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How to Become a Harley Davidson Mechanic

How to Become a Harley Davidson Mechanic

Many motorcycle enthusiasts would love to go into a profession involving motorcycles, such as a mechanic. However, knowing how to ride a motorcycle is not sufficient to become a professional mechanic. You also need to possess useful skills and an abundance of knowledge regarding motorcycles, including how they work, the different motorcycle parts, and how to repair and maintain them.

Harley Davidson is the most popular motorcycle brand in the U.S. Wherever you go, you are bound to see more Harley motorcycles on the road than any motorcycles from other brands. If you are a passionate rider who happens to live in the U.S., you could become a Harley Davidson mechanic. The company offers specialized courses and on-job training programs to train aspirants who want to work as expert Harley Davidson mechanics. If you are planning to pursue this career, continue reading the article to learn how to become a Harley Davidson mechanic.

1. Prerequisites to Become a Harley Davidson Mechanic

1.1 Passion and Skill Set

Before you choose to follow a specific career path, make sure you have a passion for the desired field. You must also have the required skill set to perform all of the tasks required in your intended career in the field. To qualify as a Harley Davidson mechanic, you need to have the required knowledge and hands-on experience working on Harley motorcycle parts.

Since the engine is responsible for making a Harley motorcycle run, you must be able to learn how to troubleshoot, identify problems, find solutions, maintain, and repair it. You must also be able to check and maintain the braking, suspensions, frame, transmission, electronics, and fluids.


1.2 Degree and Training Programs

You can start working as a mechanic if you have the appropriate certification, such as a GED or a high-school diploma. However, if you are planning to become a Harley Davidson mechanic, there can be other specific prerequisites, including proof of completing a specialized training program and motorcycle maintenance course.

To secure a job as a mechanic or technician at Harley Davidson, you will need to invest time and money to enroll in training courses. To become a Harley mechanic, you must have gotten training from a reputable training school or institute. The training you receive must be focused on operating on Harley models. If you wish to grow as a Harley Davidson mechanic and technician, several mechanic schools offer degree programs that specialize in teaching you about Harley Davidson engines.

1.3 Certification

To be able to legally work as a Harley mechanic, you will need to have certification. Certification proves your credibility as a Harley mechanic, indicating that you have completed the required education and have practiced working on real Harley parts.

2. Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Programs at Harley Davidson

There is no better place to learn expert skills and get hands-on experience working on Harley machinery than at Harley Davidson manufacturing plants. Harley Davidson offers skilled trades and apprenticeship programs to passionate aspirants who are serious about pursuing careers with Harley Davidson. Different apprenticeship programs can help you train to become a full-fledged technician, electrician, mechanic, or toolmaker.

Apart from practical training, Harley Davidson also provides theoretical knowledge by holding classes at a local college. The academic costs are covered by Harley Davidson to encourage students to learn more and acquire troubleshooting and maintenance skills. Your chances of getting hired by Harley Davidson will increase if you received training at an accredited institute. Make sure to regularly check the career opportunities/job openings posted on the Harley Davidson website.

3. Difference Between a Harley Davidson Mechanic and Technician

3.1 Harley Davidson Maintenance Mechanic

The Harley maintenance mechanic must have expert technical skills. This job requires providing maintenance and repairing the motorcycle engines and other parts and resolving any technical issues. They are trained to work on motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, and three-wheelers.

A Harley mechanic specializes in maintaining and repairing drive systems, gearboxes, forks, and other assemblies. A Harley maintenance mechanic is paid on average $39 per hour.

3.2 Harley Davidson Technician

The Harley technician is an entry-level post that requires knowing basic knowledge about maintaining and repairing Harley engines. Most motorcycle enthusiasts earn an average annual salary of $64,000. The technician performs troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs on Harley engines. A Harley technician generally has more duties to perform than a Harley maintenance mechanic since motorcycles have to regularly undergo maintenance, engine oil changes, damage inspections, and other inspections.


4. Takeaway

To become a professionally trained Harley Davidson mechanic, you need to be passionate about motorcycles, possess the required skill set, and get trained at a reputable institute. Becoming a Harley mechanic is a specialized field that requires time, money, and hands-on experience and training.

You can register for Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Programs offered by Harley Davidson to get trained at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

If you are new to motorcycling, get started by getting a Harley Davidson and learn how to provide maintenance by yourself. You can keep your Harley motorcycle in good shape and ensure better performance by customizing it with a few aftermarket parts, including a fairing, sissy bar, backrests, crash bar, and handlebars. There is a variety of good-quality luggage bags, including saddlebags, tank bags, fork bags, handlebar bags, and sissy bar bags, available at Viking Bags online store to improve your motorcycle’s storage capacity.

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