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Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB: Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB Detailed Specs, Background, Performance, and More

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are hard to compare to all the motorcycles from other companies which came before and after. Harley-Davidson, the American motorcycle manufacturer, is a well-known figure in the industry and has become an American cultural symbol around the globe. In the beginning, the company has been known for its hardtail chopper styles, but over time, the company has broadened enough to provide its riders with unique experiences.

The company has a wide variety of motorcycles ranging from Street to Touring, to cover your short and long-distance motorcycle riding enthusiasm. Harley has experimented with motorcycle designs to meet the expectation of motorcycle lovers. This is the main reason why Harley is so popular: because it has something for everyone. Among wide, sleek, low, and XL models on the company’s platform, there are also other more contemporary and middleweight designs. If you are a Harley enthusiast, you know we are specifically talking about the Harley Davidson Cross Bones.

To define this bike, we can say it is the best way to decompress after a tough week at work. It’s so comfortable, wide, and beautifully padded. Its hand-stitched sprung seat and rubber-topped footboards provide you a luxury feel and relaxation that you could almost fall asleep on since the exhaust is so quiet, you might forget you are on the road. Well, if you are already fallen in love with Softail Cross Bones after this short description, you need to take a look at the legacy this model has left on the motorcycle industry.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB detailed specs, background, performance, and many more.

1. A Brief History Of Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB

The Softail Cross Bones was the most accurate custom bobber inspired by the post-war days. After World War II, Harley-Davidson owners stripped their two-wheelers into lightweight and aggressive motorcycles. Because the bikes that were recovered at that time were equipped with military tools, people found the simplest solution to make those bikes useful for their daily routine rides was to strip them of everything they didn’t need. Most people even found the front brakes to be useless. In that era, some very unique and potentially dangerous vehicles ended up being created.

Harley-Davidson was aiming to duplicate exactly that and created a line of motorcycles with a special identity. In 2008, H-D introduced the Cross Bones. However, they were kind enough to leave out the significant risk factor so that even grannies could ride the thing. We acknowledge that the perfect copy of the motorcycle from the post-WWII era would have never fitted in today’s legal frame. Therefore we’ve dubbed this Cross Bones the most authentic custom bobber inspired by the post-war chopping days.

From 2008 to 2011, this bike remained in production by Harley-Davidson. Although a Softail model, it had the qualities and characteristics of a vintage hardtail with a cruiser’s personality. This authentic cruiser offers a surprisingly comfortable ride with its nicely detailed padded sprung seat, wide footboards, and quiet exhaust. While it might feel a little strange for a Harley to have a quiet exhaust instead of a roaring one, Cross Bones are still a quality Harley model.

Before 2008, the Cross Bones was announced to release as a part of the Dark Custom series, which included the Nightster, the Street Bob, Fat Bob, Night Rod Special, and Night Train. All motorcycles in the series came with the same dark vibe, but there was something about the Cross Bones that made them distinct from the rest. This bike is much like a bobber, a warm tribute to the past bike bobbing traditions of the post-war era. Finally, the overall experience of riding a Cross Bones is pleasantly different from any other Harley motorcycle.

2. Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB at First Glance

Its bobber features make the Cross Bones look like a bike from the post-World War II era. In the world of modern motorcycles, it's a good reflection of the past. Upon first glance, you’ll notice the bobbed fenders and many stripped parts. This bike is much like any other Softail, having the same frame and driveline. The Cross Bones has a unique hand-stitched padded seat and half-moon floorboards that not only define its style but also provide supreme comfort as well. Besides looking cool with its impressive features, the Cross Bones has the Springer front end and blacked-out wheels, driveline, and other components including the rear fender, sprung solo seat, and ape handlebars. There is very little chrome used in the construction of this bike which makes it more striking. It is designed to be true to its nature and sinister name without the excess chrome getting in the way.

The Cross Bones has a high seating position which gives you a wide view of the road. The dashboard on this bike offers you a full view of everything while riding like the trip meter, odometer, clock, and fuel gauge. The bike is powered by a V-Twin, four-stroke engine that produces a maximum output of 87.9 ft-lbs of torque at only 2750 rpm. You won’t have any issues with speed on this bike, but you might find it easier to maneuver on the highway at a speed of 80 mph. The 5-inch wide and 16-inch high Dunlop front tires efficiently traverse everything that comes in their way. Of course, its slightly bigger back tire and the massive weight of this machine provide additional support. Lastly, you’ll appreciate the lack of an engine roaring when you are going on a long motorcycle ride or are cruising around town.

3. Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB: A Buyers Guide

3.1 How much does a Softail FLSTSB Cross Bones weigh?

Cross Bones is a Softail model manufactured by Harley-Davidson. It is estimated that this bike weighs around 317.5 kg (700.0 pounds).

3.2 Does Softail Cross Bones Still in Production by Harley-Davidson?

The answer is no. Harley-Davidson discontinued the production of Softil Cross Bones. This motorcycle was only in production from 2008 to 2011.

3.3 How Much Does a Harley Softail Cross Bones Cost?

Since Harley-Davidson discontinued the production of FLSTSB Softail Cross Bones, it is not easy to list an exact price for this bike. You can search for this bike on any online motorcycle selling website or you can look for this bike at any motorcycle auctions. The bike is old, but it is not impossible to find, though you’ll be lucky if you find a Cross Bones that is still in good condition.

4. Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB Specifications:

4.1 Engine and Transmission Specs

Engine type V2, four-stroke
Displacement 1584.0 ccm (96.66 cubic inches)
Torque 127.0 Nm (12.9 kgf-m or 93.7 ft. lbs) @ 3000rpm
Compression 9.2:1
Bore x stroke 95.3 x 111.1 mm (3.8 x 4.4 inches)
Fuel system Injection. Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Lubrication System Pressurized, dry-sump
Cooling system Air
Gearbox 6-speed
Transmission type Belt (final drive)
Clutch 9-plate, wet
Driveline Primary Drive: Chain, 34/46 ratio. Final Drive: Belt, 32/66 ratio
Exhaust system Straight shot exhaust with slash-cut ends

4.2 Wheels, brakes, suspension, and chassis

Frame type Mild steel tubular frame; rectangular section backbone; stamped, cast, and forged junctions; forged fender supports; MIG welded
Rake (fork angle) 32.5°
Trail 160 mm (3.8 inches)
Front suspension Black leading link for springer model
Front-wheel travel 97 mm (3.8 inches)
Rear suspension Hidden, horizontal-mounted, coil-cover
Rear wheel travel 91mm (3.6 inches)
Front tire MT90-B16
Rear tire 200/55-R17
Front brakes Single disc
Diameter 292mm (11.5 inches)
Rear brakes Single disc
Diameter 292 mm (11.5 inches)
Wheels Black, Laced Steel
Seat 2-piston

4.3 Dimension and Capacities

Dry weight 317.5 kg (700.0 pounds)
Seat height 765 mm (30.1 inches) if adjustable, lowest setting
Overall length 2330 mm (91.7 inches)
Ground clearance 124 mm (4.9 inches)
Wheelbase 1630 mm (64.2 inches)
Fuel capacity 19.70 liters (5.20 US gallons)
Oil capacity 3.30 liters (3.49 US quarts)

4.4 Other Specifications

Starter Electric
Instruments Tank-mounted electronic speedometer with odometer, time-of-day clock on odometer, dual trip meter, fuel gauge with a low fuel warning light and countdown feature, Led indicator lights, engine diagnostics readout, low oil pressure indicator light

5. Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones FLSTSB Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

The Harley-Davidson Softail Cross Bones combines the pure styling of a historic bobber with modern comfort and technology. This bike offers you plenty of options for customization,  altering its aesthetic according to your particular taste. There are a number of aftermarket parts available on Viking Bags.

You can always attach a pair of good-quality saddlebags to your bike for carrying your belongings. And you can also mount a luggage bag for your one-day trip and camping trips.

As you know, this bike came with a solo sprung seat and was designed for your comfort of riding. You can wear a backpack and can increase your style while enjoying the comfort and power of this beast.

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