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How Does It Feel After Getting Your First Motorcycle?

How Does It Feel After Getting Your First Motorcycle?

Getting your first motorcycle is one of the best feelings that you can ever experience. You can feel the magic as you roll down the bike out of your driveway. It is more than just getting a new keychain and a rumbling engine; it is a ticket to an entirely new world of possibilities and experiences like never before.

Having your motorcycle for the first time is one of the things that you will never forget in your entire life. It is more like mixed feelings of joy, and fear, but most importantly freedom and satisfaction.

Continue reading this article as it explores the type of emotions that come with owning your first motorcycle; the excitement of riding; the sense of liberty; the bond with fellow motorcyclists, and the struggles that make every ride a learning experience.

1. The Thrill of the Ride

It is an overwhelming experience in the best sense as you get to ride your first motorcycle. The sound of the engine and the feel of it as you twist the throttle is a constant reminder of the power you have at your disposal. The wind blows through your hair, bringing with it the smell of exhaust, grass, and the scent of sand and water if you are fortunate enough to live near the coast.

Getting to ride your first motorcycle has the element of a thrill that makes you want to scream and shout in joy, but at the same time, you have that certain level of anxiety that keeps you on your toes.

However, whenever you open the throttle, smoothly engage the clutch, and shift into the appropriate gear, you get a sense of confidence, a feeling that you are gradually mastering the art of controlling your first bike. This makes you feel like you have accomplished something bigger. You are no longer a mere owner of this bike; you are the captain of this two-wheel machine.

2. A World Unbound

Besides excitement and thrill, you get to feel the freedom. If you have switched from a car to a motorcycle, you will get to know the differences on your very first ride. The enclosed metallic structure of cars; the frustration of getting stuck in traffic congestion, and being less aware of the outside environment are the few downsides of cars.

On the contrary, your motorcycle provides you with more control, and freedom, and brings you closer to the environment. In most cases, you don’t have to stand in the traffic queue and wait for the traffic to move. With a bike, you can easily make your way as it takes less space than cars. You can maneuver through the traffic jam and reach your destination on time.

One feels like the whole world is opening up right in front of them and they get to experience things they have never experienced before. The feeling you get as you ride on the highway on a motorcycle is what you can never experience while driving a car. Your sole purpose of driving a car is to reach your destination. However, motorcycles are not only built to move from point A to B. They are designed to enjoy the journey while cherishing nature.

Riding is always a way to explore cities and discover new hidden spots or go for an adventure ride to hilly areas to see the breathtaking views. 

3. The Rider's Community

The Rider
Photo Credit: Bikers United

Only having fun is not all when it comes to riding a motorcycle, as owning a motorcycle is much more than just riding it. It is about the process of joining a family of bikers and becoming a part of a huge motorcycling community. It is something that makes riders unite and share the same passion for riding and the freedom that comes with it regardless of age, color, or the type of bike one is using.

Simply waving your hand to acknowledge other motorcyclists passing by is like joining an exclusive fraternity. It is a sign of appreciation and belonging that you are one of them. You will find yourself visiting bike shops and cafes on weekends and listening to other bikers sharing the tales of their favorite rides, their biggest mechanical problems and successes, and their love of biking.

4. Learning and Evolving

Regardless of all the good things, community support, and freedom that comes with motorcycling, it is not all smooth sailing. There will be challenges, including dropped bikes (hopefully not at high speeds), sudden rain storms, and terrible near misses that will challenge your ability to think, react, and deal with challenging situations while riding. But these are all part of the learning process. Each struggle you encounter in riding makes you a better and more confident rider. They just add to the fun, the good times, the great sunsets you see on the open roads.

5. Takeaway

So, how does it feel after having your first motorcycle? It is freedom, achievement, and happiness that are beyond words and description. The feeling of getting your first motorcycle forces you to step out of your comfort zone, develop skills as a rider, and live an unforgettable experience.

Riding your first motorcycle offers a sense of liberty as you hit the open road. It is the most special feeling that only your first motorcycle can offer. It is a type of freedom that remains with the rider even after the engine is turned off and the kickstand is down.

Getting your first motorcycle is a memorable moment and experience. Do not let this opportunity go to waste. Make as many memories as you can on your first motorcycle. Take it to faraway places; discover scenic spots you have never visited before, and go on a multi-day motorcycle tour.

However, don’t let mechanical issues spoil your fun and smooth journey. Learn the basic maintenance tasks and carry the necessary maintenance tools. Also, carry the useful stuff that you will need on your adventurous journey. To support you live your dreams, Viking Bags brings you several motorcycle luggage bags and aftermarket parts options you can find on the company’s online store. The available luggage options include saddlebags , tank bags , backpacks , trunk bags , and much more. In the aftermarket parts category, you can get sissy bars , sissy bar pads , crash bars , and fairings .

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