip or a round trip
  • Do you need a hitch system
  • Size and type of trailer

Send Emails for Exact Estimation

You can also send emails to the trailer rental services about your trip, the motorcycle you want to transport, and your towing vehicle and hitch system. It may take a couple of days, but trailer rental companies will usually send you an exact estimation.

Get a Quote

You can also send the details of your motorcycle, the type of trailer rental you want, and your budget to motorcycle trailer experts or cargo trailer experts such as the Renown Cargo Experts . This service will develop customized quotes to suit your needs and help you find the best possible deal as they help determine the base price of rental trailers and help you compare the deals according to your budget.


Once you find out the rates, compare and contrast, and then reserve your preferred trailer rental.

1.2 Drive the Trailer Yourself

Most larger trailer companies will offer to hire a driver to transport your motorcycle and then return the trailer rental at the drop-off location. If you are planning to go on a round-trip, it is best to drive the trailer yourself. For maximum safety, make sure you stay within the 55 mph speed limit and follow all the guidelines provided by the motorcycle trailer rental service.

1.3 Keep a Flexible Schedule

Start planning your motorcycle trip ahead of time so you have the flexibility to plan out your schedule. Avoid getting a trailer rental during peak summer and fall months, i.e. May to August. Most people plan their vacations, trips, and shifts during these months which can make reserving a trailer rental difficult. Also, most motorcycle events and rallies such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Americade, and Laconia Motorcycle Week tend to be held during these months. These events correlate with an increase in the demand for enclosed motorcycle trailer rentals, causing rental rates to skyrocket as well.

Unless you are planning to attend these events or have a strict moving schedule, try to rent a cargo trailer between September to March.

Leave Your Motorcycle in Safe Custody

If you must move your motorcycle during the busier months, then consider leaving your motorcycle at a storage space. You can transport your motorcycle at a later time when the rental rates go down.

Choose Slow Days

Certain weekdays also determine rental rates of trailer rental services. Friday to Monday are considered the busiest days with the most expensive rental rates. It is best to rent a trailer on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. If you are careful which day you get a trailer rental, you can potentially save up to $30.

1.4 Discounts

Most trailer rental services offer discounts to cut down the costs of a trailer rental by 10% to 20%. Look out for discounts as you may qualify for certain deals. The cargo trailer rental companies offer military discounts, moving coupons, membership discounts, off-season discounts, etc. Some motorcycle rental services also offer discounts for renting a certain type of trailer.

Check the websites of any potential trailer rental services to stay updated on special deals and discounts.

1.5 Borrow a Motorcycle Trailer at a Low Price

If you have other people in your social circle who have a passion for riding motorcycles, ask around and see if any of them own a motorcycle trailer or if they know someone who does. It is possible to rent a motorcycle trailer from a friend or acquaintance at a lower price than if you went to a rental service.

1.6 Ride Your Motorcycle Partway

The more distance you travel, the bigger the bill will be for the trailer rental. One of the best ways to cut down on motorcycle trailer costs is to ride your motorcycle part way to reduce the distance you travel with the trailer. After you have traveled far enough, you can transport your motorcycle the rest of the way with your trailer rental. This strategy will help reduce the overall cost of your trailer rental.

It is worth mentioning that you should calculate the cost of fuel first. If the cost of the trailer rental is less than what you would be spending on gas, then it is best to rent from your local dealership.

1.7 Ask for Additional Costs

Most trailer rental agents will try to make you pay for things that you might not need. For example, they will insist that you rent a hitch system from their service as your towing vehicle’s hitch system may not be up to the task.

If you are not aware that your hitch system is adequate for hooking up the trailer rental to, then you may end up paying up to $400 for something you didn’t need.

In case your hitch system is not adequate, then you should go to other companies, such as ADH Hitch Rental , for towing equipment at affordable rates.

1.8 Insurance Packages

Similar to motorcycle rentals, it is prudent to purchase minimum liability coverage for your motorcycle trailers as most credit card companies and auto insurance providers do not extend insurance policies to trailer rentals.

Usually, insurance charges are already included in the rental costs. But most motorcycle trailer rental companies charge extra for minimum liability coverage in cases of damages, theft, and loss of property.

It is best to check with trailer insurance companies like Progressive and Roamly to see if you can get sufficient insurance on your motorcycle trailer rental.

These insurance providers also offer discounts that can reduce the cost of insurance by 25%.

2. Takeaway

Renting a motorcycle trailer is the best way to move your motorcycle, but it is not always cheap. You may need to put in extra effort and planning to keep the cost of your trailer rental within your budget. Some people argue that it is better to buy a motorcycle trailer, but if you do not need to move your motorcycle often, renting a motorcycle trailer is more cost-efficient.

Use the tips in this article to help cut down the costs of your motorcycle trailer rental.

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