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Why Should You Redecorate Your Motorcycle Garage?

Why Should You Redecorate Your Motorcycle Garage?

For motorcycle lovers, a garage isn’t just a place to park their motorcycles. A garage is a place where they can spend time working on and admiring their motorcycles. Many motorcyclists are always ready to redecorate and make changes to their garages.

This article discusses why and how you should redecorate your motorcycle garage.

Why Should You Redecorate Your Motorcycle Garage

1. Reasons Why Should You Redecorate Your Motorcycle Garage

1.1 Better Lighting

Lighting can have an impact on how a motorcycle garage feels and looks. This is the major reason why motorcyclists consider redecorating their garages. Adding accent lighting will instantly give your dark and dull garage a brighter atmosphere. You can install track lighting or LED strips along the ceiling above workbenches or display areas.

1.2 Transform Flooring

Most riders do not want to store their precious motorcycles on a crumbling or cracked floor. To make your garage’s floor look more attractive, give it a fresh coat of polyaspartic floor coating. This will improve the garage’s look and make the floor more durable and easier to maintain. You can also transform the garage’s flooring by replacing it with interlocking PVC floor tiles. Just make sure to leave enough space to park your ride. Because there are a variety of floor plans, you can choose the style that best compliments your motorcycle’s look.

1.3 Add Colors

You can redecorate a motorcycle garage by adding colors. If the walls of your motorcycle garage look empty, adding bright colors can help liven the space. If your existing motorcycle garage seems unattractive, a fresh coat of paint can upgrade the overall look. They will transform your garage from dull to delightful. Consider adding wall art, posters, or wallpaper or painting the walls with colors or patterns that best reflects your sense of style. To add even more flair to the garage, consider hanging some wall art, possibly inspired by motorbikes.

1.4 Extra Storage Space

Many riders have garages that lack storage space due to using them to store extra stuff besides their vehicles. Clear up space by going through and getting rid of the items you no longer need For the remaining items you still wish to keep, store them in cabinets lined along the walls to ensure most of the center floor space is clear.

1.5 More Organized Look

Organization is essential when redesigning a motorbike garage since it is easy for clutter to accumulate. Consider purchasing cupboards or cabinets to store tools, hang helmets, and place other equipment.

Make sure to label and categorize each storage space to ensure the garage stays tidy and all the items are easily accessible.

1.6 Insulation

While decorating or upgrading a motorcycle garage, make sure to add insulation to prepare for the winter. Making sure the motorcycle garage will better retain heat will cut costs on energy bills and ensure better comfort when spending time inside. Additionally, a warm motorcycle garage will prevent your motorcycle from suffering moisture buildup, a cold battery, rusting, etc.

1.7 Match Your Bike’s Style With Garage Cabinetry

To make your motorcycle garage look more attractive, make sure that the cabinetry matches your motorcycle’s style and vice versa.

Cabinetry will improve the organization functionality and aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle garage’s space.

2. Tips To Follow

Even if you check the weather forecast before going camping, it is not always accurate. Rainfall can still occur anywhere at any time without warning.

Many times, they have to face untoward situations for which they are not prepared or haven’t planned. So, here are tips you need to follow for safe motorcycle camping.

2.1 Best Decorated Motorcycle Garage Examples

Rustic Themed Motorcycle Garage

Rustic Themed Motorcycle Garage

Photo Credit: @pinterest

Colorful Motorcycle Garage

Colorful Motorcycle Garage

Photo Credit: @vitalmx forum

Huge Motorcycle Garage with Lots of Storage

Huge Motorcycle Garage with Lots of Storage

Photo Credit: @smithsvintageclub

Minimalist Garage

Minimalist Garage

Photo Credit: @garageflooringinc

3. Last Words

Every motorcycle rider wants to have a clean and well-organized motorcycle garage. To accomplish this, you can upgrade the garage’s lighting, add insulation, transform the flooring, and add colors to the walls. You can also add cabinets or cupboards to make the garage look more organized. Viking Bags has many aftermarket parts available that not only improve the overall look, but also add additional safety, such as crash bars, fairings, and sissy bars. If you want to make your motorcycle more comfortable, you can also install handlebars. There are also different luggage options available, including saddlebags, tank bags, and sissy bar bags for increased storage capacity.

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