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BMW G 310 GS: Detailed Specs and Performance Review

BMW G 310 GS: Detailed Specs and Performance Review

2024 BMW G 310 GS

2024 BMW G 310 GS
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1. 2024 BMW G 310 GS Detailed Technical Specs

2024 BMW G 310 GS Detailed Technical Specs
Basic Info
Maker BMW, German Motorcycle Manufacturer
Model G 310 GS
Motorcycle Type Adventure Bike
Year Model 2024
Base MSRP $5,890
Warranty Three Years Factory Warranty / 3,600 miles
Displacement 313 cc
Layout Four-Stroke, Single-Cylinder Engine
Valve Train DOHC
Stroke 62.1 mm
Bore 80 mm
Cooling System Water-Cooled
Compression Ratio 10.9:1
Torque 20 lb-ft at 7,500 rpm
Horsepower 34 hp at 9,250 rpm
Top Speed 88 mph
Fuel Mileage 67 mpg
Drive Train
Gearbox Six-Speed; Constant Mesh Gearbox
Clutch Oil-Bath, Multi-Disc Clutch
Final Drive X-Ring Chain Drive
Frame Tubular Space
Front 300 mm Single-Disc Brake with Radially-Mounted Four-Piston Caliper
Rear 241.3 mm Single-Disc Brake with Floating Single-Piston Caliper
Front 41 mm Upside-Down Front Fork
Wheel Travel 7.1 in
Rear Pre-Load Adjustable Rear Monoshock
Wheel Travel 7.1 in
Front Cast Aluminum 2.50 x 19" Wheel
Rear Cast Aluminum 4.00 x 17" Wheel
Front 110/80 R19
Rear 150/70 R17
Wet Weight 386 lbs
Seat Height 32.8 in
Ground Clearance 220 mm
Wheelbase 1,420 mm
Trail 3.9 in
Rake 26.7 °
Gas Tank Capacity 3 gal
Tech Package
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS
Ride-By-Wire Throttle Electric
Brake and Clutch Levers Adjustable

2. BMW G 310 GS Overview

The BMW G 310 GS is one of the very few BMW motorcycles that was developed completely outside the local market. After partnering with TVS Motor Company, India, the BMW G 310 R was developed as a smaller-displacement sporty-style naked bike variant in the BMW G series. Later, an entry-level adventure bike variant of the same motorcycle, the BMW G 310 GS, was introduced to target the Asian motorcycle market. The idea became so popular that it was also carried to other parts of the world. Although the BMW G 310 GS was considered to be a high-end compact sports bike, in the European, British, and American motorcycle market, the BMW G 310 GS was marketed as an entry-level adventure tourer. Though developed and assembled in India, the BMW G 310 GS’s design originally came from Munich, Germany, which ensures an authentic persona, aggressive style, and compact bodywork, enhancing its overall performance capabilities.

3. Color Schemes: 2024 BMW G 310 GS

4. The Honest Review of the BMW G 310 GS

4.1 Design and Build

If you look at the BMW G 310 GS, you will not be able to identify whether it is an entry-level or an intermediate-level motorcycle because of its versatile look. It has the same sporty vibe and similar design as some of the bigger-displacement models in the BMW GS series. The BMW GS 310 GS comes with the same iconic beak-style front end extending from its bulbous gas tank. The front end of this motorcycle gives it a complete adventure bike look due to being taller, thanks to its long-stroke front suspension and large front wheel.

There is a small windscreen installed to reduce the glare on the dashboard. This motorbike comes equipped with stylish-looking star-shaped five-spoke wheels.

The BMW G 310 GS has a standard luggage rack fitted toward the rear end of the bike to make room for luggage. For riders to achieve better command and control of this bike while riding, a spacious and flat step-up seat is installed, also enabling more comfortable rides.

What makes this bike a better off-roader is its reasonably taller ground clearance and the stock engine guard or skid plate at the bottom. The company markets this bike as a lightweight sporty motorbike due to its naked-bike-style build and exposed machinery.

4.2 Touring Performance

The BMW G 310 GS's general design makes it an adventure tourer capable of both on-road touring and off-roading. Because of its smooth maneuverability while on the road, you can confidently enter a corner. Despite its modest power, the engine can maintain a consistent moderate speed for a pleasant touring performance. If you don't need a rapid and responsive sporty on-road performance, the BMW G 310 GS may also be utilized for cross-country tours.

4.3 Use of Plastic Parts and Material

The installation of low-cost parts that are mainly made of plastic material is to keep the price minimum. Numerous parts that are installed on this bike are made of plastic, including the skid plate, beak-style front, gas tank, and fairing. The plastic parts are not as sturdy as metal parts and provide less protection in case you drop your motorcycle.

4.4 Small Gas Tank Capacity

Considering the BMW G 310 GS’s adventure touring profile, the gas tank capacity is small. Though the overall motorbike look and profile are bulky and large, it only comes with a 3 gal fuel tank capacity.

4.5 Ergonomics and Comfort

Comfort is a significant factor when buying an adventure bike and fortunately, the BMW G 310 GS is a comfortable-to-ride motorbike. Regardless of their height, this bike allows riders to sit in a comfortable upright manner. Riders with good height can also stay relaxed during the ride without the unnecessary bend in their knees thanks to the reasonable legroom.

Because of its optimal seat, handlebar, and footpeg positions, the BMW G 310 GS is appropriate for both shorter and taller riders. Despite its large appearance, the low weight of this motorbike allows even shorter riders to ride without the danger of dumping it when off-roading.

4.6 Maneuverability

The BMW G 310 GS is astonishingly a low-weight ADV bike due to being installed with a low-displacement engine. The wet weight of 175 kg turns out to be a great advantage when it comes to maneuverability and control. It can comfortably go off-road and can be easily handled in multiple unpaved conditions without failing. Despite being a low-powered engine, it produces adequate thrust. The BMW G 310 GS has an overall lightweight chassis and slim bodywork, providing you with great command and control while off-roading.

4.7 Power and Performance Figures

The BMW G 310 GS is a lightweight sports-style adventure bike that performs well on and off the road. This bike houses a 313 cc reverse-inclined engine with a single cylinder capable of delivering a horsepower of 25 kW at 9,250 rpm.

Because of its sportier performance, the BMW G 310 GS can readily attain a high speed of 88 mph. While twisting the throttle, this bike does not seem sluggish and heavy.

4.8 Low Weight Advantage

If you have experience riding an adventure bike on uneven terrains, you probably may never drop this motorcycle while off-roading. Even if it happens, especially while riding in extreme off-road conditions, you can comfortably pick up this bike, which is a great benefit if you ride solo.

High-end ADV bikes that are aggressive, quick, and more on-road capable are bulky, which can greatly degrade their off-road performance. If you do not prioritize luxurious, high-speed performance, and top-end power delivery, the BMW G 310 GS is a great off-road bike.

4.9 Reverse-Inclined Engine Layout

The engine’s cylinder in the BMW G 310 GS is slightly reverse-inclined, providing several design and performance benefits. As the cylinder is slightly tilted backward, it allows the overall engine and gearbox assembly to be installed slightly forward, ensuring a compact design and small wheelbase. A compact design and smaller wheelbase allow better maneuverability and flickability. Meanwhile, such an engine layout also allows the installation of a bigger swingarm, providing more stable rides.

4.10 Off-Road Capability

The BMW GS 310 GS is a decent ADV bike with reasonable off-road performance. However, it is not an ideal off-roader due to certain flaws, especially for beginners. For example, the tires aren't highly off-road capable, especially while riding in rainy weather. Second, its lack of low-end grunt limits its off-road riding potential.

5. FAQs

5.1 How Old is the BMW GS Series?

Introduced in 1980 to participate in off-road racing, the BMW R 80 G/S was the first-ever BMW GS motorbike. It was an entirely different kind of motorbike from what BMW was often associated with. It was an off-road bike with full capability.

5.2 Is Purchasing a BMW G 310 GS Worthwhile?

The BMW G 310 GS is a lightweight, incredibly nimble off-road motorcycle with touring characteristics. Regardless of the small displacement engine, it doesn't sacrifice style or aesthetics. The BMW G 310 GS is a worthy contender for anyone seeking an entry-level adventure-style bike from a highly respected global motorcycle brand at an inexpensive price. Its ergonomics, low weight, and all-around ability are similar to those of large-displacement motorcycles.

5.3 What Does GS Mean in the BMW G 310 GS?

The GS in the BMW G 310 GS and other BMW GS models is a combination of two German terms, Gelände/Straße, meaning either off-road/sport or off-road/on-road. The BMW GS models are normally recognized by their larger front wheel, upright riding ergonomics, and longer wheel travel suspensions.

6. The Bottom Line

The BMW G 310 GS is an Indian product, manufactured in collaboration with BMW and TVS Motors. Despite having Indian roots, it ensures authentic BMW ride quality and motorcycle design. It does not fall short in any performance department.

To make it a reasonable ADV bike, most metal parts and components are supplanted with plastic in the BMW G 310 GS, making them easy to crack and break in the event that the bike tumbles to the ground during the ride.

The plastic skid plate/engine cover fails to give satisfactory safety and assurance to the engine and transmission parts while going dirt riding. To utilize the BMW G 310 GS to its maximum capacity, there are aftermarket parts accessible in the market to work on its overall abilities. First and foremost, installing a metal skid plate is a wise decision before you go off-roading, and furthermore, a taller windscreen is also an incredible choice for riders who love touring.

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