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Tips for Motorcycle Camping in the Forest

Tips for Motorcycle Camping in the Forest

Camping is an exciting activity for motorcyclists since it adds to the freedom of riding and allows riders to enjoy the pleasures of being in nature. Most motorcyclists search for the most adventurous places to go camping, with national forests being one of the better options. National forests are more secluded, less crowded, and full of places to explore.

This article discusses tips for motorcycle camping in forests, the challenges of camping, and the best forest camping sites.

1. Motorcycle Camping Tips in Forest

1.1 Tent

The best type of tent for motorcycle camping in the forest is any lightweight four-season tent with an integrated fly sheet and breathable inner layer.

When choosing a tent for your motorbike camping trip, you have a few options based on preferences and requirements.

Bivy Bags

A bivy bag is a four-season luggage used for camping. A bivy bag is lightweight, easy to carry, breathable, and water-resistant.


Hammocks are lightweight, small, and elevated above the ground. Hammocks can be easily attached between trees and allow you to rest comfortably.

Sleeping Pad

After deciding on a tent, bivy, or hammock, a sleeping pad is essential for comfort and warmth. Choose a sleeping pad that is warm, lightweight, comfortable, water-resistant, and easy to pack.

1.2 Sustenance


How much food you will carry depends on where your destination is located. Some forest campgrounds offer amenities, giving you access to a limited variety of food and utilities. But if you are at a dispersed campsite, your only option is to bring your own cooking materials. Take dehydrated foods with you since they are nutritious, lightweight, and easy to prepare.


You will need to bring enough water for drinking, cooking, and washing. It is best to fill up a large container of water that can be carried on your motorcycle without affecting handling.

Read this article for detailed information on motorcycle camping tips, Winter Motorcycle Camping Tips.

2. Motorcycle Forest Camping Challenges

2.1 Navigating Forest Service Roads

While camping in a national forest, riders may have trouble navigating service roads. Some service campgrounds are close to paved roads and are easy to access. However, this is not the case for all of them.

Some routes near forest campgrounds are covered in gravel and dirt. Make sure that your vehicle’s suspensions, tires, and wheels are capable of handling rough terrain at low speeds.

Check out information about the routes and campgrounds on the campsite’s website, GPS, or other reliable online sources.

2.2 Wildfires Nearby

Wildfires can occur in forests, particularly during the hot summer months. Avoid campsites where the likelihood of wildfires is high and may result in a mass evacuation. Also, check the air quality index when choosing a forest for camping. You can check this information with the help of the AirNow website.

3. Best Motorcycle Forest Camping Sites

3.1 Olympic National Forest, Washington

Olympic National Forest is beautiful, and lush, and offers several camping sites. You have more flexibility when choosing where to camp within the forest’s boundaries; however, certain areas are off-limits. Riders can enjoy camping in the depths of the conifer woods or next to the rivers and lakes in the Olympic National Forest.

The cost of camping at Olympic National Forest ranges from $15 to $24. You can also camp for free at nearby campgrounds like Campbell Tree Grove Campground and Humptulips River and Lena Lake Campground.


3.2 Coeur D’Alene National Forest, Idaho

Coeur D’Alene National Forest is one of the three national forests in Idaho’s Northern Panhandle. This forest’s total length covers 726,362 acres. This location offers dispersed camping sites like many other national forests. Riders can enjoy camping by the deep lakes, green landscapes, and rugged hills. You can camp almost everywhere in this forest.

Riders can participate in many water activities, such as fishing and swimming at Bumblebee Campground. It costs about $21 to stay a single night at this campground.


3.3 Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

Black Hills National Forest has 30 campgrounds and more than 682 campsites. It has a unique landscape of dense forests and deep canyons. This location also offers free camping sites for riders who prefer being far away from developed camping sites.

Horsethief Lake Campground located in Black Hills Forest offers plenty of fun activities for riders. It is close to Mount Rushmore and famous for hiking and kayaking. The campground has 36 sites and costs about $26 per night.


3.4 Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

Most campsites in the Green National Forest are free and require no entrance fees. The GMNF hosts the best long-distance hiking trail in the United States, the Long Trail, and the Appalachian Trail. This location also includes cross-country and back-country ski trails. You are allowed to camp almost anywhere in this forest.

Make sure to prepare every amenity you might need since there are no dump stations or electricity.


3.5 Ocala National Forest, Florida

The Ocala National Forest offers a diverse range of camping opportunities for riders. It offers cabin rentals, developed campgrounds, dispersed camping, RV camping, and group camping.

Riders can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving in natural springs throughout the forest.

The most popular campground in Ocala National Forest is Juniper Springs. This location has 79 camping sites and costs about $22 per night.


4. Last Words

Motorcycle camping is a fun experience you will love if you are well-prepared. All riders need to reach the forest on time so they can set up their camp before night falls. It becomes harder to set up a camp at night in a forest due to nocturnal wildlife roaming around. To increase motorcycle comfort you can install seats, sissy bars, and handlebars

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