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2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS: Detailed Specs and Performance Review

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS: Detailed Specs and Performance Review

If you love to ride on open roads and city streets and enjoy modern design elements and a thrilling riding experience, you are going to be blown away by the power and the sharp look of the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS. These bikes are undoubtedly the future of urban riding as they give the best combination of power, agility, and beauty which will surely get you noticed. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a newbie, the Kawasaki Eliminator will certainly make you feel different.

The Kawasaki Eliminator has a rich past due to being a descendant of the famous models of the 80s and 90s. Being well-known for their flawless handling and timeless design, they have continuously been one of the best motorcycles for both urban commuters and adventurers. The Eliminator, having been there since 1985, now has state-of-the-art technology, impressive engineering, and a very eye-catching look that will make you stop and turn your head. Continue reading this article to learn about the detailed specs and performance review of the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS.

1. 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Specs

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Specs
General Info
Maker Kawasaki
Model Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS
Motorcycle Type Cruiser
Introduced in 1985 (The First Kawasaki Eliminator 900)
2023 (Kawasaki Eliminator 451)
Warranty One-Year Factory Limited Warranty
Engine Four-Stroke, Parallel-Twin/Inline Twin-Cylinder Engine
Displacement 451 cc
Cooling System Liquid-Cooled
Stroke 58.6 mm
Bore 70 mm
Compression Ratio 11.3:1
Valve Configuration Four Valves-Per-Cylinder; DOHC
Fuel Delivery System DFI (Digital Fuel Injection) with 32 mm Throttle Bodies
Ignition TCBI with Digital Advance
Exhaust Two-Into-One Exhaust System
Starter Electric
Claimed Engine Torque 31.7 lb-ft / 42.98 Nm at 7,500 rpm
Claimed Horsepower 52 hp at 10,000 rpm
Fuel Mileage 45 mpg (Estimated)
Drive Train
Gear Box Six-Speed; Return Shift
Final Drive Sealed Chain
Clutch Assist & Slipper Clutch
Frame Trellis, High-Tensile Steel
Front Showa 41 mm Telescopic Front Fork
Adjustability No
Wheel Travel (Front) 4.7 in
Rear KYB Twin Rear Shocks
Adjustability Spring Preload Adjustable
Wheel Travel (Rear) 3.1 in
Front 310 mm Single Front Disc with Dual-Piston Nissin Caliper; ABS-Equipped
Rear 220 mm Single Rear Disc with Single-Piston Nissin Caliper; ABS-Equipped
Wheels Type 10-Spoke Alloy Wheels
Front 18 in
Rear 16 in
Tire Brand IRC Grand High Speed
Front 130/70-18
Rear 150/80-16
Seat Height 28.9 in
Wet Weight 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator:
388.1 lbs (ABS)
385.9 lbs (non-ABS)
2024 Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS:
390.3 lbs
Ground Clearance 5.9 in
Wheelbase 59.8 in
Length 88.6 in
Height 43.3 in
Width 30.9 in
Rake 30°
Trail 4.8 in
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.4 gal
Ride Safety Features
ABS Standard on both Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS
Assist & Slipper Clutch
Smartphone Connectivity
Additional Features
Waterproof USB-C Outlet Standard only on Eliminator SE ABS
Fork Boots
Headlight Cowl

2. 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Colors

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Colors
Model Color Option Motorbike
2024 Kawasaki Eliminator Pearl Robotic White Pearl Robotic White
Pearl Storm Gray Pearl Storm Gray
2024 Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS Candy Steel Furnace Orange/Ebony Candy Steel Furnace Orange/Ebony

3. 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Price

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Price
Model Trim Price
2024 Kawasaki Eliminator Non-ABS $6,649
ABS $6,949
2024 Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS ABS $7,249

4. Design and Looks: 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS

4.1 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator
Photo Credit: Kawasaki 

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator recreates the style of the classics by emphasizing the quality and simplicity of its design and by having a low-slung profile. Every element contributes to a timeless look that evokes a sense of nostalgia:

Fuel Tank

The main element that draws the most attention towards the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator is a compact, neat fuel tank. It fits perfectly on the frame and integrates seamlessly into the rider's seat, highlighting the long and low profile. There are no superfluous body lumps or cuts on this bike; the lines are graceful, and they reflect classical elegance.


To complement the overall sharp styling of the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator, short and minimalist fenders are used that sit close to the tires. The front fender is a simple piece with a round shape, and the rear fender sits a bit high from the tire, ensuring an upward angle of the tail section to give this bike a sharp, aggressive tail look.


A black trellis frame, made of high-tensile steel, is used in the manufacturing of the Kawasaki Eliminator. Although hidden under the bodywork, the trellis design contributes to the bike's lightweight handling without compromising on strength.


The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator comes with a glossy paint finish as the light reflects on it which adds to the bike’s sleekness. The components, such as the chassis, engine, and gearbox, have a fully blacked-out finish to achieve a sleek and modern look.

Seat Design & Type

The seat is built for ease and comfort, with a low profile so you can place your feet flat on the ground. It is a two-piece wide saddle for two-up riding with optimal cushioning to ensure low seat height.

Tires & Tread

Fat tires are used with a rough tread pattern to add to the Eliminator's impressive look. The front tire is a 130/70-18, which is for a stable ride, while the wider rear tire, a 150/80-16, is to create a long and low look.

Wheel Design

Black-painted, ten-spoke alloy wheels, provide both strength and style. The 18-inch front wheel with a stretched-out silhouette and the 16-inch rear wheel with a low-slung look are two of the main elements that emphasize the sporty look of the vehicle.


The noteworthy characteristics of these bikes, including the low seat, stretched-out wheelbase, and low handlebars form the Kawasaki Eliminator's signature silhouette.


The front LED headlight is round and sits atop the front fork. This traditional-style piece beautifully fits in to complement the overall retro aesthetics of the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator.

4.2 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS
Photo Credit: Kawasaki 

The Eliminator SE ABS takes the classic Eliminator design and adds some modern touches for a more distinctive look:

Headlight Cowl

The most noticeable change in the Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS is the headlight cowl. Taking a cue from café racer styling, the cowl provides a pinch of individuality and imparts a sense of aggressiveness that makes the SE ABS more unique and different than the base Kawasaki Eliminator.

Fork Gaiters

The other most notable feature of the 2024 Eliminator SE ABS is the wrapping of the front fork chrome legs with black gaiters that come in the SE ABS package. They are intended to enhance sophistication and improve the bike’s stance.

Dual-Tone Color Schemes

The Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS model has distinctive dual-tone colors, including the candy steel furnace orange/ebony. These striking color combinations accentuate the Eliminator SE ABS’ appearance and make it more conspicuous on the road. The high-gloss finish is there as found on the base model, but the dual-tone color scheme makes it more premium.

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5. Engine and Performance: 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Review

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS house a liquid-cooled, 451 cc parallel-twin engine. This powerplant is not newly engineered equipment as it is borrowed from Kawasaki's sportier Ninja 400.

However, the Eliminator works quite differently. The engine has been optimized with a longer stroke so it can produce good low-end torque which is especially helpful when riding in the city and stop-and-go traffic.

Although there may be some differences in horsepower figures between various sources, you can expect approximately 52 hp at 10,000 rpm and 31.7 lb-ft of torque at 7,500 rpm. The Kawasaki Eliminator seems to be a great choice for those who are looking for a smooth ride with no delay in the engine power. The intake funnels are designed in a way that they eliminate any hesitation in the power delivery.

Regardless of its inherent cruiser nature, the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator’s engine has a very sporty character with a high 10,000 rpm redline and a strong power delivery. The power comes in a steady, linear fashion and it is built up as the rpm increases, with the majority of the acceleration being in the high end of the rev range. According to reviewers, the engine is quite frenzied and lively in the lower revs, which are the usual operating range for cruisers, but it shines when you take it to the top end of the rev range.

A six-speed gearbox is another advantage for the rider. The gear ratios of these bikes are quite similar to certain Ninja models, therefore, you can enjoy both relaxed cruising and fast acceleration when needed. The shifting is even smoother thanks to the assist and slipper clutch installed on both models. This rider-friendly equipment helps make clutching and shifting an easy job for riders, and most importantly, it prevents the rear wheel from locking up during hard downshifts which is especially good for new riders.

The engine design of the Kawasaki Eliminator also adds up to its user-friendly nature. The downdraft intake system is placed below the seat, which is designed to improve the efficiency of the motorcycle, and the lightweight design helps to easily manage this bike.

6. Handling and Cornering Capabilities: 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Review

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS feature excellent cornering abilities, stability, and handling, which make them ideal bikes for varied riding experiences.

6.1 Handling and Stability

The low center of gravity of the Kawasaki Eliminator gives you the confidence and stability you need when you are riding both at high and low speeds. This quality, on top of the light curb weight of 388.1 lbs fully fueled, means that the bike is agile and also handles well.

To ensure better stability and control in various riding conditions, the high-tensile steel trellis frame is used, along with an ideal rake angle of 30° and a trail of 4.8 in. The mid-mounted footpegs provide better control over the motorcycle than the other cruisers with forward foot controls.

6.2 Cornering Capabilities

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator has an 18-inch front and a 16-inch rear wheel, both of which ensure great handling, but not in a way to makes this bike less capable of performing well on canyon roads.

The reviewers acclaim the Kawasaki Eliminator's maneuverability and rate it as excellent as the Versys-X 300, because of its low weight which is in the same range as the Versys-X 300, making it agile and sharp in corners.

The suspension setup of the motorcycle includes the Showa 41 mm telescopic fork with 4.7 inches of wheel travel and KYB dual rear shocks, having spring preload adjustability and 3.1 inches of travel. This unique setup offers a balanced and comfortable ride and cornering stability.

7. Comfort and Ergonomics: 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Review

Comfort and Ergonomics: 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Review
Photo Credit: Kawasaki 

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS have a unique combination of ergonomics, geometry, and styling that place them in a different class from the other cruisers on the market. Here's a detailed review of their comfort, ergonomics, riding style, and rider triangle:

The Eliminator's seat height is 28.9 inches, which is neither too low nor too high in the cruiser category. Yet, it successfully manages to accommodate average-height riders. The Ergo-Fit is another unique feature that makes it possible to adjust the ergonomics and rider's triangle based on the size of the rider and his/her preferences. The stock seat is slightly scooped, to make the rider sit comfortably in an upright stance.

The Kawasaki Eliminator's riding position is comparatively less relaxed than typical cruisers since mid-mount footpegs are used to increase a sense of control rather than a relaxed posture. The handlebars are positioned within a decent reach of the rider and the foot controls are designed to minimize the vibrations while riding.

The Eliminator’s ergonomics are designed to suit all riders as it is based on a natural riding position where the rider’s arms can be comfortably extended and their feet are in the right position. The mid-mounted foot controls, seat height, and handlebar position perform collectively to decrease tiredness and enhance the rider's control and comfort.

8. Standard Features: 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS Review

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS are outfitted with some new features that the rider will enjoy and will give him a modern riding experience.

The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) feature that comes standard with the Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS versions offers the required safety. This feature prevents wheel locking and ensures stable braking performance.

With the Eliminator SE ABS model, you get additional features like a waterproof USB-C charging socket on the right handlebar. Meanwhile, the smartphone connectivity available in both trims works through the Kawasaki Rideology App and it provides the riders with the possibility to access more functions using their smartphones.

The LCD instrument panel may be small but is reasonably efficient, giving the Kawasaki Eliminator a contemporary look. It makes important ride information visible to the rider during the ride.

9. Competition: Kawasaki Eliminator 450 Vs Honda Rebel 500

The entry-level cruiser motorcycle segment welcomes a new challenger: Kawasaki Eliminator 451. This contender tends to give good competition to one of the best in the same category, the Honda Rebel 500.

9.1 Performance

One of the main reasons why the Kawasaki Eliminator 450 is popular despite having a smaller engine (451cc vs. the Rebel's 471cc) is that it has a lighter chassis and it delivers a competitive 52 hp of horsepower, better than the Rebel's 46.9 hp. The Eliminator's superior power-to-weight ratio will translate to a more agile and sometimes even exhilarating ride.

9.2 Fuel Efficiency

In the case of riders giving more importance to fuel economy, the Rebel takes the lead with an outstanding figure of 67 mpg (claimed), ensuring a cruising range of 201 miles on a single tank. However, the Eliminator is only able to go as far as 153 miles on a single tank with a sophisticated fuel mileage of 45 mpg. The Rebel is the most economical of the two.

9.3 Features

Both models are fitted with the basic features, including the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), a slipper clutch that ensures smooth gear shifting operation, and a USB-C port for charging devices during the ride. But, The Eliminator goes a step further with its superior Ergo-fit system designed to allow the user to make adjustments as per their size and preferences. Besides, the Eliminator has an advanced instrument cluster and through smartphone connectivity, you can receive calls and message notifications to stay connected while riding.

9.4 Making the Choice

If you seek a lighter and sportier bike with top-notch features, the Kawasaki Eliminator should most likely be your preferred choice. However, if fuel efficiency, a little bit more subtle power delivery, and tested reliability are your key points, the Rebel is the strong contender.

Kawasaki Eliminator 450 Vs Honda Rebel 500
Specification Kawasaki Eliminator 450 Honda Rebel 500
Engine 451 cc, Parallel-Twin engine 471 cc, Parallel-Twin Engine
Horsepower 52 hp / 38.24 kW at 10,000 rpm 46.9 hp / 34.3 kW at 8,500 rpm
Torque 42.98 Nm / 31.7 lb-ft at 7,500 rpm 43 Nm / 31.7 lb-ft at 7,500 rpm
Gearbox Six-Speed with Slipper & Assist Clutch Six-Speed with Slipper & Assist Clutch
Compression Ratio 11.3:1 10.7:1
Weight 388.1 lbs 414 lbs
Fuel Economy 45 mpg (Estimated) 67 mpg (Claimed)
Chassis Steel Trellis Steel Diamond
Front Suspension Showa 41 mm Telescopic Forks (4.7-inch Wheel Travel) 41 mm Telescopic Forks (5.5-inch Wheel Travel)
Rear Suspension KYB Twin Shock Absorbers with Spring Preload Adjustability (3.1-inch Wheel Travel) Twin Shock Absorbers (3.7-inch of Wheel Travel)
Rake 30° 28°
Wheels (Front/Rear) 18/16-inch 10-Spoke Alloy Wheels 16/16-inch 10-Spoke Cast Aluminum Wheels
Front Brake 310 mm Single Disc 296 mm Single Disc
Rear Brake 220 mm Single Disc 240 mm Single Disc
Ground Clearance 5.9 in (150 mm) 5.4 in (136 mm)
Seat Height 28.9 in (734 mm) 27.2 in (690.88 mm)
Wheelbase 59.8 in 58.7 in
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.4 gal 3 gal

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

10.1 What is the Difference Between Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS?

The main difference between the Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS is that the SE ABS is aimed at providing better visual enhancements and additional features in comparison to the standard model. While the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS may have similar performance figures and engine specs, the Eliminator SE ABS is different with a more attractive look, thanks to the compact headlight cowl, fork boots, and two-pattern seat. These upgrades are not only limited to the appearance but also make riding a personalized and visually appealing experience.

11. Takeaway

Wrapping up the exploration of the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator and Eliminator SE ABS, Both of these bikes are no ordinary machines. These top-notch motorcycles by Kawasaki offer a purely thrilling and liberating riding experience. The Kawasaki Eliminator combines performance, stylish looks, and innovation to elevate urban riding culture to a new level of being bold and contemporary.

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