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How to Make Money Riding a Motorcycle

How to Make Money Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle has many advantages over other vehicles since they cost less, require less maintenance, and give you a sense of freedom. Though motorcycles are generally used as a means of transportation, they can help you to earn money.

This article discusses 15 ways you can make money riding a motorcycle.

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1. 15 Ways to Make Money Riding a Motorcycle

1.1 Provide Delivery Services

The sharing economy is a growing business that hires motorcycle riders for delivery services. Many companies search for independent contractors to deliver their products. If you own a motorcycle, you can register as an independent contractor if you are interested in being part of the sharing economy. You can install motorcycle luggage like saddlebags, sissy bar bags, tail bags, and tank bags to increase storage capacity.

Deliver for Uber Eats

Uber Eats is always looking for drivers to deliver food since its services have expanded to almost every city. This company needs bikers who can navigate cities and urban areas like Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, New Jersey, Seattle, etc.

Making deliveries for Uber Eats with a motorcycle requires less maintenance and expenses on gas.

Depending on how many deliveries you make, you can earn a decent income doing this as a side job.

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Courier for Doordash

Doordash is a delivery service that drops off groceries, food, and more in urban areas. Doordash provides you with a full delivery fee and tips. This company advertises on its website that the average salary is $25 per hour.

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Deliver for Instacart

Instacart is a delivery service that drops off groceries in urban areas. Instacart advertises on its website that riders can work up to 29 hours per week based on location. The company also provides bonuses to riders who work at least 40 or more hours per week.

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Deliver for Grubhub

Grubhub is a newer food delivery service that has not spread throughout the entire United States. You are paid more if you have the highest review scores. It is possible to earn between $12-$24 per hour.

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1.2 Become a Motorcycle Instructor

If you are an experienced motorcycle rider with a good understanding of road and safety laws, you may be eligible to become a motorcycle instructor. You can help teach aspiring riders the basics of motorcycling while earning money.

To be a motorcycle instructor, you must be patient, have a positive attitude, and be able to communicate effectively.

To become a certified motorcycle instructor, you will need to complete a training course like RiderCoach. After you get the necessary credentials, you will need to find an establishment looking to hire or market yourself as an independent instructor. You’ll also need to renew your license from time to time to be allowed to continue teaching.

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1.3 Motovlogging

Motovlogging involves installing a camera on your motorcycle or helmet to record your trips. If your videos have making interesting content and you start posting on websites like Youtube, it is possible to earn money.

Listed below are ideas on how to start Motovlogging:

  • Record impactful moments from your life story as a motorcyclist. You can focus on topics like “lessons learned” or “how to start” if your target demographic is beginner riders.
  • If you have experience repairing motorcycle parts, you can make tutorial videos to help teach others.

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1.4 Get Sponsored

If your motorcycle videos posted on popular platforms like Youtube gain a significant following, your videos may feature ads and you’ll earn ad revenue. You can also reach out or be contacted by sponsors to show off their products in your videos in exchange for payment. If you provide discount codes on behalf of different brands, you can earn additional cash. The more followers your channel has, the more brands will reach out to you.

1.5 Become a Motorcycle Racer

Many places in the United States host motorcycle races that offer cash prizes. You do not need to be a professional rider to participate in such events. You can find information on nearby races by checking online forums and interacting with motorcycle communities.

1.6 Lead Motorcycle Tours

You can offer guided motorcycle tours of the local area and notable attractions for a reasonable fee.

You can spread the word about your business and improve its reputation by offering free tours in the beginning. This will give you chances to practice and refine your skills as a tour guide. Before you start marketing your touring business, determine how long the tour will be, highlight the services that will be provided on the tour, and list the notable locations along the route.

If you are not ready to lead tours on your own, you see if any touring companies in your area are looking to hire a new tour guide.

1.7 Lead Cross-Country Trips

Leading cross-country road trips would involve planning the routes, activities to do, and places to see. After you come up with a trip itinerary, you can sell it to potential customers. If you include cross-country trips in your motorcycle tours, you can expand your business.

1.8 Become a Motorcycle Stunt Performer

If you’re capable of performing stunts with your motorcycle, you can try to be hired as a stunt performer at fairs and events.

You can also record stunt videos and post them on social media platforms. This will help you earn ad revenue and possibly gain sponsorships from major brands if you gain a large following.

1.9 Flip Motorcycles

Flipping motorcycles involves finding cheaper bikes, repairing them, and selling them for profit. To find the best-used motorcycles, visit your local recycling center. Many people sell their motorcycles at cheap rates because they are in urgent need of cash.

Examine used motorcycles for any issues. If you find only minor damage that can be repaired at low costs, you can buy these motorcycles, repair them, and resell them to others at higher rates.

1.10 Bike Messenger

A bike messenger is a courier who delivers letters, packages, and parcels. This job is available in major U.S. cities, including Dallas, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia, Houston, and San Francisco.

1.11 Start a Blog

If it is too hard to make and upload videos on online platforms, you can write a blog instead.

You can easily start a blog if you have access to an online hosting and domain. You’re free to write about any motorcycle-related topic, including touring, repairs, guides, and news.

You’ll have to rely on ad revenue until your blog gets decent traffic. Once you’ve established your blog and have a decent audience, you can try to reach out for paid blog posts, sponsorships, and affiliate programs to write reviews on products.

1.12 Rent Out Your Motorcycle

You can rent out your motorcycle if you are not using it frequently. Riders Share is a rental service where you can rent out your motorbike to experienced riders. You can add your motorcycle to the list of available vehicles and be compensated for allowing other people to borrow it.

You can also rent out your motorcycle by putting posts on social media platforms. If you have a large following, it will be easier to rent out your motorcycle at reasonable rates.

1.13 Motorcycle Taxi Service

Motorcycle taxi services have been around for years, being most popular in Asian countries. Growing in popularity worldwide, this taxi service is most common in cities. When providing a motorcycle taxi service, make sure to carry an extra helmet for the passenger.

1.14 Motorcycle Photography

When going on a trip, you may come across beautiful sights along the way. Take pictures of your motorbike, roads, sunsets, sunrises, and scenic views you come across.

You can sell high-quality pictures to Adobe Stock, photography websites, or magazines. You can also post these pictures on various social media platforms to earn money.

1.15 Advertisements on Your Motorcycle

Many companies ask motorcycle riders to advertise their brands and products on their bikes. is a popular platform that pays riders for putting advertisements on their motorcycles. You don’t have to pay a subscription to join and make use of this platform. You can also use this service to search for clients interested in using your motorcycle to advertise for them.

2. Last Words

Besides providing a thrilling experience and a sense of freedom, your motorbike can also help you earn cash. You can make money riding a motorcycle by working for delivery services, becoming a motorcycle instructor, moto vlogging, becoming a motorcycle racer, leading motorcycle tours, performing motorcycle stunts, flipping motorcycles, starting a blog, and taking photographs. These options help you make money while continuing to pursue your passion for motorcycle riding.

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