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10 Best Cruiser Motorcycles Under $10,000 in 2023

10 Best Cruiser Motorcycles Under $10,000 in 2023

Despite increasing inflation, the desire to own a brand-new motorcycle launched by popular brands still remains strong among riders. Cruisers are popular modes of transportation as they can help you get to work, run errands, and go on trips.

Luckily, many motorcycle manufacturers try to be considerate of their fans by providing cruisers that are not too expensive. This article brings you the most affordable cruisers of 2023 under $10,000.

1. 2023 Honda Rebel 500

2023 Honda Rebel 500
Photo Credit: @honda

Base Price: $6,449

The Honda Rebel 500 includes several features almost every cruiser owner looks for in a new ride. These include constant power output, plush levels of comfort, and an authentic cruiser style. The Rebel 500’s twin-cylinder engine produces comfortable power suited for motorcyclists at all skill levels. 

The 2023 Rebel 500 provides a satisfying riding experience, whether riding on a straight road or navigating challenging twisties. The anti-lock braking system is optional, but even if you get it, the price will not exceed $10,000. The anti-lock braking system brings your ride to an immediate stop in emergency situations and protects you from getting into life-threatening accidents. The 2023 models can come in three distinct color schemes: matte black metallic, titanium metallic, and candy blue. Though you will not have to replace the original paint job, the solid colors allow you to get custom airbrushed graphics painted over the original base color.

The Honda designers have opted for a blacked-out style for the 2023 Honda Rebel 500 to give riders the freedom to customize their bikes how they see fit. Both full fenders at the front and rear are color-matched with the fuel tank to improve the appearance of the bike. Fenders can also be customized to introduce a bobber touch. Riders can also install a sissy bar at the rear fender strut. The Rebel 500 does not come with a factory-installed passenger seat, but the fender provides a base to install an aftermarket seat if you decide to use the bike for two-up riding.

The 471 cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine produces adequate low-end torque and a high rpm range suited for city travel and highway cruises. According to Honda, the estimated mileage of the 2023 Rebel 500 model is 67 mpg.

The Rebel 500’s suspension setup consists of a 41 mm fork and dual shock brakes; both ensure plush wheel travel and absorb the impacts of bumpy roads. The 296 mm front and 240 mm rear disc brakes provide adequate stopping power even without an ABS. The roomy ergonomic triangle ensures all the riding controls are within reach and sitting in a comfortable position. When riding on the Rebel 500, you will not experience neck, shoulder, and back pain if you take breaks during a long trip.

The Honda Rebel 500 is available in three different trims, non-ABS, ABS, and ABS SE. The price will vary depending on the model you choose.

Trims Base Price
Non-ABS $6,449
ABS $6,749
ABS SE $6,949

2. 2023 Honda Rebel 1100

2023 Honda Rebel 1100
Photo Credit: @honda

Base Price: $9,499

The Honda Rebel 1100 is the best cruiser for anyone wanting to upgrade from a 300-500 cc bike. The Rebel 1100 has a natural seating position, delivers low-end torque, and has low-slung seats for a low center of gravity. You can ride these bikes on city streets and navigate stop-and-go traffic. These bikes also perform well on highways, twisties, and canyon roads.

Unlike other Rebel models, the Rebel 1100 is known for its up-to-date contemporary styling. If you find traditional cruiser styling outdated or boring, the Rebel 1100 might be the bike for you with its modern looks.

The Rebel 1100 comes with a standard ABS. A DCT transmission system is also available as an optional feature, but it increases the price by over $10,000. The manual six-speed transmission ensures quick acceleration, extra power output, improved fuel economy, increased engine life, and a quiet cruising experience.

3. 2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec
Photo Credit: @yamahamotorsports

Base Price: $8,899

Besides Yamaha’s entry-level V Star 250, the Bolt R-Spec is the only other cruiser in the 2023 lineup that is placed in the sport heritage category. The Bolt R-Spec is an authentic cruiser, mixing a blend of old-school retro styling, latest technology, user-friendly power output, and comfortable ergonomics.

The Bolt R-Spec’s compact chassis keeps it lightweight and nimble, while the low seat height and high-quality tires help with stability, control, and traction. The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec is powered by a 942 cc V-twin engine capable of a horsepower of 50.8 hp and a smooth constant power delivery. The bobber styling is evident from the solo seat, blacked-out look, simple round headlight, and stripped-down look. The Bolt R-Spec includes a standard ABS to maximize road safety and stopping power. The pulled-back handlebars and forward foot pegs ensure a natural riding position. Due to its agile frame, riders of any height will find the Yamaha Bolt R-Spec a comfortable ride.  

4. 2023 Honda Shadow Phantom

2023 Honda Shadow Phantom
Photo Credit: @honda

Base Price: $7,999

Often considered Honda’s most underrated cruiser motorcycle, the Shadow Phantom has much to offer in terms of ride quality, engine performance, agility, acceleration, comfort, and design. The 2023 Shadow Phantom comes with stylish paint jobs and tank graphics. Besides paint schemes, the 2023 Phantom remains mostly the same. Honda has announced a new rear disc brake, optional ABS, new instruments, new standard seat, headlight cover, fork-leg covers, air cleaner cover, front and rear LED lighting for its 2024 models, but it will cost around $8,399.

The Shadow Phantom comes with a 745 cc fuel injected V-twin engine that pumps 44.9 horsepower and 47.9 lb-ft torque so riders can enjoy different riding styles ranging from urban cruising, back-country rides, weekend getaways, and commuting. The impressive horsepower and torque are the gifts of three-valve combustion chambers that help engines breathe better, run faster, and create larger outputs, and offer a good fuel economy of 56 mpg. The fuel injection system has considerably improved the throttle response of the bike.

The 2023 Shadow Phantom comes with dechromed treatment, short fenders, hidden wiring for a clean, minimal look, and a simple plush seat that are essentials of bobber styling. The tank-mounted instruments come in a black cluster to match the dark bobber theme of the bike. The black spoke wheels complete the cruiser styling.

The Shadow Phantom is a complete package for anyone looking for a bike that has a subtle style, amazing road performance, is nearly maintenance free (thanks to the shaft drive), and can hold its value well, then Shadow Phantom should be their 2023 pick.

5. 2023 Honda Shadow Aero

2023 Honda Shadow Aero
Photo Credit: @honda

Base Price: $7,949

If you don’t like the complete blacked out treatment on cruiser motorcycle, then in 2023 Honda Shadow Aero you get a classic cruiser model with sleek bullet-shaped exhaust muffler, chrome highlights, including engine cover, rear shock covers, handlebars, clutch lever, air-cleaner and cylinder head cover, brakes, shift lever, and brake pedals. The wide metal fenders on the front, spoked wheels, blacked out engine, frame, and wheels, chrome instrument assembly and fuel tank cap add to the classic cruiser charm. The two-into-two exhaust design and large diameter pipes create a distinct V-twin rumble that is synonymous to Honda cruisers.

 The Shadow Aero is a perfect bike for two-up riding as its broad saddle comes with a detachable passenger seat that you can remove to enjoy a solo ride and minimal stripped down look. The low-slung seat makes it easy to balance the bike through flatfooting at signals.

The V-Twin engine has a displacement of 745 cc and can produce 44.9 horsepower and 47.9 lb-ft torque. The fuel injection system and three-valve combustion chambers improve engine performance, mileage, acceleration, and power outputs. The fuel injection system also ensures quick engine start-ups even in cold weather. So if you are planning to go for a weekend camping trip in winter, then Shadow Aero will be your perfect camping partner.

 Single 296 mm front disc and rear 276 mm rear disc brake remains unchanged and since it has offered reliable braking in all circumstances, there is little potential buyers can complain about. The suspension system is quite basic with a 41 mm fork and dual rear shocks with spring preload, but the suspension system performs well no matter the road condition. For the best riding experience, it is best to stay on tarmac roads.

 Though Shadow Aero does not feature any technological features that modern cruisers have, the features offered on this bike under $10,000 is quite impressive. If a bike holds its resale value, is low-maintenance, reliable, and can carry you to your destination in the utmost comfort and style then it is worth buying even if it lacks infotainment screens, USB charging port, cruiser control, and other high-tech specs.

6. 2023 Kawasaki Vulcan S

2023 Kawasaki Vulcan S
Photo Credit: @kawasaki

Base Price: Non-ABS: $7,349 & ABS: $7,899

Featuring a 649 cc dual-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, the 2023 Kawasaki Vulcan S is another gem that you can buy under $10,000 even if you choose the ABS-version. Kawasaki Vulcan S is an advanced bike having modern technology such as engine management, chassis management, economical riding indicator, and ergo fit configuration that allows you to adjust the rider triangle according to your preferred riding position and height. The Kawasaki Vulcan S motor can produce 46.3 lb-ft torque and 6600 rpm. Single disc front and rear brakes offer enough braking power for timely stops and for novice riders ABS option is also available. The 2023 models are available in two unique paint schemes, pearl matte sage green and flat spark black that magnifies the bike’s blacked out parts.

If you enjoy modern cruisers with latest technology, sporty engines, and bold styling then Kawasaki Vulcan S is a good option.

7. 2023 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

2023 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
Photo Credit: @kawasaki

Base Price: $8,999

The Vulcan 900 Classic features a 903 cc V-Twin engine with dual throttle valves capable of a torque of 58.2 lb-ft. The dual throttle valves regulate airflow and ensure constant linear power delivery. The smooth air intake ensures more efficient combustion, which in turn improves acceleration and power output. The Vulcan 900 Classic’s notable features are the fuel-injection system with throttle bodies, kevlar-reinforced belt drive, and five-speed transmission. The braking system includes single 300 mm front and 270 mm rear hydraulic discs that ensure reliable stopping power on urban roads and freeways. The swingarm rear suspension with its seven-position preload adjustability and 41 mm telescopic front fork ensures a smooth ride. Since the Vulcan 900 Classic is a cruiser, it also includes standard features like a low seat, low center of gravity, nimble chassis, and laid-back riding position.

8. 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50

2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50
Photo Credit: @suzukicycles

Base Price: $8,909

The Suzuki Boulevard C50 is ideal for riders who enjoy authentic cruiser styling and performance. Featuring a raked-out fork, chromed exhaust, wide fenders, subtle tank graphics, and bold paint schemes, the 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a head-turner. The latest model comes in two paint jobs: solid iron gray and candy daring red.

The 805 cc fuel-injected V-twin engine is a narrow machine that produces impressive low torque. The shiny chrome exhaust produces a deep rumble that will never fail to put a grin on your face. The five-speed transmission, low-maintenance clean shaft final drive, 3D ignition system mapping, and easy-to-use clutch work in sync to ensure smooth power delivery.

The thick chrome spoked wheels, buckhorn handlebars, forward-mounted footpegs, and low-slung plush seat all contribute to the cruiser styling, ergonomic comfort, control, and stability. The Suzuki Boulevard C50 has a hardtail-style rear suspension with seven-position spring preload that ensures comfort even when traveling over bumpy roads. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable braking without an ABS. The 2023 Suzuki Boulevard C50 is beginner-friendly but not necessarily an entry-level bike.

9. 2023 Triumph Speed Twin 900

2023 Triumph Speed Twin 900
Photo Credit: @triumphmotorcycles

Base Price: $9,895

Triumph’s Bonneville cruiser lineup always attracts all the limelight, but when it comes to a Triumph cruiser under $10,000, then Speed Twin 900 is the winner. The 20232 models are available in three exciting colors, Matte Silver Ice with yellow and silver highlights, Jet Black, and Matte Ironstone. The motorcycle is powered by a 900 cc electronic fuel injected high torque engine that generates 64.1 hp and 59 lb-ft torque. These impressive figures are seldom available in under $10,000 packages. A five-speed gearbox, chain drive, and assist clutch ensures a smooth ride in a variety of settings. The top-notch ergonomic design offers optimal riding comfort that most riders are unable to find even in the most expensive cruisers on the market. From braking to suspension, acceleration, low-end torque production, and plush seating, you will love every second of riding on the Triumph Speed Twin 900.

10. 2023 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone

2023 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
Photo Credit: @ultimatemotorcycling

Base Price: $9,190

One of the most elegant cruisers on the market, the 2023 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is an Italian motorcycle that deserves a place in the list. Available in four distinct attractive glossy paint schemes, rosso rovente (red), giallo metallico (yellow), grigio alluminio (gray), nero ruvido (black).

The bike is gaining popularity among the riders for its nimble chassis, top-notch ergonomic design, effortless handling, 853 cc V-twin engine, and optimal control. The motorcycle boasts 65 hp of horsepower and 53.8 ft-lb torque that makes freeway rides interesting and fun. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is a great bike for anyone looking to try out European engineering.

11. Takeaway

Cruiser motorcycles are some of the most reliable pieces of machinery and make for a highly reliable and long-lasting mode of transportation. Their comfortable position, powerful engines, unique styling, and versatile performance is what compels riders to buy one. Before choosing your cruiser, it is best to try out all the models listed in this article by visiting the local dealership. See which bike best fits and is easy to handle for your skill level and then make your purchase.

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