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Honda Grom: Detailed Specs, Review, and Performance

Honda Grom: Detailed Specs, Review, and Performance

2024 Honda Grom

2024 Honda Grom
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1. 2024 Honda Grom Detailed Specs

2024 Honda Grom Detailed Specs
Basic Info
Maker Honda
Model Grom
Motorcycle Type Standard-Style Minimoto
Model ID Grom125
Year Model 2024
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty with Unlimited Mileage
Base MSRP $3,599
Displacement 124 cc
Design Four-Stroke, Single-Cylinder Engine
Cooling Air-Cooled
Stroke 63.1 mm
Bore 50 mm
Valve Train Two-Valves per Cylinder; SOHC
Compression Ratio 10:1
Fuel Injection System Programmed Fuel Injection with 24 mm Throttle Bodies
Horsepower 9.7 hp
Torque 7.7 lb-ft
Top Speed 73 mph
Fuel Mileage 166.5 mpg
Drive Train
Transmission Five-Speed Manual Transmission
Clutch Wet Multi-Plate Clutch
Final Drive Chain
Frame Lightweight; High-Tensile Steel Frame
Front 220 mm Hydraulic Single-Disc Brake
Rear 190 mm Hydraulic Single-Disc Brake
Front 12-inch Cast Wheels
Front 120/70-12
Rear 130/70-12
Front 31 mm Inverted Telescopic Front Fork
Wheel Travel 3.9 in
Rear Mono-Shock
Wheel Travel 4.1 in
Seat Height 30 in
Wet Weight 224 lbs
Ground Clearance 7 in
Wheelbase 47.2 in
Trail 3.3 in
Rake 25°
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.6 gal
Height 1,011 mm
Width 721 mm
Length 1,758 mm
Tech Package
ABS Optional
Type Digital
Lights LED (Head and Tail Light)
Trip Meters Dual (A & B)
Gear Position Indicator
Fuel Gauge
High/Low Beam Indicator

2. 2024 Honda Grom Variants

  Honda Grom Honda Grom ABS Honda Grom ES
Color Options Blue Raspberry
Pearl White
Nitric Orange
Pearl White Matt Gray Metallic with Special Graphics
Exclusive SP Graphics
Wet Weight 224 lbs 227 lbs 224 lbs
Wheels Five-Spoke Blacked-Out Rims Five-Spoke Blacked-Out Rims Five-Spoke Gold Rims
Cost $3,599 $3,799 $3,699

3. 2024 Honda Grom’s Overview

In addition to entry-level motorcycles with low-power specs and features, there is another exciting motorcycle category to satisfy the needs of beginners, shorter riders, and teens, called the minimoto. Honda has always been at the forefront since the introduction of this class and is considered the pioneer in this field with several minimotos in its lineup, including the Honda Monkey, the Honda Super Cub, the Honda NAVI, and the Honda Grom. Minimotos may look like kids’ bikes to most experienced riders, but they are popular and have established their own class and market. The sportier and most popular of all is the Honda Grom. Despite being small, there is no compromise on its styling and performance. The Honda Grom is equally popular among riders with different skill levels and experience due to its versatile approachability and attitude.

4. Honda Grom’s Detailed Review

4.1 The Perfect First Bike for Learning

Planning to start riding a motorcycle for the first time and get trained on a motorcycle that you can manage? You should start with the Honda Grom. You will find no other motorcycle as good as the Honda Grom if you want to test your riding skills, as it allows you to practice leaning, cornering, and opening the full throttle. A small displacement engine of 125 cc allows you to go with the full throttle without making it dangerous for you. However, even though it is 125 cc, you should still ride with a helmet and proper riding gear.

The Honda Grom is an ideal choice for beginners who want to start learning how to operate the clutch, shift gears, and open the throttle without stalling the motorbike.

4.2 Flickability and Flexibility

Smaller and lightweight motorcycles provide a notable advantage even to the most experienced and skilled riders who want to master advanced-level riding skills. The Honda Grom’s low weight, agility, and flexibility allow expert riders to use this motorcycle for track racing, adventure rides, and stunts. You can confidently practice motorcycle stunts with the Honda Grom without being overly worried about dropping the motorcycle and hurting yourself.

4.3 Aesthetics and Appearance

The Honda Grom is one of the coolest-looking minimotos. It is a standard-style small bike with reasonable parts, making it look no less than a regular motorcycle. Though Honda once installed the step-up seat in the previous generation as an upgrade, the company later switched back to the flat saddle for taller riders to slide back on the rear seat for more legroom.

The square-shaped headlamp is the most attractive part of this motorcycle. It also comes with a digital display meter resting on top of the headlamp. The tires are a bit sporty and wide, wrapped around blacked-out five-spoke wheels. The Honda Grom SP also comes with bronze five-spoke rims for more vibrant aesthetics.

4.4 Appealing Paint Job Options

Though fans will miss the cherry red and black paint jobs from the previous models, the 2024 Honda Grom's new paint schemes are more colorful and appealing. To enhance the liveliness of this motorcycle, the 2024 model is available in blue raspberry, pearl white, and nitric orange color schemes. Whereas, the ABS version is only available in the pearl white option. However, if you desire a more improved look and enhanced creativity, the Honda Grom SP offers you a matte gray metallic option with appealing graphics.

4.5 Customizability

Being simple and small, the Honda Grom opens the door to tons of customizability options to consider, allowing you to transform it into any motorcycle you like. Due to being extraordinarily flickable, maneuverable, lightweight, and flexible, most skilled riders use the Honda Grom to convert it into a road/track racer, adventure/dirt bike, drag racer, and a perfect stunt bike. The basic design and geometry allow the owner to make changes easily without going through extreme modification processes.

4.6 Are Honda Grom’s Suspensions Any Good?

Considering the type of motorcycle the Honda Grom is, the suspensions are quite decently performing their job. Although very basic, the 31 mm inverted front forks provide 3.9 inches of wheel travel, and the single rear shock ensures 4.1 inches of wheel travel, which is still the best in the minimoto category. As long as you are traveling on paved roads, you will not find the non-adjustable suspensions lacking comfort and wheel travel. However, if you plan to use the Honda Grom for extreme riding, you can easily upgrade with aftermarket parts to improve its performance on varying terrains.

4.7 The ABS Comes with an IMU

To add to the safety, performance, and stopping power, the Honda Grom ABS also features an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that works collectively with the ABS to measure movements that can cause the motorcycle to lose control. Particularly, if you use the Honda Grom as an ultimate stunt bike, the IMU together with the ABS can come in handy as it can prevent unnecessary rear wheel lifting and skidding.

4.8 Is the 125 cc Engine Too Boring?

Honda could have installed a bigger engine in the Honda Grom; however, this is not what this motorcycle is designed for. The purpose is to keep it simple, minimal, and highly user-friendly. All Honda minimotos come with the same 125 cc single-cylinder engine, and so does the Honda Grom. The small engine only manages to produce 9.7 hp of horsepower and 7.7 lb-ft of torque. The new-generation Honda Grom comes with a five-speed gearbox. Though most riders see an additional gear as a benefit; however, the rider will have to keep shifting gears during the ride, especially while riding a minimoto that can only reach a top speed of 55-65 mph, depending on the riding conditions. It means that the rider will have to shift to the next gear with every 10 mph jump in speed.

You may find it difficult to overtake a vehicle in front of you going at a moderate speed while riding a Honda Grom. However, for city traveling, a 125 cc engine is not disappointing and can keep you moving through busy traffic. In most countries, a 125 cc engine is all you get.

4.9 Remarkable Fuel Efficiency

The Honda Grom’s major drawback is its small gas tank capacity of 1.6 gals. However, this motorcycle is well-known for having one of the best fuel economies. The programmed fuel injection system together with the small engine provides a claimed fuel efficiency of 166.5 mpg, which means that you can travel around 266 miles with a full gas tank. However, the fuel economy can vary depending on the riding conditions and riding styles.

4.10 Bodywork

Another reason why this motorcycle is highly modifiable is due to its bolt-on body plastic panels. You can easily remove the body panels and change the style of the motorcycle. This is the reason why a rider riding a Honda Grom is less worried about dropping it while performing stunts and riding aggressively.

4.11 Seat Level and Available Legroom

The Honda Grom offers the best seat level of 30 inches, making an ideal equilibrium for both taller and vertically challenged riders. Regardless of its minimal and small size, it is built in a way to provide sufficient room for taller riders too. Indeed, even riders with six feet of height can easily adjust and sit on this bike without getting their knees kinked up.

4.12 Most Appropriate Bike for Vertically-Challenge Riders

For riders with a seat height of around five feet, you will find it very hard to pick a bike that suits you, as most motorbikes that anyone could hope to find in the market are designed for taller and average riders with normal height and are generally too heavyweight to try and move without the engine power.

4.13 Safety Drills Made Easier

Due to its compact and smaller size, the Honda Grom makes a perfect training bike to perform safety drills to improve your riding skills. You can sharpen your muscle memory and learn how to manage the weight of a motorcycle even with one hand.

4.14 Lightest in the Minimoto Category

The Honda Grom uses a lightweight chassis and frame, and most of the outer parts are made of plastic. The overall weight of the 2024 Honda Grom is only 224 lbs, making it the lightest minimoto in the Honda lineup.

5. A Major Drawback: Low Placement of Instrument Panel

Along with the Honda Grom’s overall small size, the handlebars are low-mounted, and likewise, the digital instrument panel sits quite low. As a result, the rider will find it difficult to look at the speed he is going at or any other useful information on the meter without diverting his focus from the road, which is not safe.

6. An Unnoticed Cool Feature: Small Storage Space

Most riders who own the Honda Grom probably haven’t noticed the small storage space under the seat where they can easily place their wallet, gloves, sunglasses, and other useful stuff. This storage space comes in handy if you travel a lot on your motorcycle, and it keeps your stuff safe as well.

7. Concluding Remarks

You may like or dislike the Honda Grom but this motorcycle has been successful so far and brought a revolution in the minimoto segment. If you do not consider a low-power engine and small size as a major flaw in a motorcycle, the Honda Grom is capable of doing so many things. Whether you are planning to learn to ride a motorcycle, thinking about buying your first bike, practicing stunts, riding aggressively, or customizing your bike, the Honda Grom will not disappoint you.

Regardless of its small size, the Honda Grom turns out to be one of the favorite choices of motorcycle enthusiasts who love customizing bikes. The Honda Grom supports easy customization, and you can make it a totally different motorcycle through certain mods.

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