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How to Find A Perfect Motorcycle Ride Using Google Maps

How to Find A Perfect Motorcycle Ride Using Google Maps

The United States is full of enjoyable rides, and you can go anywhere and anytime to enjoy a ride. However, the troubling element is that most of the famous motorcycle roads are overrun by commuters, travelers, and joyriders, which makes it a little difficult to have a great motorcycle ride. It is a known fact that overcrowding can ruin routes, regardless of how good and enjoyable they are.

But owing to the availability of extensive bike riding routes in the US, it is not that tough to find a ride. On top of that, Google Maps is there to help you find new and enjoyable rides with hundreds of miles of roads. If you do not know how to take advantage of Google Maps to find the perfect motorcycle ride, this post is there to help you.

Here is how you can get started with Google Maps to find the perfect ride:

1. Launch Google Maps

To take advantage of Google Maps, you can use both smartphones and the Google Maps website. You will surely have a region or area in mind for motorcycle riding. Simply enter that area or location into the Google Maps search bar.

After that, start preparing to head off on the beaten paths. Always keep in mind that the famous roads might create a buzz, but it will not last for long. It will fade away quickly along the roads filled with riders and drivers.

2. Discover New Roads

One of the amazing features that you can enjoy with Google Maps is a 3-D satellite view of the entire planet that allows riders to explore everything about the chosen area virtually. You can see all the roads in that area. Some of those roads might be known to rivals, known for rarely being busy. Google maps do not keep you limited to the roads only, it also allows you to research the area and roads to ensure that your new find is not a dud before you head out for a ride.

3. Give a Quick Survey of Your Ride  

As soon as you find a motorcycle road for your next ride, it is time to plot the directions and check out the difficulty level of riding on that road. In this regard, Google Maps allows you to input the addresses near the starting and ending points of the road to generate the directions between them.

Google Maps provides you with the shortest and most direct route first. To add the areas of interest to your ride, you can make use of the blue direction line by dragging it. To see more relevant information like elevation changes, you just have to select "bicycle" as your mode of transportation. Google Maps will generate a graph showing the highest points and base elevation on your chosen route.

For checking the difficulty level of your selected route, just add the number of high points and base and divide it by the mileage. The greater the number, the greater the difficulty level of that road.

If you are not satisfied with your research or calculations, take advantage of other riders who have shared their experiences and knowledge through different online platforms. It has been seen that many famous roads also have similar roads around them that can provide you with an enjoyable motorcycle ride.

4. Check out the Other Possible Options

The other amazing feature of Google Maps that can also help you find a great ride is the in-person view of the roads. For that, you just have to select the street view and drag the icon to show a little man on the road. This will help you drive down the road and ensure it has everything that you want, using your mobile or computer.

5. Hitting the Road     

Now that you know everything about your chosen route for a motorcycle ride, it is time to prepare your bike, collect and pack essential luggage, and hit the road. Before starting your journey, make sure you have all the essential things, including a driving license, helmet, all four indicators in functional condition, a side mirror, sufficient fuel, and repair tools. Ignoring these elements can make the journey tough, irrespective of the road you select. In case, you are not wearing a helmet or do not have a driving license, you can also face massive penalties from the government.

6. Takeaway

Google Maps is beneficial in plenty of ways and holds a wide range of useful features and functions that can help a motorcycle rider find the best possible route. By using Google Maps, you can explore the entire country and even the world. In addition, the above-stated features can also help you understand its effectiveness for motorcycle riders in the USA. This guide to using this source can help you make the best use of it to find the perfect ride for your next journey.

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