Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Here in our online store, you'll find more than 300 designs of motorcycle saddlebags and a wide range of other quality motorcycle bags, motorcycle trunks, and other accessories for every motorcycle type of purpose and function. It doesn't matter how far or long you plan on traveling with your luggage, because these Viking saddlebags are constructed with the intent of longevity. Riders will find the waterproof exterior and unique design a rather attractive combination for the road. Not only will these motorcycle saddlebags look great when paired with your motorcycle, they'll also help increase the on-bike experience. Whether you own an adventure motorcycle, power cruiser, sportsbike, street bike, naked bike, or touring motorcycle, our leather saddlebags, solo bags, hard saddlebags, and soft panniers will seamlessly complement your bike’s styling perfectly, while enhancing its storage capacity and functionality during long-distance travels. If the stock bags on your touring motorcycle are worn out, damaged, too small for your luggage needs, or simply unappealing to you, our affordable range of best motorcycle saddle bags makes for an ideal replacement. Additionally, you can also choose between universal fit options or opt for luggage bags specially designed for your motorcycle brand and model.    

You no longer have to worry about hauling an extra set of clothes, riding gear, or purchased goods, because Viking Bags understands the need for luggage. Available in four distinct sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large, the Viking Bags motorcycle saddlebags selection offers a complete luggage solution for every riding occasion. Whether you need a capacious motorcycle saddle bag and rear tour pack for cross-country trips or motorcycle camping trips, need spacious hand-carry style leather saddlebags for motorcycles to incorporate hiking and other outdoor activities during your adventurous motorcycle escapades, need a medium motorcycle side bag to safely carry your everyday belongings while you navigate traffic dense roads, or just a small solo bag to carry essential motorcycle tools, spare gloves, and a spare key, our vast collection of motorcycle saddlebags has something to cater to all of your luggage needs. The different-sized bags can also be combined to create a unique luggage system that works for you. 

Engineered For Freedom


All our leather saddlebags and hard bags are lockable and come included with a pair of keys.


We offer saddlebags for each kind of rider. From our 2024 quick-disconnect series to time-tested hard bags, choose the one that fits your riding style.


Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

We Carry Over 300 Styles of Motorcycle Leather Saddlebags & Motorcycle Panniers

No matter the size of the motorbike saddle bags, the Viking Bags moto saddlebags maintain the streamlined look of the bike, keeping the rear end narrow, and allowing riders to easily ride through crowded streets, cramped lanes, and tight alleys while carrying luggage. This feature comes in handy, especially during city itineraries. Our Viking bags saddlebags are purposefully designed to ensure equal weight distribution on either side of the motorbike for greater stability, control, and effortless handling.  

Welcome to the exclusive page for Viking Bags motorcycle saddlebags, a central location for you to browse the largest and finest variety of motorcycle saddlebags manufactured for your specific make and style of bike. Because the Viking saddlebags we feature in our online inventory have not taken the idea of the saddlebags merely as a business, we have completely reinvented and revolutionized the personal motorcycle luggage. We pride ourselves on carrying this fine line of best motorcycle saddlebags, and you'll find riders of all ability levels and interests adorn their bikes with Viking's exquisite collection of leather saddlebags and hard saddlebags for their motorcycles.

Viking saddlebags for motorcycles are designed by a knowledgeable team of engineers to ensure safety, durability, and comfort while riders travel down the highway. All types of factors are included when Viking Bags' team of manufacturers come together to create a motorcycle saddlebag, including the speed of the motorcycle on the road, differing weather conditions, and durability in the event of an accident. Yes, Viking has truly thought of everything in the name of danger, excitement, and the thrill of the ride. These aftermarket saddlebags for motorcycles can handle everything the rider can, allowing the limits to be pushed for both the rider and their motorcycle luggage.

When Viking Bags initially entered the motorcycle luggage market, they were a specialist saddle bag manufacturer built for convenient hauling. The mission in constructing saddlebags is very much the same, but Viking has progressed as a leading manufacturer since its inception. Now, the company has also become known as a symbol of quality, style, and convenience, offering a bit more than just a place to conveniently store your belongings while ripping down the highway. It's that extra step of combining sheer functionality with stylish sophistication that separates Viking from the rest of the competition. We understand riders want an attractive motorcycle saddle bag that not only improves the appearance of their motorcycles but also provides ample storage space with stability. Therefore, the Viking Bags motorcycle saddlebags collection includes luggage pieces in different colors and finishes. Whether you prefer the luxurious high-gloss paint finish or the classic matte finish, we offer the best of both worlds. Our painted hard saddlebags usually come in black, but if you need a pop of color on your bike, we also have leather-wrapped saddlebags to help create a stark contrast. 

Viking Leather Saddlebags Style Alone

Vikingbags offers the best saddlebags for motorcycles. We offer hard and leather saddlebags specifically for Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Victory, Indian, Triumph, Hyosung, Street Bike models , and Universal bags come in a variety of looks and sizes. Our saddlebags on motorcycles are durable, reliable, and easy to mount they include bolt-on saddlebags, slanted saddlebags, throw-over saddlebags, and detachable saddlebags with a quick-release system. The Viking Bags saddlebags come with a free set of mounting hardware for the hassle-free installation process.

Constructed of a variety of materials, including cowhide leather, hard fiberglass, and Cordura, the riders can rest easy knowing their valuables are securely stored away in a motorcycle saddlebag resilient to harsh weather conditions. Likewise, many of the Viking Bags motorcycle bags come with the company's unique locking mechanism, serving as a theft and loss preventative solution. We understand that the day's ride can take you far, and even turn into weeks and months of riding across the country, therefore we've chosen the best saddlebags to stick by your side.

Viking Motorcycle Saddlebags & Panniers have been the perfect companion to millions of bikers over the years, carrying luggage to just about every scenario imaginable. From daily commuters to weekend warriors and long-distance travelers, Viking Bags has a different saddlebag for every purpose. Every Saddlebag we have in our inventory has been designed with the ultimate perfection. We've been able to offer some of the best saddlebags on the market because of our experience, dedication to quality, and proven field testing, delivering a product that simply cannot be matched. We stand with Viking Bags because each product offered in our inventory is made exclusively in their own production house. You can confidently shop our selection of Viking bags as you are directly purchasing from the manufacturer.

Even though we're positive you'll fall in love with our collection of saddlebags and your order from us, we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase. That way, you can buy with confidence and return or exchange any saddlebag you think is not perfect for your motorcycle. We'll even help you pick out your next bag purchase because we love helping people find their next saddlebags. Just give us a call when you're ready to order or return your goods, and we'll take care of the rest.

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