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You can Face Any Disability If you are a Passionate Motorcycle Rider

You can Face Any Disability If you are a Passionate Motorcycle Rider

You can Face Any Disability If you are a Passionate Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle riding is like a drug for motorcycle lovers. Once you have started participating in racing rallies and events you cannot stop yourself from getting into it even if it seems impossible after having a serious injury. The same has happened with Bert Pot who made it possible what seemed to be impossible apparently. It was the year of 2006 and month of November when Bert Pot lost his left hand in a severe accident at his workplace. He was given a prosthetic hand after having a surgery. Bert Pot had a little disappointed feeling of leading rest of life without his left hand. After this misfortune, Bert Pot decided to get ready to start motorcycle riding once again because he was a motorcycle lover from the very beginning and wanted to lead his life along with this passion.

Bert Pot’s acceleration towards his passion started from the help of Holland based MMvG that was motorcycle mobility for disabled. There are many other organizations which are working in favor of disabled people. These institutes help the disabled people by training them to be able to enjoy riding on vehicles like other normal people.

There was given the right kind of prosthesis to Bert to ensure his strong grip on the left handlebar of the motorcycle. The design was made in such a way that the rider could easily detach the prosthesis on enforcing normal pressure on it. As there was silicon liner attached with left arm, to keep the arm warm in cold weather, he used 12v battery that could be easily carried in the pocket of jacket.

After having all the adjustments done, he passed his motorcycle test achieving the license with the help of his driving group at MMvG.He then decided to have a BMW R 1200 RT for it was the only motorcycle fulfilling his requirements.Many advices were taken from the experts regarding the suitability of this motorcycle. However there were some changes to be in this motorcycle for making it the right one for having a ride. This work was made possible by Rob Jansen who is a Dutch expert of motorcycle development. Rob’s experience as a motorcycle engineer and a former racer made the process of modifying the BMW motorcycle very easy.

You can Face Any Disability If you are a Passionate Motorcycle Rider

After having all the modifications in the BMW, it was the perfect motorcycle for having a convenient ride even for a disabled person. All in all there is only required the passion and courage to convert any kind of disability into ability so that you could lead your life riding a favorite motorcycle.

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