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Top 10 Items to Carry In Your Motorcycle Tank Bag

Top 10 Items to Carry In Your Motorcycle Tank Bag

Going on a tour or a long motorcycle trip can be a lot of fun. Many motorcycle enthusiasts prefer traveling on touring bikes or baggers for long-distance trips due to being large enough to fit multiple luggage bags. A touring or bagger motorbike can be equipped with saddlebags, sissy bar bags, and tank bags to improve storage capacity. It is also important to keep your essentials and motorcycle gear safe while you are on the road, whether from the weather, thieves, etc. This article provides a list of the top 10 items to carry in your motorcycle tank bag.

1. What is a Motorcycle Tank Bag?

A motorcycle tank bag is an easily accessible means of storage installed on your motorbike. The rider does not even have to get off the motorcycle to access the tank bag. It is fitted on the motorcycle’s fuel tank with belts, magnets, straps, or locking rings, making them easy to install and remove. Tank bags also don’t add too much weight to the motorbike, unlike saddlebags and sissy bar bags. They can also be carried by the straps when spending time off of your motorcycle.

Magnetic tank bags are the easiest to mount; however, they can potentially scratch your fuel tank. Also, a low-quality magnetic tank bag can fly off your motorcycle while traveling at high speeds. Therefore, tank bags fitted to the fuel tank using mounting straps are the preferred choice.

2. Top 10 Items to Carry In Your Motorcycle Tank Bag

2.1 First-Aid Kit

It can be difficult to get to a medical facility while you are on a motorcycle tour, especially if you are stranded. If you suffer a wound or are bitten by an insect, you will want access to the medical supplies in a first-aid kit. If you suffer a minor injury, you should be able to quickly treat it yourself with cotton or bandages. It is best to carry medicines in your first-aid kit in case of emergencies, or if you suffer a headache or bad stomach.

2.2 Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories include a mobile charger, portable charger (Power Bank), and earbuds. Your mobile phone can connect to your motorcycle via Bluetooth, helping you to navigate, receive calls from family and friends, and play music while you travel.

2.3 Tire Repair Kit

Tire Repair Kit
Photo Credit: @wellshop

Finding a local mechanic may be difficult if you are going on a motorcycle tour in an unfamiliar region. Motorcycle tire punctures often happen due to riding over sharp objects, especially when off-roading. A tire puncture kit will allow you to apply a quick fix on a flat tire.

2.4 Flashlight

Riders should carry a flashlight in case they travel at night or plan to go camping. Nowadays, LED flashlights are small and easy to carry, taking up little space in your tank bag. A flashlight will be useful in case you need to inspect your motorcycle on the side of the road in the dark.

2.5 Sun Protection

While traveling in regions with little cloud coverage, you may want to carry gear that will help block the sun’s rays and reduce the risk of getting sunburned. It is recommended you carry sunglasses and sunblock.

2.6 Food

Only carry food that can fit in your tank bag and will not spoil quickly. When taking a break or far from any food establishments, having snacks can give you a boost in energy and satiate your hunger until you can get a proper meal.

2.7 Multi-Tool

Photo Credit: @daraz

A multi-tool is a useful gadget that combines several tools in a single piece of equipment. It is a small and versatile item that barely takes up any space in your tank bag. A multi-tool typically has small scissors, a knife, wire cutters, and needle-nose pliers.

2.8 Raincoat

In case it starts to rain, you may want to carry a raincoat to keep your riding gear dry, keep yourself warm, and make it easier to navigate the road despite the bad weather. If you are making a stop and it suddenly starts to rain, an umbrella can also provide better protection from the weather.

2.9 Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire Pressure Gauge
Photo Credit: @louis

Before going on a motorcycle trip, make sure that your motorcycle tires are filled enough and have adequate pressure. Most motorcycles have a label on their fuel tanks that provide the optimal tire pressure. While traveling, the tire pressure can decrease due to different factors, including temperature, road conditions, etc. Having a tire pressure gauge with you will help you gauge the condition of the motorcycle's tires whenever you are stopped.

2.10 White Visor for Helmet

If you do not have a dual visor helmet, you should buy a white visor for better night vision. Most riders prefer wearing helmets with dark visors during the day to reduce the glare of the sun. However, it is dangerous to ride with a helmet with a dark visor at night since it reduces visibility. When storing a helmet with a white visor, cover its surface with padding to avoid scratching.

3. Takeaway

Motorcycle tank bags are handy luggage options that can be accessed without needing to get off the motorbike. Also, a tank bank can help you carry the various essentials mentioned above. A tank bag can help carry the useful items you need in case of emergencies.

If you love motorcycle touring, make sure your ride has adequate storage capacity. Viking Bags has different luggage options available, including tank bags, saddlebags, and sissy bar bags. To transform your motorbike into an ideal touring bike, there are other useful aftermarket parts available at Viking Bags, including sissy bars, handlebars, and fairings.

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