Triumph Adventure Touring Saddlebags & Luggage Bags

Triumph Adventure Touring Saddlebags & Luggage Bags

As you prepare your Triumph model for a tour into the mountains or across a highway cutting through multiple states, you may want to purchase one or several Triumph ADV Touring bags to keep all of your belongings safe. Triumph ADV Touring luggage includes several categories of panniers and gear bags designed to handle the rigors of the road. Aside from providing extra storage space on your ride, these touring luggage bags can help improve comfort, protect your precious items from the weather and thieves, and complement your two-wheeler’s overall look. Continue reading this page f you wish to get a better idea of the designs, features, and categories of Viking Bags Triumph ADV Touring bags.

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All our leather saddlebags and hard bags are lockable and come included with a pair of keys.


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Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

Viking Triumph ADV Touring Luggage Designs & Features

Viking Bags Triumph ADV Touring bags are constructed from a blend of Cordura, canvas, polyester, and Viking leather. These materials help protect these Triumph luggage bags from tears and abrasions, ensuring that your belongings are undamaged and do not fall out even when struck. These tough fabrics are also weather-resistant, able to withstand heavy winds and keep moisture from seeping inside, making them suited for almost any weather condition. Though these ADV touring bags usually come in a solid black color scheme, there are a few variations with bright and muted colors. 

Viking Bags Triumph ADV Touring luggage has a spacious central pocket kept closed with a tight lid, straps and buckles, or zippers. The large baggage also has multi-layered interior pockets and several external mesh or leather pockets. The smaller bags tend to be lightweight, easy to carry, and take the least time to set up. Depending on the type of Triumph ADV Touring bag, you can mount them to the motorcycle’s sides, tail, fenders, luggage rack, sissy bar, seat, or handlebars

Viking Triumph ADV Touring Luggage Categories

  • Triumph ADV Touring saddlebags rest on opposite sides of the motorcycle’s rear end, having either a shape-retaining design or a softer, compressible build to make it easier to fit all your belongings. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring tank bags have a streamlined shape that fits perfectly around the round fuel tank, helping to reduce air drag to ensure your motorcycle’s aerodynamics are unaffected.
  • Triumph ADV Touring tail bags are wrapped at the very end of the motorcycle’s rear, positioned close to the exhaust pipes. To keep these bags from combusting, their fabric includes fire-resistant properties. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring accessories bags can be fitted on different mounting brackets along the length of the motorcycle, including a secure mounting system to ensure they do not come off even when riding at high speed. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring backpacks include shoulder, chest, and waist straps to ensure they fit comfortably on your back when cruising on a highway or hiking on a wilderness trail. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring roll bags include a rain cover to help protect the content from heavy rainfall and stretchable bungee straps to help tie down these bags when mounted on your motorcycle’s rear. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring seat bags are attached to the back of the rider’s seat or slung over the motorcycle’s frame right behind the rider’s seat. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring fender bags have adjustable built-in mounting straps with metal hooks at the end to ensure the bags lay flat against the front fender. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring handlebar bags are wrapped around the bottom of the fork along the front of the handlebars, keeping your belongings in view without affecting your ability to make turns.
  • Triumph ADV Touring tool bags are small rectangular luggage that can be carried like a small toolbox, long enough to fit your simple repair tools if you need to provide maintenance on the side of the road. 
  • Triumph ADV Touring dry bags are large duffel bags with a tough exterior that protects the waterproof interior layer inside, offering reliable protection from rainy weather.
  • Triumph ADV Touring panniers include gear bags with larger storage space than the saddlebags, including the Triumph luggage that does not fall under any specific category.

Viking Triumph ADV Touring Luggage By Model 

At Viking Bags, you can find ADV Touring luggage for the following models: Triumph Tiger 1200 bags, Triumph Tiger 800 bags, and Triumph Tiger Explorer bags

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