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Motorcycle Adventure Saddlebags

Motorcycle Adventure Saddlebags

If the wanderlust in you is pushing you to try out new adventures and seek newer horizons every day, don’t let mundane matters like luggage stop you. Instead shed the old and opt for the new Adventure Saddlebags from brand Viking. They are strong and hardy, completely weatherproof and can absorb road shock like no other. With their leather and fiberglass bodies, these bags make for the perfect road partners for a long time. The materials used are specially treated and then crafted into a luggage frame that will hold immense load and provide adequate support for every hard journey that you undertake. All these, so that the adventurer in you can enjoy life to the fullest.

The back of these adventure saddle bags are equipped with hard ABS plastic which offer tremendous rigidity and support to the bags. They are framed with high quality metal wiring which helps them retain their shape and good looks for years. The kind of value one can get from these products, have surprised users time and again. User satisfaction has guaranteed steady word of mouth publicity for these bags, which shows how useful they are for the outdoors. Along with their hardiness and longevity, users also appreciate the easy functionality that is intrinsic to these products. Now they can actually take things like quick release buckles and detachable brackets for granted.

What the detachable or universal brackets as they are better known as do, is allow the user to attach and detach the adventure bags easily. This means that they be converted into portable luggage whenever needed, giving the user an amazing level of flexibility in usage. It also allows them to attach these to any kind of bike, from a Harley to a Honda giving them the freedom to interchange rides whenever they want. Very few other similar products offer this kind of rider freedom and hardly any come with the same level of quality and steadfastness that the Viking bags do.

Vikingbags Adventures Saddlebags

All our products are also equipped with excellent security systems that range from the regular locks, hardy chrome finished buckles and Velcro straps to the advanced built-in locks. The last is a superior addition that makes these leather and hard adventure saddlebags very secure and safe, against theft as well as accidental property loss. This is a very important feature to consider because when one is on the road for days on end and especially on harsh terrains, freedom from luggage worries is a must. Like all other Viking bags they too are very affordable and offer the best quality and function.

The best thing about the adventure saddlebags is that despite their many benefits they are every reasonably priced. One can get a pair of saddlebags, for the left and right sides of the bike, for one single price. Over and above this, there is also the option of full refund for the purchase price within 30 days. This ensures that you can go ahead and try out the best fit for you bike without any risks involved.