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Best Motorcycle Roads & Destinations in Georgia, United States

Best Motorcycle Roads & Destinations in Georgia, United States

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1. Introduction

Motorcyclists find themselves drawn to Georgia or “the Peach State” because the places of historical and cultural significance plus the diverse natural landscape makes the region ideal for a motorcycle trip. Much of the central state is full of mountains, forests, and freshwater lakes. If you choose to ride closer to the coast, you will catch sight of beaches and marshlands. Stopping in local communities will help you to learn about Georgia's famous figures and special events.

This article will give you a preview of Georgia’s prominent motorcycle roads and destinations along with supplementary information on this state’s motorcycle laws and possible luggage options.

2. Best Roads and Destinations in Georgia

2.1 Georgia’s Dragon - The Suches Loop

Distance: 52 miles
Time: 1 hour 31 minutes
Start: Dahlonega
End: Dahlonega

After leaving Dahlonega, you will head straight north until you enter the Suches Loop. This route travels through both the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chattahoochee National Forest. You will first come across Stonepile Gap - Trahlyta’s Grave so make sure to bring your camera.

When heading on the right side of the loop, you will be able to make out Water’s Creek Falls, Crow Falls, Lower DeSoto Falls, and Helton Creek Falls. You can get an overlook of the wilderness at the top of Blood Mountain Overlook. By the time you reach the northern tip of the loop, you will have made it to Vogel State Park.

As you start to head back along the left side of the loop, you will find scene sites at Vogel Overlook and Sosebee Cove Scenic Area and Trail. You can exercise by heading up the hiking trails at Jarrard Gap, Dockery Lake, Preacher’s Rock, and Woody Gap.

2.2 Northern Georgia Scenic Byway Loop

Distance: 41 miles
Time: 1 hour 6 minutes
Start: Helen
End: Helen

Traveling towards the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest, you will head out of Helen. Heading northward on the Unicoi Turnpike, your route will take you beside the Top of Georgia Airstream Park, Andrews Cove Campground, and Appalachian Campground. You will be able to admire the natural scenery at High Shoals Falls after you take a journey around High Shoals Trailhead.

Should you take a detour on the Chattahoochee River Road, you will head west and deeper into Chattahoochee National Forest. You may feel the spray of the Horse Trough Falls and Double Culvert Branch Falls.

Beginning your journey back towards Helen, the left side of the loop will give you a distant view of Wolf Laurel Top and Cowrock Mountain. You should be able to see the dense forests of the Smithgall Woods State Park. If you wish to explore the wilderness on foot, you can head up the Raven Cliffs Trailhead and Dukes Creek Falls Trail.

2.3 The Extended Suches Loop

Distance: 107 miles
Time: 2 hours 47 minutes
Start: Dahlonega
End: Dahlonega

The first major destination you come across after you depart from Dahlonega is Cleveland. If you wish to create something with your hands, you can get pottery lessons at the Meaders Mercantile and Antiques. You can also go to the Soda Fountain Café if you wish to try refreshing drinks like lemonade.

As you curve around the right side of the loop, you will pass by Lake Burton. Within the vicinity of this body of water, you will discover Wildcat Creek Sliding Rock and Moccasin Creek State Park. There are also plenty of natural sites and trails including Adam’s Rabun Falls, Hemlock Falls Trailhead, and Powell Mountain.

As you begin to loop back around on the left side, you will catch sight of the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald. Upon getting closer to Suches, you will be able to make out Water’s Creek Falls and Chestatee Overlook. If you take a slight detour on State Highway 129, it will take you to the North Georgia Wildlife Park.

2.4 Quad Country Figure Eight

Distance: 53 miles
Time: 1 hour 21 minutes
Start: Emerson
End: Allatoona Heights

The most notable establishment in Emerson is LakePoint Sports. This sports complex has plenty of playing fields suited for almost every popular sport from baseball to volleyball. It is also the site where tournaments and public events are hosted.

As you head southwest, you will pass by Burnt Hickory Park, Sheffield WMA, and High Shoals Falls. Most of your surroundings will be open farmland, dense woodlands, and suburban areas. The road should be engaging yet simple to navigate as it has plenty of sweepers, twisters, and elevation changes.

When you begin to come back by heading southeast, you will cross with the route you traveled earlier at the crossroads between Harmony Grove Church Road and Dabbs Bridge Road.

2.5 Blue Ridge to Ellijay

Distance: 91 miles
Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Start: Blue Ridge
End: Ellijay

Within close proximity to Blue Ridge, you can check out the fresh produce grown at Mercier Orchards. You can take a look at the surface of Blue Ridge Lake and enjoy the peaceful environment of the Lake Blue Ridge Recreation Area. As you head northward, you travel alongside the Toccoa River and Ron Henry Horseshoe Bend Park.

After you cross over into Tennessee, you will travel through the northern area of the Chattahoochee National Forest. As you follow the Ocoee River, you will come across Brush Creek Trailhead, Rock Creek Trailhead, Goforth Creek Trailhead.

When you have gone past Lake Ocoee and Ocoee Scenic Byway, you will make it to Parksville Lake. You can enjoy spending time at Parksville Beach or check out the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain Park.

Entering back into Georgia, you will travel within the vicinity of Cohutta Wilderness, Cohutta Springs, and Fort Mountain State Park.

2.6 Mt. Olivet Loop

Distance: 32 miles
Time: 47 minutes
Start: Dallas
End: Dallas

Heading out of Dallas, you will head westward until you reach the town of Pumpkin. When you go even further, you can visit the Three Strands Vineyard and Winery if you wish to try out exotic drinks. Getting closer to Yorkville, you can take a detour at the Goldmine Lake Trail Turnoff if you are interested in exploring the local wilderness off of your motorcycle.

As you head southward, you will pass by Jones Lake along the way. When you make it to Beulah, you should be able to grab a quick snack and stock up on supplies at Scotts Country Store. As you approach Paulding County, you will begin to head back towards Dallas.

Continuing on eastward, you will eventually reach the Paulding Forest Gate. Despite the grand name, it is only a simple pavement road that diverts off the main path. Should you choose to follow it, you will find yourself in the Paulding Forest WMA. Most of your surroundings will be sprawling farmlands, rolling hills, and rows of pine trees.

2.7 Cloudland Canyon Ride

Distance: 21 miles
Time: 30 minutes
Start: LaFayette
End: Cloudland Canyon State Park

If you choose to hang around LaFayette, you can check out the Joe Stock Memorial Park and Simmons Memorial Park. After leaving the city boundaries, you should come across DeBarge Vineyard. You can also park close to the opening of the abandoned Tag Railroad Tunnel.

After you venture past Estelle, you should be able to discern the valleys known as Devils Cove and McLemore Cove dipping on the left-hand side. This route will eventually intersect with the Lookout Mountain Scenic Highway.

Upon arriving in Cloudland Canyon State Park, you will be able to witness the majestic natural scenery including canyons, sandstone cliffs, wild caves, waterfalls, cascading creeks, and dense forests. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife such as deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, foxes, and bats.

2.8 East Georgia Lake Country Ride

Distance: 156 miles
Time: 3 hours 21 minutes
Start: Stonecrest
End: Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

After leaving Stonecrest behind, you will eventually transition to State Route 138 as you head in an eastward direction. Following the route, you will pass alongside Green Meadow Memorial Gardens, Pine Log Park, and Costley Mill Park.

When in Monroe, you can learn about the history of this community by visiting the exhibits at the Monroe Museum. Further along, when traveling between Madison and Greensboro, you will travel through Oconee National Forest and cross over the Oconee River.

Heading along the southern bend of the route, you will travel through both Eatonton and Monticello. Within close proximity to both of these towns is Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge which is full of hardwood forests and upland coves.

Nearing the end of your journey, you can park at the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. You can find paved walkways through the sparse forests if you are looking for a leisurely walk. However, the landscape drastically changes into rocky outcroppings and marshy ponds, reminiscent of an apocalyptic wasteland.

2.9 Henderson Mountain Loop Near Canton, GA

Distance: 41 miles
Time: 1 hour 9 minutes
Start: Canton
End: Canton

Starting out in Canton, there are no shortage of local parks to take a leisurely stretch or get in some exercise before you head out including Boling Park, Etowah River Park, and Canton Cherokee Industrial Park.

Heading northwest on the left side of the loop, you will pass through the campus of Reinhardt University. Aside from slight swerves in the road, the path straight north all the way to Talmadge should be easy to navigate and largely uneventful.

The northern section of this route will take you along the length of the Henderson Mountain Road. Upon reaching the end, you will turn southward on your return trip to Canton.

Most of your surroundings will be flat farmlands and dense forests with the road being full of “S” curves. As you draw closer to Canton, you will curve around the circumference of the Hickory Log Creek and Reservoir.

2.10 Warwoman Road

Distance: 14 miles
Time: 25 minutes
Start: Pine Mountain
End: Clayton

Following a relatively straight path in a southwest direction, this road has plenty of sweeping curves with only the occasional tight turn which is perfect for a leisurely ride. As there are not many roadside attractions aside from Warwoman Creek Falls, you may want to consider detours taking you to interesting natural sites amongst the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Deeper within the wilderness off the sides of Warwoman Road, you can find campground and wilderness areas to explore. Such examples include West Fork Campground, Sarah’s Creek Campground, Willis Knob Horse Background, and Warwoman Wildlife Management Area.

After a relatively short ride, you will arrive in Clayton. While there are no notable attractions, you can find many restaurants where you can dine in. Such examples include Rumor Hazit, The Soda Fountain Restaurant, etc.

2.11 Chattahoochee National Forest Tour

Distance: 87 miles
Time: 2 hours 11 minutes
Start: Ellijay
End: Blue Ridge

Starting out in Ellijay, you can spend a little time relaxing in Harrison Park of Ellijay. If it is the right season when you come to visit, you may be able to browse the produce sold at the Georgia Apple Festival. Just outside of the city, you will be able to find the Squidbillies Museum based on the popular TV series.

You will coast along the southern edge of Chattahoochee National Forest for the first half of your journey. If you prefer to walk through an orchard than a market, you can pay Hillcrest Orchards a visit instead. Other highlights along the southern section of the route include Under the Hemlock, The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee Reservation, and Dahlonega Gold Museum.

Just as you begin to turn northward, you will pass Lake Zwerner and Yahoola Creek Dam & Reservoir. As you head further into the wilderness, you will catch sight of this region’s dense forests, dipping valleys, and clear bodies of water. Such examples include Columbia Gap, Bill Cove, Woody Lake, Little Skeenah Creek, etc.

You will know you are coming close to the end of the route if the rows of trees clear away to reveal Blue Ridge Lake. You may get the chance to admire the trains running along the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

3. Motorcycle Laws in Georgia

Motorcycle Laws in Georgia

3.1 Georgia Motorcycle Helmet Laws

As a universal motorcycle helmet policy is enforced in Georgia, motorcyclists of all ages are required to wear protective headgear when traveling on Georgia’s laned roads and highways.

Your motorcycle helmet must have been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation and is built with both visibility and protection in mind. The three types of models that are accepted as proper motorcycle gear in Georgia are three-quarter, full-face, and half helmets.

As you select your motorcycle helmet, check that they meet the following requirements and are designed with the proper features:

  • Has a Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker
  • Can be fitted around your head snugly
  • No visible signs of damage
  • Has a face shield with no scratches (Full-face helmet only)
  • Requires separate eye protection with no scratches (Three-quarter & half helmets only)
  • Has a hard and durable outer shell that is shatter-resistant
  • Gives you a clear, peripheral view
  • Can be fastened with a neck- or chin-strap
  • Allows airflow without fogging up
  • Can allow you to wear sunglasses or goggles underneath

3.2 Georgia Motorcycle Passenger Laws

In Georgia, there are no laws that place an age restriction on motorcycle passengers. As with the riders, all passengers regardless of age are required to put on protective headgear.

It is only legal to transport a passenger on your motorcycle if it is fitted with the following equipment: a designated passenger seat, footrests, and handholds. You can only carry as many passengers as your motorcycle is designed to handle without affecting its balance and performance.

The passenger seat can either be fixed to the side as a sidecar, at the rear as a separate saddle, or at the back of a large driver’s seat.

Criteria to look for in motorcycle passengers are individuals who listen to directions, follow your movements, cannot be carrying packages in their arms, are wearing protective attire, and can reach the footrests.

3.3 Georgia Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

Because motorcycle safety and equipment inspections are not heavily enforced in Georgia, you will have to be diligent when maintaining the condition of your vehicle. Making sure that the machinery is in working order lowers the chances of mechanical failure and fulfills your responsibility of keeping other drivers safe. It is recommended that you always check the state of your motorcycle before you set out on a trip. You will prefer making repairs to your vehicle while still within the safety of your garage rather than stranded on the side of the highway.

You need the following minimum requirements fitted to your motorcycle for the vehicle to meet the safety requirements in Georgia. They must be working at optimal capacity to help you quickly avoid obstacles, improve your visibility to other drivers, and increase awareness of your surroundings:

  • Horn
  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Handlebars
  • Brake System
  • Controls
  • Headlight
  • Taillight
  • Break Light
  • Exhaust system
  • Muffler
  • Rearview mirrors

3.4 Georgia Lane Splitting Laws

Lane splitting is explicitly declared as an illegal practice in Tennessee.

In Georgia, it is illegal for motorcyclists to engage in any forms of lane splitting. You cannot ride on top of the dividing lines in between traffic lanes. You also cannot ride in between adjacent rows of stopped vehicles. Finally, you cannot attempt to overtake a larger vehicle in front of you while both of you are traveling in the same lane.

However, motorcyclists are entitled to specific rights related to the rules of the roads on Georgia’s laned roads and highways. You are allowed to make full use of the entire space within your current lane. You also can lane share with another rider so long as you stay apart at least two abreast and consent to this beforehand.

4. Motorcycle Luggage for Georgia Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Luggage for Georgia Motorcycle Tour

While the highlight of your Georgia motorcycle trip may be navigating the winding roads and checking out the roadside attractions, you will not be able to spend the entire excursion solely riding your vehicle. During breaks when you are off of your motorcycle, these are opportunities to check through your belongings. In case you are far away from any local towns or nearby stores, it is best to have your own supply of provisions, water container, extra clothes, repair tools, etc. Because a motorcycle lacks the built-in storage compartments that larger vehicles have, you will need a different means of carrying your belongings.

Listed below are the Motorcycle luggage options you can choose from. All of them have zippered and/or mesh pockets, are made of durable and weather-resistant materials, and come with an installation guide for easy mounting. They differ in terms of design, color, size, and placement position to offer you diverse choices:

5. Parting Words

Parting Words

The success of your Georgia motorcycle trip will be determined by how well you plan out the direction of your intended route, the activities you wish to do, and the sights you hope to visit. While you cannot be fully prepared for what you will face when you eventually travel through Georgia, it is possible to memorize useful information that could help you.

Because motorcycle laws are constantly changing, it is a good idea to review the most recent version of regulations in Georgia. What may have been allowed years prior may no longer be considered legal. You may also find useful tips telling you how you can possibly drive more safely.

To help narrow down your search for motorcycle luggage, look over the options that fit the specific motorcycle model that you own. Then check if it can handle the maximum storage and weight capacity of the total number of items that you plan to bring along with you.

If you believe the roads and destinations discussed in this article do not satisfy your expectations, it is possible to further research other routes and locations in Georgia for you to ride on your motorcycle.

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