Honda VTX Parts

Honda VTX Parts

The Honda VTX, or the Honda V-Twin Extreme, is built to travel at high speed on paved roads, leaving other V-Twin motorcycles in the dust. Because they can cover a lot of distance in so little time, Honda VTX models are often relied on for short commutes and carrying light cargo. But if you find that your Honda VTX is still lacking in performance and storage capacity, it is possible to make some modifications with the best aftermarket motorcycle parts for Honda VTX. Listed below are the available Honda VTX parts at Viking Bags:

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Engineered For Freedom

Aerodynamic Fairings

Our lightweight and aerodynamic fairings will help you manage the wind efficiently while giving you bike a fuller. more customized aesthetic.

Foldable Sissy Bars

Our patent-pending foldable sissy bars maintain the sleek look of sissy bars with a foldable luggage rack that can be used to carry luggage.

Stylish Handlebars

Explore our wide variety of motorcycle handlebars designed to make each bike unique. Whether you like 14'' hangers or sporty z-bars, we got you covered.

Honda VTX sissy bars are constructed from stainless steel bars welded into a single piece of equipment, arching in either the shape of a V or a U. Installed at the rear, the tall bars allow you to secure baggage that already comes with shoulder straps.

Honda VTX handlebars are built out of stainless steel bars and are designed by borrowing elements of the mini-ape, drag, and Z bars. This equipment can come covered with a chrome or a matte black finish.

Honda VTX fairings are made of ABS plastic and fiberglass which form a round yet hollow shell that can fit around the circumference of your motorcycle’s front. Adding an extra layer of protection, the fairings will help deflect debris, wind, and rain away from you and your motorcycle.

Honda VTX crash bars are made of high-quality steel that forms a large angular frame with a wide open space in the center.

Honda VTX luggage racks are constructed from stainless steel bars arranged into long rungs that are evenly spaced from each other to allow you to secure mounting straps and place your baggage.

Honda VTX seats are constructed from a foam cushion wrapped inside a Viking leather cover resting on top of a steel baseplate. Being able to support varying weight groups, this seat returns to its original shape when riders get off their vehicles.

Honda VTX backrest and pads are constructed from a foam cushion wrapped inside a Viking leather cover. They can be fitted on the sissy bars and help improve comfort and back posture for a passenger if you are riding two-ups.

At Viking Bags, the following VTX motorcycle parts should be available: parts for VTX 1300 C, parts for VTX 1300 R Retro , parts for VTX 1300 T Tourer, parts for VTX 1300 S, parts for VTX 1800 F, parts for VTX 1800 N, parts for VTX 1800 C, parts for VTX 1800 T, parts for VTX 1800 R (Retro), and parts for VTX 1800 S.

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