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Motorcycle Bags Resource Center

Motorcycle Bags Resource Center

Welcome to the Viking Motorcycle Bags Resource Center. This page is dedicated to help our customers choose the right product easily. There are many products in the market to choose from, creating veritable confusion for buyers. The easy way to clear this confusion is to opt for a brand that is perfectly synonymous with quality, like As one of the leading names in the motorcycle luggage industry, Viking bags have become the other name for durability and reliability for all riders. This sense of high quality pervades through all its products, across all its brands making it an easy standard for all to get the best fit for their motorcycle.

Vikingbags Luggage Guide for Motorcycle Saddlebags

But we intend to make it even easier for you. A browse through our resource center will help you choose the right saddlebag for your bike. We offer specific saddlebags for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Triumph, Victory, Indian and for Hyosung motorcycles. On each individual page that you click you will find detailed description of each kind of saddlebag and the purpose that they might serve for you. You can choose the right bag to match the intrinsic style of your bike as well as the particular uses and needs that you may have for your ride. With the wide array of choices available, there is something for everyone here.

Tips to choose the right saddlebag for your use:


Make a list of all the specific needs that you may have in mind when it comes to your saddlebag. Based on this you can choose the style and shape of the bag and opt for a flexible mounting system.


The amount of space that you need for your luggage may determine the type of saddlebag you opt for. For most of the above brands Vikingbags offer small, medium as well as large sizes.


Whether you prefer slanted bag or a super ribbed one could pave the way for the product you choose. Along with your personal preferences there is also the fact that your saddlebag has to match your bike.

Even if you opt for one particular style, we give you the option to interchange from one type to the other easily. Every Viking bag comes with a free mounting hardware which is super flexible so you can switch between a hard mount and a throw over saddle in a jiffy. This flexibility is a source of great comfort to all riders, not to mention making it easy for them to alternate between styles and prevent a monotonous look.

All Viking bags are super affordable and provide optimum value for money. Nevertheless, you can still search by price to see if you can get an even better deal through our clearance sections. If you are going to be on the road for days on end then opting for hard shell Viking bag is a good decision. These bags are completely weatherproof, absorb road shocks very well and come with sophisticated lock system to prevent theft and loss of goods. Browse through each section to learn more details about each product.