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20 Tips For Long Distance Riding

20 Tips For Long Distance Riding

20 Tips For Long Distance Riding

20 Tips For Long Distance Riding

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You’ve decided to head out on the road and take a long distance ride on your motorcycle – good for you! Whether your trip is going to take several days for a round trip or you are heading out across America for several trips, there’s something very romantic about a long distance ride. The longer the more fun you will have. Perhaps it’s the sheer challenge of taking on such a trip. Here are some excellent tips to make your long distance rides that much better.

  1. The best months to take a road trip on a motorcycle are May to October. Why? They’re transition months and are generally neutral temperature months, not too hot or cold.
  2. Breakfast buffets in America are almost always overpriced. Unless you’re getting a continental breakfast, try to ride until lunch time to eat – food prices are generally much cheaper!
  3. Bring a smartphone so you can keep in touch with friends and family in real time through social media and calls during your resting period.
  4. If you value your hearing, bring earplugs and wear them.
  5. If you eat breakfast, eat a light & healthy meal. A heavy breakfast can ruin your ride by making you comfortable for the majority of your ride. Make dinner your bigger meal, it will make your ride more comfortable.
  6. Some of the cheapest accommodations can be found at Motel 6, Best Western, and Super 8. Of course, you could always opt for tenting or a night under the stars.
  7. Hi-viz gear will get you noticed whether you like it or not, it’s an excellent investment if you want to stay safe.

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  8. It’s a good idea to make sure you bring rain gear. It may be sunny when you leave but it only takes a split second to change. Proper rain gear will keep you dry and warm.
  9. Use a GPS unit if your phone doesn’t have one. You could use a map but a GPS unit is much easier to use and there are nice compact units designed for bikes. Upgrade your phone if it doesn’t have a GPS application.
  10. If you are riding during the summer, buy a cooling vest. It can drastically lower your body temperature when temperatures are high.
  11. Interstates save time, but they aren’t any fun, have little to offer and you’ll miss some of the best countryside, use them only if time is of the essence.
  12. Make sure to note the names and locations of the places that you really like. That way you can come back on another trip. If you have your phone, you can use an app like Yelp to bookmark good restaurants, bars, and sights etc.
  13. Make sure your tires are in good condition before leaving for a ride. For long distance trips, your tires should be relatively new and have plenty of thread left.
  14. Start and end your trip in a place of interest. It should be a reward to finish your long distance trip.
  15. Take plenty of photographs and videos. If you have a good quality camera on your phone, you are in luck. You get great pictures without having to carry an additional camera.

    20 Tips For Long Distance Riding

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  16. Carrying a weather band radio is helpful, especially if you are traveling through tornado alley (Middle America) during tornado season.
  17. When choosing a motorcycle, choose a comfortable ride. A more expensive ride doesn’t necessarily mean a more comfortable ride. Test ride several bikes if possible. Some of the less expensive bikes are more nimble and fun, this is especially true if you’re not going to be sticking to the highways.
  18. Bring along some good music because there are many areas where there is zero radio reception.
  19. Go to bed early so that you can be on the road early. It’s an amazing experience to watch the world wake up on a motorcycle. You will also get the best pictures at dawn and dusk.
  20. Take the time to decide which route is best. East to West, West to East, North to South, South to North. Choose what feels right and covers as many places you want to visit.

20 Tips For Long Distance Riding

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Most of these are common sense to those that have been riding for a long time but it certainly doesn’t hurt to hear them again. If you use just a few of these tips on your next trip, your ride is bound to be safer and more fun than ever before. After all, the most important thing is that make sure you that you are enjoying your trip!

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