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14 Things to Know Before Joining a Motorcycle Club

14 Things to Know Before Joining a Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle clubs are groups of people that share a fondness for riding motorcycles of a specific brand. A motorcycle club may include people from a specific area, culture, or social background.


Most people who own a motorcycle want to express their passion for motorcycle riding. They want to be part of a group with similar interests when it comes to motorcycles. Motorcycle clubs offer the chance to join a motorcyclist family.


It is natural to gravitate to people who are a lot like you. It is easier to share your experiences with people who are more likely to listen to you. People with the same interests can understand each other better, which is why members of a motorcycle club find it easier to stay together.


Riding a motorcycle while in a motorcycle club can make for an entertaining weekend. There are plenty of motorcycle clubs throughout the United States today.


If you wish to join a motorcycle club, you must go through several trials before you will be accepted.
Though the procedure to become a full-fledged member differs between motorcycle clubs, there are 14 things that you need to know.

1. A Motorcycle is the First Requirement

First, you need to own a motorcycle as this is the first requirement to join a motorcycle club. Also, you are expected to keep the motorcycle up-to-date. Having a good knowledge of motorcycle parts and maintenance are plus points. So, if you do not have a motorcycle, you should get one that suits your style, size, and expertise. Also, if you want to join a particular motorcycle club, you should check the requirements if they only recruit members who own a specific brand of motorcycle.

A Motorcycle is the First Requirement

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2. How to Become a Member of a Motorcycle Club?

You do not need to fill out an application form to join a motorcycle club. All you need to do is to talk to a member of the motorcycle club in your area. If you get approval from him or her, you can join the club. But that does not mean that you are a full-fledged patched member. You are welcome to join the rides with the club members but you are not allowed to take part in the meetings. While you wait to be accepted as a proper motorcycle club member, you will spend the first few months on a probationary period.

3. Not All Motorcycle Clubs Are for You

If you do not hear back from the motorcycle club member in your area regarding your request to join, it means that you do not fit the club’s criteria. Motorcycle clubs may have certain requirements you need to fulfill before you can be allowed into the club. These motorcycle clubs may favor individuals from a certain culture, social background, and location. To save yourself time, research whether you have the qualities to become a member of a particular motorcycle club.

4. Can Women Join a Motorcycle Club?

Yes, women can join motorcycle clubs. But because many motorcycle clubs have a largely male membership,  many women find it difficult to join motorcycle clubs they feel comfortable with. This is the reason why women often form or join women-only motorcycle clubs.

5. Do Not Confuse Riding Clubs with Motorcycle Clubs

If you have a busy work schedule and do not have much time for hobbies, a riding club may be the best option for you. Riding clubs are for motorcycle riders who want to have a fun weekend, ride for a few hours together, and then go home.


On the other hand, motorcycle clubs demand commitment, loyalty, and devotion. Members are not only riding for fun, often they have a goal they are working towards.

6. Is There Anything Suspicious or Illegal About the Motorcycle Club?

Is There Anything Suspicious or Illegal About the Motorcycle Club?

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It is your responsibility to make sure before joining a motorcycle club that its members do not engage in anything illegal like drug trafficking. If you suspect the motorcycle club does suspicious and illegal activities, try to find a better motorcycle club instead. Getting involved with an illegal motorcycle club could get you in trouble with the law.

7. Ride Safely

To be able to ride a motorcycle, you need to learn all the basic traffic rules and motorcycle-specific road laws. Follow all the safety precautions, including wearing a helmet and other safety gear. Make sure that you have enough experience riding a motorcycle on your own in multiple environments before you ask to join a motorcycle club.

8. Too Many Expenses Coming Your Way

To remain a motorcycle club member, you need to have a reliable source of income. Firstly, there are motorcycle clubs that ask for a membership fee. Secondly, you are required to upgrade your motorbike or buy a new one to keep up with the other members.


There are also many customization options available for your motorbike. You can attach SADDLEBAGS, SISSY BAR BAGS, TANK BAGS, TAIL BAGS, FAIRINGS, and CRASH BARS to your motorcycle to improve luggage capacity, safety features, and style. The motorcycle club members love to make changes to their motorbikes and often have a garage available. The expert riders know to keep their motorcycles up-to-date with the latest gear.

9. Look for Experienced Riders

Do not join a motorcycle club consisting only of beginners. You will not be able to learn or improve your motorcycle skills if your peers have little riding experience. Look for motorcycle clubs that have experienced riders who can help teach you to become a better rider. After enough time receiving guidance, you will learn how to maintain your motorcycle by yourself.

10. Respect Comes First

No matter what kind of motorcycle club you join, you are expected to respect the other members and the club’s rules. The motorcycle club’s founders are professional people who would prefer professional members. Also, motorcycle clubs have a strict set of rules that all members are expected to follow. To become a proper member, you will have to teach yourself self-discipline

11. It Can Take a While to Become a Reputed Member

It can take a while to become a patched member of a motorcycle club. You may have to wait months or years before you are allowed to attend meetings. Until you become a patched member, you are still considered an outsider in the eyes of the other members.

12. Affiliation from the AMA

Affiliation from the AMA

Many legitimate motorcycle clubs are supposed to be affiliated with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). Not all legal motorcycle clubs are affiliated with the AMA; most of these non-affiliated clubs include newer riders. If you are looking to join a motorcycle club with experienced riders, you might want to join an AMA-affiliated motorcycle club.

13. The Motorcycle Club Is Your Priority

If you wish to become a motorcycle club member, you should know that it is a big commitment. Your motorcycle club expects you to prioritize your loyalty to the group, even over your work. The Hells Angels, a motorcycle club specifically for Harley Davidson riders, require you to ride a minimum of 20,000 miles per year to maintain your membership. If you do less than 20,000 miles, you will no longer be considered a member.

14. You Have to Follow the Hierarchy

You Have to Follow the Hierarchy

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Just like any reputed organization, motorcycle clubs also have a hierarchy.  The president is the head executive member and the CEO of a motorcycle club.


The treasurer keeps a record of all the motorcycle club’s funds and assets. The secretary keeps patched members informed of upcoming meetings and organizes the motorcycle club’s records. A sergeant makes sure that the rules are being followed at all times. The road captain organizes and leads motorcycle trips.

15. Takeaway

Before joining a motorcycle club, there are things that you need to know.  First, you need to look for the motorcycle clubs that are affiliated with AMA and have experienced members so that you can learn. Do proper research before filling out the application to join a motorcycle club. Respect is what matters a lot in a motorcycle club. Also, make sure that you follow the motorcycle club’s rules and hierarchy, and abide by the law.

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