Honda VTX Seats

Honda VTX Seats

Before you ever got onto a motorcycle, do you recall what it was like to ride a bicycle? When you were pedaling and sweating it out, there may have been moments where it was difficult to focus because your bottom kept cramping. You may have decided to turn back towards home because the pain became too unbearable.

Though a Honda VTX model may be a different form of transportation, the discomfort you feel when resting upon a disproportionate seat can be similar, if not worse, compared to a bicycle.

If a motorcycle seat fails to accommodate your needs, even a short trip can be an arduous one if it is constantly causing your bottom to be in agony. This is why you need a Honda VTX seat that offers customization options, is built to be snug, and keeps you in place atop your motorcycle.

Since it is impossible to operate a motorcycle without having a secure place to sit, you will want to purchase the most comfortable seat for Honda VTX. You will certainly be able to find such options available at Viking Bags.

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Types of Honda VTX Seats

All VTX seats are built so that the riders will be close to the controls and can react quickly in the face of danger. But depending on how many occupants you plan to carry or the look you want your motorcycle to have, there are types of VTX motorcycle seats to satisfy such criteria.

The VTX solo seat has a compact design which makes it possible to only carry one person.

The VTX 2-up seat is elongated, stretching from the center to the fender. The back of the seat is elevated slightly so that the passenger is seated on top of the fender.

VTX stock seats are easy to install and prioritize functionality; these are the most common types of VTX seats you will find on the market.

VTX aftermarket seats are also referred to as VTX custom seats since you can personalize the shape, pattern, and aesthetic aspects. Any customizations must not interfere with this version’s functions.

Design of Honda VTX Seats

Made out of thick Viking leather, the seat cover envelops the top surface of the VTX motorcycle seats. Though the bottom is sometimes exposed, most seat covers are large enough that they wrap around the majority of the Honda VTX seats. Though it lacks elasticity, you will notice the ridges and edges fitting underneath the seat cover.

Composed of a thick foam layer, the seat pad is the softest part of Honda VTX seats. Because it can easily lose its integrity, the seat pad is measured so it can be fitted entirely inside the seat cover for protection. Since riders shift all of their weight on the seat pad, this part is the widest and densest part of VTX seats.

Ensuring that the VTX seats stay locked in place, the baseplate is the toughest part due to being constructed out of fiberglass or steel. Being relatively short in height, it keeps the rest of the Honda VTX seat close to the motorcycle. To give the product some extra shine, the baseplate can be covered in either a chrome, gloss or matte finish.

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