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All-New KTM 390 Adventure Prototype Testing in Final Stages

All-New KTM 390 Adventure Prototype Testing in Final Stages

Whenever you hear the word adventure in the motorcycling world, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the KTM adventure bikes if you are a true motorcycling fan. The Austrian motorcycle company, KTM, is by far one of the most popular adventure bike producers with several globally recognized and admired ADV touring models in its lineup. Despite being a top-seller ADV bike brand, KTM never stops researching and improving the design and performance of its existing models. Recently, KTM announced the all-new and improved Duke lineup with certain alterations in its designs and power plant. Similarly, the company also decided to make changes to its lightweight entry-level KTM 390 Adventure to lift the game in this category. Continue reading this news post to learn more about the all-new KTM 390 Adventure prototype.

It is the need of the hour for KTM to work on its existing models, particularly its entry-level bikes, to compete with the top brands in the market. The competition in the beginners’ class is getting fierce in the global market, with several motorcycle brands stepping forward to make a brand name in this category. The Royal Enfield has recently come up with its all-new Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 at the EICMA 2023. Honda, with its CRF300L Rally model, and BMW, with its G 310 GS ADV tourer, are setting the standard high for other competitors in the entry-level class.

Therefore, to keep the interest of their fan base and riders alive, KTM has recently developed and tested its all-new KTM 390 Adventure prototype, which is expected to be released in 2025.

All-New KTM 390 Adventure Prototype Testing in Final Stages
Photo credit: @Cycle World

KTM is using its newly developed single-cylinder platform, called the LC4c, drawing inspiration from the LC8c engines. The LC stands for “Liquid-Cooled,” and “4” represents the four valves per cylinder valve configuration. Meanwhile, the “c” in the LC4c denotes the compactness of the engine. Overall, it is a more efficient power plant with several tremendous capabilities.

To start with, the new engine installed in the KTM 390 series, particularly the KTM 390 Adventure, features a longer stroke of 64 mm, resulting in an increase in the displacement size from 373 cc to 399 cc. However, the company preferred to continue using the ‘390’ model name to market this bike. Other notable changes include replacing a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) valve train with a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) to shred some weight by reducing certain components. The gearbox and cylinder heads have also been reworked and redesigned for performance gain.

The new 399 cc LC4c SOHC single-cylinder engine by KTM is expected to deliver 39.3 Nm of torque and 44 hp of horsepower. Though there is not much increase in the power figures, the overall impact is impressive and notable, thanks to the compact design and better power-to-weight ratio. The power output is now more accessible at a lower 8,500 rpm, which was previously attained at 9,500 rpm. The same LC4c engine platforms are used in the 250 cc and 125 cc classes for other markets.

When it comes to styling and design of the all-new KTM 390 Adventure, it looks a lot different than its predecessors. This ADV bike now has a taller stature with a redesigned large windscreen, along with a large vent for better airflow. There are two headlamps and a similar KTM-style front end. The all-new KTM 390 Adventure looks slimmer and highly compact, which is expected to improve its overall maneuverability, control, and handling. The front wheel is large with a narrow and slim tire wrapped around it compared to the slightly fat and wide rear tire. There is also a small engine protection and handguards attached to this prototype. There is a possibility that the company will make further changes and improvements in the color schemes and aesthetic appeal of this motorcycle, as the iconic KTM orange is majorly missing on this bike, mostly painted in dull black color. The rest of this bike is quite basic and simple to keep it light and more agile.

All-New KTM 390 Adventure Prototype Testing in Final Stages
Photo credit: @Car & Bike

The main reason why KTM has redesigned the 390 Adventure and made several amendments to this bike is to make it the best version in terms of off-road capabilities. It is also evident from the new design and build of this bike that it is meant to tackle dirt trails. The replacement of a 19-inch front wheel with a 21-inch rear wheel, installation of WP suspension, a taller front fender, and the removal of a swingarm brace are all indications that this bike is going to be a better off-roader than the previous generations.

KTM has currently paced up its production capabilities by improving the existing models and introducing them when they are fully ready for launch. The motorcycling world has seen multiple new releases by KTM, and it is good to see that the company is primarily focusing on giving riders the best of the machines they can own and use.

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