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Motorcycle Adventure Bags

motorcycle adventure bags

Motorcycle Adventure Bags

For all the adventurous souls out there, getting the right motorcycle luggage to make your trips super comfortable is no longer a worry. The motorcycle adventure bags from Viking Bags have been specially designed and created to aid the riders in their travels, in every way. There are many reasons why they do so and their strength is one of the key factors of these all. This strength comes from the fact that materials like fiberglass and ABS plastic are combined with the special Viking leather to create these bags. As a result, they are not only hardier than most other similar products in this category but also more long-lasting. They offer support and more value than any user can expect.

As for the kinds, these range from saddlebags and handlebar bags to fender, tank, tail and rack bags among others. They fall under the adventurous series for riders who like to rough it out more which is why there are known to be hardier. The use of the above mentioned materials also offer the bonus feature of making these bags for motorcycle adventure completely weatherproof and terrain resistant. These are important criteria for the Adventure series riders who like to venture into unknown territories and offbeat roads, like to take more risks and ride through all kinds of weather. They are more daring and are known to push themselves and their bikes through harsh conditions, demanding great quality luggage in the process.

Main Features of Viking Motorcycle Adventure Bag:

Now when it comes to the space inside, the Viking motorcycle adventure bags don’t disappoint at all. No matter what kind you choose you will find ample space for storage inside. The meshed and rubber lined walls, which keep contents dry, also have pockets on the side to keep these contents compartmentalized and organized but neat despite the ups and downs of a long journey. On the outside too, these are lined with smaller compartments where one can store other items too. The zippered ones make good storage space for frequently used items like keys and wallet and mesh side pockets can hold water bottles and cans. Some even have special compartments which double up as coolers to hold cold drinks or food for the road.

The rising demand of Viking bags can be attributed to many reasons. Along with the strength and quality of the products, the security features and easy usability also add to their popularity. The motorcycle adventure bags are equipped with sturdy locks that are built into the system ad cannot be easily breached. So while the bags themselves are hardy enough to keep the elements out, the locks keep theft and loss at bay thereby providing an all-round protection for the luggage. They also offer amazing flexibility with the detachable brackets that allows one to convert these from motorcycle to portable luggage in no time at all.