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What is the best Way to Transport a Motorcycle?

What is the best Way to Transport a Motorcycle?

1. Introduction

Transporting a motorcycle is necessary if you want to bring your motorcycle to another state or region or need to deliver a motorcycle to a client. Whatever the reason, the best ways to transport a motorcycle are discussed below:

2. Ride It

The simplest way to transport your motorcycle is to ride it to the destination yourself. Besides being practical, the trip itself can be an adventure.

Ride It
Photo Credit: @ridermagazine

2.1 Advantages

The owner is responsible for the motorcycle. Aside from the motorcycle being in trustworthy hands, this will also save money on shipping fees of transport companies. Transporting the motorcycle yourself is the best option if you are traveling within a city or to nearby states.

2.2 Disadvantages

Although you will save on shipping costs, it will require you to take time out of your schedule. You may also have to spend money on fuel and a hotel room if you are traveling for more than one day. In extreme weather conditions like stormy weather, it can be difficult for the rider to ride safely and can be tiring for the rider if you are traveling a long distance.

3. Pickup Truck

Using a pickup truck is safer than transporting a motorcycle yourself over a long distance. Your motorcycle must be loaded onto the truck and strapped down. This method is reliable if you are traveling within the city or to nearby states.

The back of a pickup truck should look like this:

Pickup Truck
Photo Credit: @wickedstock

The motorcycle will be loaded onto the truck by using a ramp.

Pickup Truck
Photo Credit: @revzilla

Then the motorcycle will be carefully strapped down so it won’t move around.

Pickup Truck
Photo Credit: @motorcycleshippers

3.1 Advantages

Using a pickup truck is safer, more reliable, less time-consuming, and more comfortable. It will also keep the motorcycle’s suspension and tires from being worn down due to bumpy roads.

3.2 Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of using a pickup truck is that the motorcycle is still exposed to stormy weather which can result in it getting dirty. However, this problem can be easily dealt with by covering the motorcycle with a plastic sheet to protect it from dust and rain.

4. Van

Transporting the motorcycle in a van is almost the same as transporting a motorcycle on a pickup truck. Of course, the roof of the van will do away with the need for a plastic sheet to protect the motorcycle from dust and rain. This method can be useful for transporting a motorcycle within the city or to nearby states.

Photo Credit: @onetrail

4.1 Disadvantages

Strapping a motorcycle down inside a van can be difficult, especially when the motorcycle is large or the van has less space. Therefore, having a van that is the right size is really important. Otherwise, while the van is riding over a bumpy road or turning sharp corners, the motorcycle may hit the walls inside the van.

5. Motorcycle Carrier

Using a motorcycle carrier can be useful for transporting motorcycles within the city, along straight roads or highways, or to nearby states. You will need three things when using a motorcycle carrier:

  • A motorcycle carrier
  • A car or truck with whom the motorcycle carrier will be attached
  • Straps to secure the motorcycle

A motorcycle carrier will be attached to the car/truck while the motorcycle is loaded onto it.

Motorcycle Carrier
Photo Credit: @discountramps

After loading the motorcycle, it will need to be tied down with the straps.

Photo Credit: @discountramps

5.1 Advantages

Using a motorcycle carrier is convenient and cost-efficient if you need to bring along your motorcycle for a camping trip. A motorcycle carrier is easy to install and takes less time to load the motorcycle.

5.2 Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of using a motorcycle carrier is that if the carrier is of poor quality, then it may break down during the journey and risk causing damage to your vehicle. Also, the motorcycle is not covered which means it can be damaged by flying debris or subjected to stormy weather. A motorcycle carrier cannot handle the weight of heavier motorcycles like touring bikes or cruisers as they may break under the strain.

6. Motorcycle Trailer

To be able to transport your motorcycle using a motorcycle trailer, you will need a car or truck to attach it to. Similar to transporting a bike on a pickup truck, except the trailer is detachable and it is easier to load on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Trailer
Photo Credit: @stingertrailer

6.1 Advantages

There are different types of motorcycle trailers readily available on the market and can be easily attached to any car or truck. Some available trailers can easily carry at least two motorcycles. This method is good for transporting a motorcycle to nearby states and even across long distances as well.

6.2 Disadvantages

Using a motorcycle trailer means there is no coverage for the motorcycle in case of rain and stormy weather.

7. Motorcycle Shipping Company

The easiest and most reliable way to transport a motorcycle is by using a motorcycle shipping company. There are several shipping companies throughout the world that can deliver motorcycles anywhere within and outside of the country safely and reliably.

Motorcycle Shipping Company
Photo Credit: @motorcycleshippers

7.1 Advantages

Most motorcycle shipping companies will provide you a receipt of insurance which can be claimed if there is ever a mishap with your motorcycle. Motorcycle shipping companies do properly pack your motorcycle to prevent damage and keep it from moving around.

7.2 Disadvantages

There are only two major disadvantages when relying on a motorcycle shipping company:

  • Motorcycle shipping companies are more expensive than other transportation methods.
  • Motorcycle shipping companies take the most time to transport the motorcycle compared to other methods as it can take three to seven days.

8. Conclusion

If you need to transport your motorcycle to a nearby city or state, using a van, pickup truck, or motorcycle trailer is the best option. However, to transport a motorcycle over long distances, then a shipping company is the most reliable option.

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