Kawasaki Adventure Touring Saddlebags & Luggage Bags

Kawasaki Adventure Touring Saddlebags & Luggage Bags

A reliable means of protecting and carrying your belongings when going on a long-distance tour is by installing Kawasaki ADV Touring bags. When traveling into the wilderness or navigating paved highways, you want your belongings to be protected from the wind, rain, and debris. However, you also want it to be convenient to access your things and carry them around with you if necessary. Kawasaki ADV Touring luggage covers several categories of Kawasaki luggage bags, with various designs and features to suit the tastes of different riders. Depending on the type of Kawasaki ADV Touring bag you choose, it may be stronger, lighter, or have more utilities than the others. 

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All our leather saddlebags and hard bags are lockable and come included with a pair of keys.


We offer saddlebags for each kind of rider. From our 2024 quick-disconnect series to time-tested hard bags, choose the one that fits your riding style.


Our Hard bags are made from durable composite materials and our saddlebags have internal hard shells to stand the test of time.

Viking Kawasaki ADV Touring Luggage Designs Features

Viking Bags Kawasaki ADV Touring bags come in different sizes in case riders need lighter or heavier cargo that has decent compatibility with their specific Kawasaki models. These luggage bags can come in small, medium, or large. Small Kawasaki ADV Touring bags can be carried in one hand, are the easiest to mount, and are the most lightweight. Medium Kawasaki ADV Touring luggage comes with handheld straps with sizable main and exterior pockets. Large Kawasaki ADV Touring bags may have backpack straps, internal and external pockets, and offer the most storage space.

Viking Bags Kawasaki ADV Touring luggage is constructed from canvas, polyester, Cordura, and Viking leather. These materials have high seam strength and durability which makes them hard to tear. Though each fabric has good longevity and toughness, they can be sewn together to improve the overall stitch strength.

Viking Bags Kawasaki ADV Touring bags can be mounted on different motorcycle parts depending on their size and utilities, including the fenders, luggage rack, sissy bar, seat, fuel tank, or handlebars

Viking Kawasaki ADV Touring Luggage Categories

  • Kawasaki ADV Touring saddlebags have either a hard shape-retaining frame or a loose and flexible leather build, considered the most popular and reliable form of luggage.
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring tank bags have a slanted and streamlined design that reduces wind resistance when resting atop the fuel tank. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring tail bags have a heat-resistant structure that prevents the exterior from melting or catching fire despite being close to the exhausts. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring accessories bags are large enough to fit your other smaller bags like a duffel or gear bags; they also have a highly reflective surface to ensure better visibility in the dark. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring backpacks can be left hanging on a sissy bar by its shoulder straps or slung on your back when on the road. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring roll bags are cylindrical bags with a sturdy frame that prevents sagging and can be fitted on most rear mounting brackets.  
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring seat bags are pressed against the rear of the seat to help keep your belongings out of the way but easily within each. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring fender bags have tight mounting straps with metal hooks at the end to prevent them from snapping off when fitted against the vibrating fenders.
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring handlebar bags have a lightweight rectangular frame with buckles and straps to keep your belongings secure. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring tool bags allow you to transport a small collection of hand-held repair tools in case your ride suffers any minor mechanical issues. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring dry bags are cylindrical duffel bags with an abrasion-resistant exterior and a waterproof interior. 
  • Kawasaki ADV Touring panniers include remaining large touring luggage bags that do not necessarily fit within a specific category. 

Viking Kawasaki ADV Touring Luggage By Model 

At Viking Bags, you can pick from the Kawasaki Versys 650 bags and Kawasaki Versys 1000 bags.

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