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Everything You Need to Know About U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

Everything You Need to Know About U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

When planning for a motorcycle vacation. The biggest question is whether to rent a motorcycle or ride your own. If you are more inclined to riding your own motorcycle, then you have two options to choose from: riding on your motorcycle across long distances or transporting your motorcycle via a trailer to your destination. For most riders, it is more convenient to rent a motorcycle trailer.

With so many motorcycle trailer rental services operating across the United States, finding one is not difficult. But if you are looking for the best trailer rental experience, then go check out U-Haul.

U-Haul offers well-built, lightweight, and easy-to-tow trailers with approximately 30 sq ft wide decks, wet weights of 950 lbs plus loading capacity, and one-way or round-trip rentals.

Whether you are looking for a small or large, an open or enclosed, or a dual or three rail motorcycle trailer, U-Haul has almost every possible motorcycle trailer rental available.

1. Types of U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

Types of U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer Rentals
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U-Haul has some of the most lightweight and easy-to-tow trailers, perfect for a quick trip to a motorcycle repair shop or to go on long-distance trips. To transport your motorcycle, you can rent any of the following U-Haul motorcycle trailers:

1.1 Standard Motorcycle Trailer

A standard motorcycle trailer has a carrying capacity of about 1000 lbs and can transport a minmum of two motorcycles. If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to increase storage space, then a standard motorcycle trailer is the best option for you.

Dimensions Length: 96’’
Width: 48’’
Height: 36’’
High-Loading Capacity
Large Deck
Integrated Ramp

1.2 Sport Trailer

A sport trailer has a loading capacity of 500 lbs and is perfect for hauling a single dirt bike for camping trips or a super sport bike weighing up to 400 lbs to race tracks. A sport trailer can only carry one motorcycle at a time.

Dimensions Length: 72’’’
Width: 32-34’’’’
Height: 34’’’
Low Angle for Loading
Protective Cover
Built-In Ramp

1.3 Vehicle Trailers

A vehicle trailer is an open trailer designed to move small and big motorcycles between or across states. This type of motorcycle trailer is perfect for towing mid-sized Harley Davidson cruisers.

Dimensions Length: 7’8’’
Width: 3’9.5’’
Maximum Load Capacity 1600 lbs
Ramp 3’9’’ Maximum Ramp Capacity 1,550 lbs
Ramp Loading Area 29 sq.ft Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 2400 lbs
    Maximum Load Capacity 1600 lbs
Powerful Tie Down Rings
Accessible Loading Ramp
Integrated Chocks
Low Deck Height
Uncovered/Open Bed

1.4 Cargo Trailers

The cargo trailer is an enclosed motorcycle trailer. This type of trailer is available in three different sizes: 4’x8’, 5’x8’, and 6’x12’. The smallest cargo trailer can carry up to 1,000 lbs and transport two smaller motorcycles across shorter distances. For long distance trips and heavyweight rides, rent one of the larger trailers.

4 ft x 8 ft Trailer
Inside Dimensions   Length:8’1’
Width: 4’1’’
Height: 4’
Maximum Load 1,650 lbs
Door Size   Width: 3’1’’
Height: 3’5’’
Volume 142 cu ft
Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 2,500 lbs
Max Empty Weight 850 lbs
5 ft x 8 ft Trailer
Inside Dimensions   Length: 8’
Width: 4’8’’
Height: 5’4’’
Maximum Load 1,800 lbs
Door Size   Width: 4’0’’
Height: 4’10’’
Volume 208 cu ft
Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 2,700 lbs
Maximum Empty Weight 900 lbs
6 ft x 12 ft Trailer
Inside Dimensions   Length: 11’7’’
Width: 6’
Height: 5’5’’
Maximum Load 2,480 lbs
Door Size   Width: 5’0’’
Height: 4’10’’
Volume 396 cu ft
Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 4,400 lbs
Maximum Empty Weight 1,920 lbs
Low Deck Height
Easy Tow
Soft Ride
Rub Rails (Padded)
Automatic Hydraulic Surge Brakes (only in 6’x12’ Trailers)

1.5 Utility Trailers

A utility trailer provides more storage space and offers better security for your motorcycle than a vehicle trailer. However, it offers little protection against rain and other harsh weather conditions like enclosed cargo trailers.

U-Haul offers utility trailers in the following sizes:

  • 4’x7’ w/o Ramp
  • 5’x8’ w/o Ramp
  • 5’x9’ w/ Ramp
  • 6’x12’ w/o Ramp
  • 6’x12’’ w/ Ramp

4 ft x 7ft Trailer
Inside Dimensions   Length: 7’x8’’
Width: 3’4”
Maximum Load 1,770 lbs
    Loading Area 26 sq ft
    Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 2,400 lbs
    Max Empty Weight 630 lbs
5 ft x 8 ft Trailer
Inside Dimensions   Length: 108’’
Width: 51.5’’
Maximum Load 1,890 lbs
    Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 2,890 lbs
    Max Empty Weight 1,000 lbs
5 ft x 9 ft Trailer w/ Ramp
Inside Dimensions   Length: 9’2’’
Maximum Load 1,650 lbs
Ramp Width   4’9’’ Overall Towing Vehicle Weight (plus trailer) 2,890 lbs
    Max Empty Weight 1,240 lbs
    Ramp Load Capacity 1,810 lbs
6 ft x 12 ft Trailer
Inside Dimensions Length: 12’
Width: 6’2’’
Maximum Load 2,670 lbs
    Loading Area 74 sq ft
    Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 4,400 lbs
    Max Empty Weight 1,730 lbs
6 ft x 12 ft Trailer w/ Ramp
Inside Dimensions   Length: 12’
Width: 6’2’’
Maximum Load 3,710 lbs
Ramp Width   4’9’’ Ramp Load Capacity 1,810 lbs
    Overall Towing Vehicle Weight 6,000 lbs
    Maximum Empty Weight 2,290 lbs
    Maximum Loading Area 74 sq ft
Low Deck
Easy Tow
Powerful Tie-Down Rings
Soft Ride
5 ft x 9 ft Trailer w/ Ramp 57-Inch Wide Ramp w/ Assistance Spring
Built-in Chocks
6 ft x 12 ft Trailer w/o Ramp Hydraulic Brakes (Automatic)
6 ft x 12 ft Trailer w/ Ramp Multiple Powerful Tie-Downs
57-Inch Wide Ramp w/ Assistance Spring
Automatic Hydraulic Brakes

2. Which Motorcycles Can Be Transported in a U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer Rental?

U-Haul motorcycle trailers can accommodate all types of motorcycles, including small street motorcycles, sports bikes, heavyweight cruisers, large fully-dressed touring motorcycles, Can-Am Spyder, trikes, dirt bikes, ATV, and snowmobiles.

The well-trained staff at U-Haul can help you select the trailer best suited for your motorcycle, help you hitch it to your towing vehicle, and load your motorcycle.

3. U-Haul’s One-Way & Round Trip Motorcycle Trailer Rental Policy

Many riders prefer transporting their motorcycles to the vacation spot via a trailer, then returning home by riding their motorcycle. If you prefer the one-way trip policy, rent a 5 ft x 9 ft open ramp vehicle trailer since it is the only U-Haul motorcycle trailer available for a one-way trip. All other motorcycle trailer rentals must be returned at a specified pick-up location.

4. How Much Does a UHaul Motorcycle Trailer Cost?

The price of a U-Haul motorcycle trailer varies depending on its type, size, and capacity. But compared to other trailer rental services, U-Haul offers the most competitive rental costs.  

Local Moves & Small Trailer Rentals

For smaller trailers and local moves, the price of the rental starts at $14.95 and can go up to $40. At the appointed booking time, you may need to pay other charges such as damage waiver, charges of towing equipment, roadside assistance charges, etc. Luckily, mileage and fuel charges will not be added to the bill.

Local Moves & Large Trailer Rentals

The daily rental rate of a large cargo or utility trailer will be between $30 - $100, plus additional charges if you transport your motorcycle locally.  

If you rent the largest trailer for a long-distance trip, then it will cost $500 per week plus extra charges. 

Long-Distance Moves

For long-distance travel, it is best to utilize large trailers such as an enclosed cargo trailer or an open utility trailer. Renting either one can cost up to $500 per week plus additional charges.

One-Way Trip Rentals

If you want to transport a larger bike to somewhere on the other side of the state, then you will be charged for a one-way trip. The rates of a one-way motorcycle trailer rental vary depending on the trailer size, pick-up location, rental dates, and distance to destination. Moreover, for one-way trips, usually cargo trailers are the only ones available. Keep in mind that one-way trips include a fixed number of days and unlimited miles.

Cost of Renting a Vehicle Trailer

Renting a vehicle trailer for long-distance trips can range from $45 to $54 plus additional charges. If you travel halfway across the country on a one-way trip, then the price will jump up to $1000 per week.

Hitching Costs

When getting a U-Haul trailer to attach to a SUV or any other vehicle, make sure your vehicle meets the following U-Haul hitch and lighting requirements:

  • Your vehicle lighting should be functional during the day and at night.
  • Your vehicle must have a proper hitch system, including a ball mount, a hitch receiver, and a hitch ball.
  • The maximum hitch ball height must be 25 inches tall.
  • The hitch system must be 1⅞” or 2’’ and have a minimum carrying capacity of 3,500 lbs.

If your vehicle’s hitch system fails to meet all the requirements, U-Haul will not allow you to rent a trailer. U-Haul does have a hitch service which comes at minimum price of $400.

5. U-Haul Insurance Policy for Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

U-Haul trailers are insured with minimum state-required liability coverage. For its motorcycle trailers, U-Haul offers two types of insurance policies to cover damage costs. The insurance costs depend on the trailer size, value of the trailer, and the length of the rental period. It is recommended you consult your insurance providers before purchasing insurance coverage provided by U-Haul.

Let’s look at the insurance policies offered by U-Haul for motorcycle trailer rentals:

5.1 Damage Waiver

A damage waiver provides protection for any kind of damage the trailer rentals while in your care.

5.2 Liability Coverage

Liability coverage offers protection for damages and bodily injuries. It also provides coverage for any damage caused to other drivers’ property while the trailer was in your possession.

6. How to Transport a Motorcycle in a U-Haul Trailer?

To transport your motorcycle from one place to another, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Bring your towing vehicle, preferably an SUV or a truck, to the U-Haul trailer pick-up location. Your vehicle should have an adequate hitch to attach and tow the trailer, trailer controls for maximum stability, and reliable braking.
  2. Once the trailer is attached to the towing vehicle, park the trailer and chock its wheels to keep it from moving. Bring down the ramp, push your motorcycle up the ramp, and load your motorcycle into the trailer. Next, put away and secure the ramp.
  3. The trailer should feature built-in straps and tie-down rings to help secure your motorcycle.
  4. Once your motorcycle is secure, remove the chocks from the trailer. Drive your towing vehicle to your destination with the trailer in tow.
  5. Once you reach your destination, unload the motorcycle by chocking the trailer’s wheels. Next, remove the tie-down straps and slowly move your motorcycle down the ramp. Park your motorcycle, put away and secure the ramp again, remove the chocks and hit the road on your bike. 

7. How Safe is it to Transport a Motorcycle in a U-Haul Trailer?

Transporting a motorcycle out of town using a U-Haul motorcycle trailer is quite safe so long as you follow these safety guidelines:

  • Always place your motorcycle ahead of the trailer’s axle to put less weight toward the back as it will decrease the risk of “fishtailing” or “trailer sway.”
  • Apply the 60/40 rule when loading your motorcycle.
  • Do not exceed the 55 mph speed limit.
  • Use appropriate straps and tie-down rings to secure your motorcycle. 
  • To keep your motorcycle in the best possible condition, get an enclosed motorcycle trailer rental or place a protective cover over your vehicle if you have rented a utility or vehicle trailer.
  • Wear a seatbelt. 
  • Your towing vehicle must have a hard top.
  • Your towing vehicle must be heavier than your motorcycle.
  • Your towing vehicle should have an adequate hitch system.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

8.1 Where Can I Rent a U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer Near Me?

U-Haul offers its motorcycle trailer rental services in over 21,000 locations and is operational in all 50 U.S. states. To find the nearest U-Haul rental dealership, click here or check out this webpage.

8.2 Can You Drive Above 55 mph With a U-Haul Trailer?

Yes, it is possible but not recommended. U-Haul is particular about not exceeding the 55 mph speed limit for both big and small trailers. Other reasons to avoid driving above 55 mph with a trailer include the following:

  • The trailer axle may become damaged.
  • A wheel bearing may lock up which can be difficult to repair. 
  • If you break or damage anything, you’d be paying at least 2-3 times  the base trailer rental fee. 

8.3 Is It Cheaper to Rent a U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer for a One-Way or Round Trip?

One-way trip trailer rentals are useful if you wish to take your motorcycle with you while moving to another city. But compared to round trip trailer rentals, one-way trip trailer rentals tend to cost more. The prices of one-way trip rentals tend to change frequently due to their limited availability. The surging demand for one-way trip trailer rentals has resulted in increased rental costs. Unless absolutely necessary, it is best to rent a motorcycle trailer for a round-trip if possible.

8.4 Do U-Haul Motorcycle Trailers Have GPS Tracking Devices?

No. U-Haul motorcycle trailers do not have GPS tracking devices because the company’s “no-sell policy” makes it extremely difficult to steal their trailers. Since they do not sell their trailers, no one other than UHaul can claim to own a trailer, and if they do it is clear that it is stolen and not bought. In addition, their robust motorcycle trailers come with U-Haul stamps, so they are easily recognized and can be quickly recovered by the company.

8.5 Can I Rent a U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer with a Suspended Driver’s License?

U-Haul requires a valid driver's license for the trailer rental process. But whether the status of your license will be verified depends on the local dealership you are renting from. Regardless of whether you're renting locally or in another state, it is best to have a valid license before renting or checking with your local U-Haul dealership’s guidelines.

8.6 Should I Rent a U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer or Buy an Old Trailer?

You may find hundreds of U-Haul towing trucks for sale throughout the U.S. However, you will not find U-Haul motorcycle trailers and equipment trailers for sale. U-Haul sends its old or broken trailers to the company’s maintenance facility where the axles are cut in half and the rest is used as spare parts.

If you find a U-Haul trailer for sale, it is definitely stolen as the company never sells any of its trailers.

Thus, the only option available for riders is to rent a U-Haul motorcycle trailer.

9. Takeaway

A U-Haul motorcycle trailer rental is a convenient method to haul your motorcycle to far places. Affordable, reliable, easy to handle, and with a high loading capacity, a U-Haul motorcycle trailer is a handy means of transporting your motorcycle.

Before you rent a trailer for recreational purposes, make sure you have experience driving a towing vehicle first. If you are moving to another city and are short on time, then follow the safety guidelines on how to transport your motorcycle safely via a trailer.

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