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List of Concerts at Sturgis Rally 2019

Posted by Viking Bags on Jul 26th 2019

It is that time of the Year! The bikes are revving, the bars are stocking up and our favorite musicians are on their way to Sturgis. To make your life easier, we have compiled a comprehensive list of concerts so you know where to be and when.This year, 2019, the Sturgis rally is completely prepar [Read more]

Jul 26th 2019

Enjoy Group Riding

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Nov 26th 2015

Riding a motorcycle is often a solitary affair; just you and your bike on the open road. While satisfying, I think riding with an organized group is way more fun. There are benefits to joining a riding group. Aside from enjoying riding with like-minded people, you’re sure to discover new roads and t [Read more]

Nov 26th 2015

American Motorcycle Icons

Posted by jakemiller on Sep 29th 2015

As a topic of discussion on a recent “The Dawghouse Motorcycle News Rants and Racing” podcast, which has been around for more than six years now, we debated American Motorcycle Icons. More to the point, just what are those icons?o be defined as an American Icon we said it had to be:1) American (duh) [Read more]

Sep 29th 2015

“I don’t care who sees me! I’m in Sturgis Baby!”

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Aug 21st 2015

 few weeks ago, we were at Sturgis like many of you. We were glad to see many of you face to face and proud to see so many Viking Bags saddlebags throughout the whole week. Here’s a short recap we had our friend Sash write for us, quite the story I tell you!“I don’t care who sees me! I’m in Stu [Read more]

Aug 21st 2015

Bikes, Dads, and Viking Bags

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Jun 16th 2015

Bikes, Dads, and Viking BagsFather’s day is just around the corner. Have you decided what you’re going to do with your dad? Have you thought about what you will get him t [Read more]

Jun 16th 2015

Mother’s Day Sale! 13% Off For A Limited Time

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Apr 28th 2015

We all love our mothers….and we all love discounts too, right?! Even if your mother or mother of your kids doesn’t ride you can thank her on her special day. Thank her because she just saved you 13% off our retail price – site wide. Gear up and get ready to ride!Coupon Code: MOM15Discount: 13%Expira [Read more]

Apr 28th 2015

U.S. Speeding Laws

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Apr 27th 2015

 U.S. Speeding LawsSpeeding Laws For Each U.S. StateHere’s a nice and easy-to-read infographic that shows you the top speed limits per state. We’ve also included each state’s mandatory penalty and/or fine if you’re caught driving recklessly, what each state commonly calls it if you’re caught sp [Read more]

Apr 27th 2015

Daytona Bike Week Sale!

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Feb 23rd 2015

Daytona Bike Week 2015As we make preparations for the winter to be over, we look forward to being able to ride again. Daytona Beach Florida has always been a great place to be year round but in a few weeks, it’ll be as good as it gets as Daytona Bike Week 2015 kicks off and we have you covered. Enjo [Read more]

Feb 23rd 2015

Harley Davidson’s Expansion

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Sep 2nd 2014

Harley Davidson has long been one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the US. It’s iconic and synonomous with good ol’ USA pride. We see their logo plastered all over UFC, NBA, and almost every televised sporting event. With all of Harley Davidson iconic classic appeal, it’s no wonder that th [Read more]

Sep 2nd 2014

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Giveaway!

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Aug 4th 2014

Coming off the heels of our most popular giveaway, we decided to go even bigger. Because this is Sturgis week, we’re going to be giving a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera valued at $399.The opportunity to win one of the best cameras on the market is here sign up while you can! Good luck to everyon [Read more]

Aug 4th 2014

Harley Davidson’s LiveWire Tour: Santa Monica

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Jul 22nd 2014

When we heard that Harley Davidson’s LiveWire Tour was coming to California, and in particular Southern California we were delighted! You see, as one of the biggest cities in the nation, Los Angeles spreads throughout hundreds of square miles and the traffic, usually, is very bad. Over the last deca [Read more]

Jul 22nd 2014

Sturgis Rally 2014 Sale!

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on Jul 15th 2014

Since Sturgis is right around the corner, we’ve launching our longest sale of the year. From now until August 17th, we’re going to be hosting our annual Sturgis sale. You’ll be able to take advantage of our great prices and get an additional 10% off as well. You still have time to order before you l [Read more]

Jul 15th 2014