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How to Do Laundry While Motorcycle Camping

How to Do Laundry While Motorcycle Camping

Most people do not enjoy doing laundry, even less so when going on a motorcycle tour. While engaged in scenic motorcycle rides, hiking, and camping, you do not want to waste time worrying about the dirty clothes in your backpack. Riders usually carry a lot of stuff with them on motorcycle trips to make their motorcycle camping experiences more fun, but they often do not think about bringing detergents and laundry items. If you do not want to wear dirty and stinky clothes while on a motorcycle trip, there are several ways to wash your clothes. Read this article to learn how to do laundry while motorcycle camping.

1. Tips on How to Make Doing Laundry Easier While Motorcycle Camping

There are several ways you can make doing laundry easier while camping, including:

1.1 Use Performance Wear

While going on a long motorcycle trip, make sure to put on performance wear. There are several advantages of using performance wear, including:


Performance wear is lightweight and easy to carry, adding a little extra weight to your motorcycle.

Takes Less Space

Performance wear does not take up much space and can be easily packed inside a small bag.

Performance Wear Dries Easily

Performance wear is easy to wash and will dry quickly.

1.2 Use a Ziploc Bag or Packing Cube to Store Dirty Clothes

Performance wear can also be easily packed inside a Ziploc bag or packing cube when they get dirty. It can help you separate them from clean clothes and does not take up much space inside a backpack or saddlebag.

2. Things to Carry to Make Doing Laundry Easier While Motorcycle Camping

2.1 Dry Sack

A dry sack is a waterproof bag used when traveling. It is usually used to protect clothes and electronics from being soaked when engaged in outdoor activities, including kayaking, rafting, and canoeing.

2.2 Portable Wash Bag

A Scrubba wash bag is a useful travel accessory since you can easily wash clothes inside of it. It is a lightweight portable bag with a flexible internal washboard.

2.3 Outdoor Soaps

Concentrated outdoor soaps are a multi-purpose washing agent for clothes and dishes best suited for campers, travelers, and hikers. They are available in pocket-sized bottles that are easy to carry. Outdoor soaps are made of natural ingredients and give your clothes a refreshing scent. There are several outdoor soaps available in the market for laundry, including Wilderness Wash, Capsuds, and Dr. Bronner's Organic Liquid Soap (Travel Size).

2.4 Laundry Detergent Sheets

If you want to take up less space while packing for a motorcycle camping and want to make doing laundry easy, a laundry detergent sheet is the perfect solution. Most laundry detergent sheets have a three-in-one washing formula that includes detergent, fabric softener, and static guard. Laundry detergent sheets areideal for hand washing your dirty clothes while camping.

2.5 Lightweight Travel Hangers

Lightweight travel hangers can help you hang and dry your clothes after washing. You can also carry a cord with hooks at the ends to hang your clothes.

3. How to Do Laundry While Motorcycle Camping

3.1 Using a Dry Sack and Outdoor Soaps

Follow the steps below to wash your clothes using a dry sack and Campsuds while camping.

  • Put your dirty clothes inside the dry sack
  • Pour clean water inside
  • Do not overfill the dry sack with water
  • Put some Campsuds soap inside
  • Close the dry sack by rolling the open end and then tying it using a belt to keep the water from leaking while rinsing
  • Shake the dry sack
  • Open the dry sack and pour the water out
  • Wring the washed clothes one by one
  • Put the clothes inside the dry sack again after wringing
  • Pour some water again inside the dry sack to wash the Campsuds completely
  • Shake the dry sack again
  • Open and pour out the water again
  • Wring the clothes again
  • Put the clothes on the travel hangers and hang them under the sunlight for drying

3.2 Using a Wash Bag

You can wash your clothes using a wash bag by following these steps:

  • Take out and open the wash bag
  • Pour some Campsuds or any other outdoor soap inside the bag
  • Put your dirty clothes inside the wash bag.
  • Fill the wash bag with an adequate amount of water
  • While closing the bag, make sure air is expelled
  • Roll the upper side of the wash bag and tie it with a belt to close it
  • Shake the wash bag properly so that the soap mixes with the water
  • Rinse it properly with your hands
  • The flexible internal washboards help remove dirt from the clothes
  • Open the wash bag and pour out the water
  • Fill the wash bag again with clean water
  • Shake the wash bag again to completely remove the soap from the clothes
  • Open the wash bag and pour out the water
  • Take the clothes out of the bag
  • Wring the clothes
  • Use travel hangers to hang your clothes under the sunlight for drying

3.3 Using Laundry Detergent Sheets

If you have a little container where you can put and wash dirty clothes, you can use a laundry detergent sheet. With WashEZE or Earth Breeze detergent sheet, you can use a dry sack or a wash bag to wash your dirty clothes. Unlike liquid detergents, laundry detergent sheets are easy to carry without the fear of it spilling and ruining your other belongings.

  • Take a container and pour water into it
  • Put your dirty clothes in the container
  • If you have only a handful of traveling clothes to wash, cut the detergent sheet into four equal-sized pieces and put just one piece inside the container
  • Rub the detergent sheet properly with the dirty clothes to remove stains
  • If you are washing the clothes inside a wash bag, shake it well to ensure the detergent sheet cleans thoroughly
  • Leave the clothes in the water for some time
  • Take out the clothes one by one and wring them properly
  • Use hangers to hang your clothes and leave them to dry

4. Takeaway

If you are going on a motorcycle tour that will last more than three days, you should be prepared to do laundry. However, it can be a tough job if you don’t have the supplies. With the tips, products, and step-by-step procedures covered in this article, you can easily wash your clothes while motorcycle camping. Carrying a wash bag, dry sack, outdoor soap, and laundry detergent sheets can help you finish doing your laundry within a few minutes. These laundry cleaning products are also lightweight, travel-friendly, take up little space, and are easy to store in your backpack.

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