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7 Best Motorcycle Rides in the North Georgia Mountains

7 Best Motorcycle Rides in the North Georgia Mountains

1. Introduction

“We do not ride to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Motorcycle riding is a form of exercise that can improve mental and physical health. Motorcycle riding helps keep your mind active and alert and exerts various muscle groups. A recent study has revealed that motorcycle riding can encourage the release of dopamine and endorphins that help decrease cortisol levels and reduce stress. A motorcycle trip can help improve your mood, especially if you visit a beautiful place like the North Georgia Mountains.

North Georgia Mountains are beautiful almost year-round. However, the colors, feel, and the vibe is different during fall and spring in North Georgia. Fall and spring are the best times to plan a motorcycle trip to the North Georgia Mountains as there are several locations and roads you can explore on your motorcycle. This article discusses the 7 best motorcycle rides in the North Georgia Mountains.

2. 7 Best Motorcycle Rides in the North Georgia Mountains You Should Try

2.1 Highway 52

Starting Point: Harley Fausett Road, Highway 52, Georgia USA

Ending Point: Fort Mountain State Park, Georgia, USA

Estimated Travel Time: 51 mins

Distance: 36.6 miles

Highway 52
Photo Credit: Compass

Highway 52 is one of the most impressive rides in the North Georgia Mountains due to its numerous attractive views. It features mountain horizon views, historic buildings, mellow curves, and long stretches that allow riders to relax. Highway 52 first appeared on the Georgia state maps in 1920, but it was not completed until 1948.

Examples of stops and attractions you can find on this route include Fort Mountain State Park and the Cohutta Overlook. At Cohutta Overlook, you can spend the day relaxing and enjoying the scenic mountain views. At Fork Mountain State Park, you can enjoy the lake, explore the fort, and go hiking.

2.2 Ellijay Western Loop

Starting Point: Ellijay, Georgia 30540, USA

Ending Point: Carters Lake, Georgia, USA

Estimated Travel Time: 29 mins

Distance: 19.6 miles

If you want a casual riding experience, you can head towards the Ellijay Western Loop. If you want to visit Carters Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will have to take Highway 382. Carters Lake has eye-catching views with its rocky coastline and sparkling waters.

If you head west until you get onto Highway 136, you can visit the Reregulation Reservoir to do some fishing. If you go north, you will cross a dam before reaching Highway 76. You can return to Ellijay if you go east. You can check out the views at the Visitor’s Center, as well as go camping, boating, and fishing at the lake.

2.3 Blue Ridge

Starting Point: Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513, USA

Ending Point: Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests

Estimated Travel Time: 19 min

Distance: 16.5 miles

Blue Ridge
Photo Credit: @Pinterest

Blue Ridge is popular among motorcycle riders because this region has several loops. If you want to go for a motorcycle trip during the daytime, Blue Ridge is the ideal route. Starting from Ellijay, take Highway 76 north if you want to go to Blue Ridge. As soon as you pass Blue Ridge, head south on Highway 60 to ride through the Chattahoochee-Oconee Forests. There you can find several attractions, rivers, vineyards, and scenic views. If you take Highway 60 south to Highway 180, you can find a shorter loop of 76 miles.

If you want to return to Ellijay, keep traveling on Highway 60 until it connects with Highway 19. From there, head south until you transition onto Highway 52, which will take you back to Ellijay.

2.4 Suches (Also Known As Georgia’s Dragon)

Starting Point: Dahlonega, Georgia 30533, USA

Ending Point: Woody Gap High School, 2331 GA-60, Suches, GA 30572, United States

Estimated Travel Time: 34 min

Distance: 17.7 miles

Suches (Also Known As Georgia’s Dragon)
Photo Credit: @Eat Sleep Ride

While heading south to Dahlonega, you will ride through Suches. You will ride on the Suches Loop for almost an hour and a half. You can visit the Woody Gap School, the smallest public school in Georgia. If you visit this school in October, you can also attend the Indian Summer Festival.

2.5 Southern Highroads Trail

Starting Point: Southern Highroads Outfitters, 253 Georgia Hwy 515 East, Building 1-C, Blairsville, GA 30512, United States


  • Hamilton Rhododendron Gardens, 96 Pavilion Rd, Hiawassee, GA 30546, United States
  • Bull Sluice Lake, Georgia 30068, USA
  • Ocoee River, Tennessee, USA
  • Highlands, North Carolina 28741, USA

Ending Point: Highlands, North Carolina 28741, USA

Estimated Travel Time: 6 hr 56 mins

Distance: 340 miles

Southern Highroads Trail
Photo Credit: @Pinterest

If you are looking for an adventurous motorcycle ride in North Georgia, the Southern Highroads Trail is an ideal route. It offers a 360-mile scenic trail that passes through four states, including Tennessee, South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and North Georgia. The Southern Highroads Trail is ideal for a group motorcycle tour as there is so much to explore, including antique shops, outdoor activities, lodging, dining, arts, and entertainment.

2.6 Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway

Starting Point: Russell–Brasstown Scenic Byway, Helen, GA 30545, United States


  • Brasstown Wilderness, Young Harris, GA 30582, United States
  • High Shoals Creek, Georgia 30546, USA
  • Unicoi State Park & Lodge, 1788 GA-356, Helen, GA 30545, United States

Ending Point: Raven Cliffs Trailhead, 3000 Richard B Russell Scenic Hwy, Helen, GA 30545, United States

Estimated Travel Time: 2 hr 14 mins

Distance:72 miles

Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway
Photo Credit: @Eat Sleep Ride

If you want to explore the deep wilderness and scenic waterfalls or go hiking or camping in northeast Georgia, tour the Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway. To reach this beautiful scenic byway, head east past Highway 19. You can find various attractions riding through the Russell-Brasstown National Byway, including Brasstown Wilderness, the High Shoals Creek area, Raven Cliffs Trail, Dodd Creek, and Unicoi State Park in Robertstown.

2.7 The Georgia Mountain Parkway

Starting Point: GA-515, Georgia, USA

Ending Point: Panorama Orchards & Farm Market, 63 Talona Mountain Rd, Ellijay, GA 30536, United States

Estimated Travel Time: 38 mins

Distance: 32.8 miles

The Georgia Mountain Parkway
Photo Credit: @AA Roads

If you want to see the scenic North Georgia mountains in the fall, visit the Georgia Mountain Parkway by taking State Route 515. Along the way, you can stop by Panorama Orchards and Farm Market. This market has been selling fruit and vegetables to the locals since the 1920s.

3. Takeaway

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who loves motorcycle touring, North Georgia Mountains offer the most beautiful scenic views, lakes, sceneries, and attractions. These scenic mountains look more gorgeous during the spring and fall. Make sure to take the essentials with you while you go on a motorcycle trip to the North Georgia Mountains. To carry luggage on such a long motorcycle tour, your motorbike must have adequate storage capacity. You can improve your motorcycle storage capacity by installing luggage options available at Viking Bags. These luggage options include saddlebags, sissy bar bags, handlebar bags, tank bags, touring packs, and backpacks. You can also install sissy bars, sissy bar pads, fairings, and a windscreen to ensure a better touring experience. A comfortable seat and handlebars can also help you sit in a laid-back riding position while you go on a long-distance ride to the North Georgia Mountains.

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