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Here’s Why Motorcycle Trailer Rentals Are For You - An Essential Guide for Riders

Here’s Why Motorcycle Trailer Rentals Are For You - An Essential Guide for Riders

Not a fan of motorcycle rentals? Do you prefer riding your motorcycle to tourist destinations? Motorcycle rentals have grown in popularity in recent years due to riders getting to operate a different motorcycle every time. But most motorcyclists prefer to ride and make memories with their own motorcycles. But what if you want to explore a destination in another state? Sure, you can fly to the destination and rent a ride similar to yours when you’re there, but you may not be able to enjoy your vacation if you constantly miss the feel of your motorcycle. Some might argue that shipping your motorcycle is another viable option. However, this option can be expensive and might take more than a week for your ride to arrive.

In this scenario, you may want to consider renting a motorcycle trailer.

Even with so many motorcycle rental services throughout the United States, the demand for motorcycle trailer rentals has not been decreasing. This is because many riders prefer to transport their motorcycle via a trailer to their favorite motorcycle event or camping site. For example, you will find specific campgrounds allotted for motorcycle trailer parking during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

1. Why Do Riders Prefer Motorcycle Trailer Rentals?

Other than being short on time, the following reasons compel riders to rent a motorcycle trailer:

1.1 Bringing Family Along

Vacationing with family is just as relaxing and enjoyable as traveling alone. Thanks to a motorcycle trailer rental, you can bring along your family and motorcycle to the destination. If your family members do not ride or you have children with you, you can still bring along and ride your motorcycle without sacrificing time with your family.

1.2 Traveling Long Distances

Riding across long distances to reach your destination may seem adventurous at first, but can soon become fatiguing. It is difficult to enjoy the view if you are stressing about reaching your destination safely and on time.

Moreover, riding for long hours can drain your stamina and negatively affect your health. The last thing you need are sleep-deprivation, aches, and stiff muscles.

For younger riders, riding across long distances with little road experience can be dangerous. They can become stranded due to an empty fuel tank or mechanical issues or could get lost with no way to call for help.

1.3 Motorcycle Trailers Are Easy to Handle

Motorcycle trailers are easy to handle, more affordable, and less stressful than riding a motorcycle across long distances.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license can drive with a motorcycle trailer rental.

1.4 Experiencing the Road

Transporting your motorcycle with a trailer lets you experience life on the road. You can experience what it feels like to live the nomadic motorcycle lifestyle, to be temporarily free of all commitments and stress of modern life. Driving with a motorcycle trailer rental is a safe and convenient way to get your motorcycle to places you normally could not reach normally.

1.5 Helpful in Case of Mechanical Breakdowns

If your bike breaks down during your adventure, you will not be left stranded or be forced to call for roadside assistance. You can transport your motorcycle in a trailer to the nearest gas station, town, or garage to have it repaired.

1.6 Perfect to Transport Off-Road Motorcycles

Not all riders want to travel on well-paved highway roads. For some, motorcycling means riding adventure or dirt bikes on off-road trails. If you own a dirt bike that is not street legal, simply rent a motorcycle trailer, transport it to the entrance of an off-road trail, and enjoy your vacation.

2. Different Types of Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

Motorcycle trailers come in different sizes to transport motorcycles of different weights and sizes. Here are examples of motorcycle trailers that you can rent:

2.1 Rack/Hitch Carrier Motorcycle Trailers

Rack/Hitch Carrier Motorcycle Trailers
Photo Credit: @ridermagazine

If you own a small or medium motorcycle, then a rack/hitch carrier motorcycle trailer is the most convenient and budget-friendly solution. This motorcycle trailer can be easily mounted to a SUV’s hitch receiver or the back of an RV. After installation, you are ready to transport your motorcycle. It is recommended that you do not use a rack/hitch carrier trailer if you plan to travel long distances.

2.2 Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Rentals
Photo Credit: @capworld

An enclosed motorcycle trailer is the safest option if you want to protect your motorcycle from flying debris, dust, sun exposure, rain and other weather conditions.

Enclosed trailers are built with different lengths and heights to accommodate all types of motorcycles. You can easily find enclosed motorcycle trailer rentals that are 6 ft by 9 ft or 12 ft by 20 ft. If you own a heavyweight tourer or an expensive Harley Davidson cruiser, then it is best you rent an enclosed motorcycle trailer.

2.3 Open Motorcycle Trailers

Open Motorcycle Trailers
Photo Credit: @otinyhouse

Open trailers have flat beds without roofs that leave your motorcycle exposed when out on the road. But they are economical and can be used to transport any motorcycle across long distances.

2.4 Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer

Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer
Photo Credit: @kendonusa

Stand-up motorcycle trailers feature a unique design that allows the rider to fold it upward and leave it standing. The biggest advantage of a stand-up trailer is that it takes up 75% less storage space compared to other trailers. Fully-assembled standup trailers are available in three different rail models:

  • Single Rail Trailer or Single Motorcycle Trailer
  • Dual Rail Trailer or Dual Motorcycle Trailer
  • Three Rail Trailer or 3 Motorcycle Trailer

2.5 Front Wheel Chocks Motorcycle Trailer

Front Wheel Chocks Motorcycle Trailer
Photo Credit: @priuschat

After motorcycle rack/hitch carrier trailers, the front wheel chocks trailer is the cheapest option. However, their towing capacity is restricted to 800 lbs and are not suited for long-distance travel.

2.6 Tie-Down Motorcycle Trailers

Tie-Down Motorcycle Trailers
Photo Credit: @enakliyat

If you are traveling with a motorcycle gang, you may need to transport more than one motorbike. For this situation, a tie-down motorcycle trailer would be the best choice. Riders who want to transport heavyweight and adventure bikes across long distances prefer tie-down motorcycle trailers.

2.7 Folding Motorcycle Trailers

Folding Motorcycle Trailers
Photo Credit: @turbosquid

Simple and lightweight, folding motorcycle trailers cost less, are easy to handle, and can be attached to all types of vehicles. A folding trailer has a large ramp that helps you to roll up your motorcycle onto the platform. Unfortunately, a folding trailer is an open trailer which leaves your motorcycle exposed to bad weather conditions and incoming debris.

3. Which Type of Motorcycle Trailer Should You Rent?

While all motorcycle trailers have their advantages, you need to know which trailer would best suit your motorcycle. Here are tips to help you pick the right motorcycle trailer:

  • For long distances, always rent an enclosed motorcycle trailer. While it is more expensive compared to other trailers, it offers maximum protection for your ride.
  • With a large enclosed trailer, you can haul more than one motorcycle. This option is best if you are traveling with friends and family that are also into motorcycles.
  • Compared to open trailers, enclosed motorcycle trailers greatly reduce the risk of motorcycle theft.
  • Enclosed trailer is ideal for long hauls and carrying extra luggage, tools, motorcycle gear, etc.
  • Make sure you choose a trailer with the appropriate weight that still makes it possible to move  your motorcycle.
  • Rent an open trailer if the area you travel to usually has warm and sunny weather.
  • If you are renting an open trailer, make sure to ask for an anti-theft security alarm.

4. What Features Should You Look for in a Motorcycle Trailer Rental?

If you own a trailer, you can use different amenities to make it more secure for your motorcycle. But with a rental, you do not have the advantage of adding extras and customizing the trailer. Here are some of the add-ons you should look for in a motorcycle trailer before renting:

  • Heavy-duty tie-down straps and wheel stands keep your motorcycle from moving or falling.
  • Make sure the trailer has a wide ramp that properly fits your motorcycle’s dimensions.
  • Snap tracks and additional attachment points on the trailer floor offer extra spots to further secure your motorcycle.

5. How Much Do Motorcycle Trailer Rentals Cost?

The daily rental rate of a motorcycle trailer depends on the motorcycle’s weight, the trailer’s towing capacity, the distance you will travel, and the number of passengers . Depending on your pick-up and drop off location, a motorcycle trailer rental cost can be as little as $100 per day to as much as $600 per day.

6. Where to Rent a Motorcycle Trailer in the United States?

In the United States, you can rent a motorcycle trailer from the following services:

6.1 U-Haul Motorcycle Trailer Rentals

U-Haul is one of the top rental services. Their daily rental rates allow motorcycle trailers to be rented at least five days for an unlimited number of miles.

U-Haul’s enclosed motorcycle trailers are lightweight and feature an aerodynamic design that makes it easy to tow your heavy two-wheelers across long distances. U-Haul also offers delivery service, transporting your motorcycle for you while you fly to the destination.

U-Haul has small, medium and large trailers available to better accommodate motorcycles of different sizes. Moreover, their trailers come with a secure lock to prevent motorcycle theft.

Rental Location  Nationwide
Rental Trailer Features  Built-in Chocks
Easily Accessible Ramp
Low Deck
Robust Tie-Down Straps or Rings
Rental Costs  All motorcycle trailers include rent for five days and unlimited miles. Uhaul 4’ x 8’ Trailer : $520
Uhaul 5’ x 8’ Trailer: $690
Uhaul 6’ x 12’ Trailer: $1,210
One-way Trailering Facility  Available
Official Website  U-Haul

6.2 Big Trailer Rentals

Big Trailer Rentals offer premium trailers at an affordable daily or weekly rental rate. This service offers enclosed and flatbed trailers if you find enclosed trailers unnecessary or expensive. To rent a trailer from this service, you need to be at least 18 years old and must hold a valid driver’s license.

Rental Location  Winchester, California 
Insurance  Damage waiver is added to the rental
Rental Requirements  At least 18 years old
A valid driver’s license
Rent Rates  For 16 ft. enclosed trailer:
$110 per day
$550 per week For 18 ft.  enclosed trailer
$120 per day
$625 per week For 20 ft. enclosed trailer
$130 per day
$700 per week

For 24 ft. enclosed trailer
$150 per day
$ 825 per week For 28 ft. enclosed trailer
$170 per day
$950 per week
Rental Trailer Features & Other Benefits  Spare tires
24/7 Road Assistance
Unlimited Miles
Tie-Down Points
One-Way Trailering Facility  N/A
The trailer must be picked-up and dropped-off at the same location
Official Website  Big Trailer Rentals

7. Arlington Motorsports

Arlington Motorsports is a motorcycle trailer rental service located in Illinois that offers premium-quality Kendon and Triton Aluminum trailers for large motorcycles, fully-dressed touring motorcycles, and lightweight cruisers. The trailer rental service also rents out and sells high-quality tie-downs and soft ties to keep your motorcycles secure and in place.

Arlington Motorsports allow you to rent motorcycle trailers for an unlimited number of miles, but their pick-up and drop-off location is the same, which can be problematic for renters who don’t live in Chicago, Illinois.

Rental Location  Arlington Heights, Illinois
Rental Trailer Options  18 ft. Enclosed Deluxe Trailer
Holds four fully-dressed touring motorcycles.
Tandem Axle Two Place Trailer 
Holds two fully-dressed touring motorcycles.
Wells Cargo 
Holds one large motorcycle/ lightweight cruiser
Triton 7x12 Aluminum Trailer
Carries two lightweight motorcycles
Aluminum Deluxe Trailer 
Carries two lightweight cruisers loaded with touring accessories
7x12 Premium Trailer w/ Ramp 
Holds fully dressed lightweight motorcycles
Stand-Up Kendon Deluxe Trailers
Rental Costs  Will be disclosed at the time of reservation
One-way Trailering Facility  N/A
Official Website  Arlington Motorsports Inc

8. Takeaway

Motorcycle trailers are a big help for riders who don’t wish to ride across long distances to their vacation spot but also want to experience riding their motorcycle.

Thanks to reliable and affordable motorcycle trailer rentals, you can safely transport your motorcycle wherever you need to. So reserve your motorcycle trailer today and experience a motorcycle getaway.

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