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22L - Axwell Medium Honda Motorcycle Roll BagViking Axwell Small Honda Motorcycle Roll Bag Bag on Bike View @expand
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Viking Dark Age Plain Honda Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag Main viewViking Dark Age Plain Honda Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag Bag on Bike View @expand
Sale price $69.99 $59.99 with coupon
18L - Century Medium Honda Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag21L - Century Medium Honda Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag on Bike Photo @expand
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Roll Bags for Honda Motorcycles

The Honda roll bags from brand Viking are often nicknamed as weekend bags or touring bags because they offer the just the right amount of space for a short trip. They are compact and tight fitted so that they look snug and comfortable no matter which side of the bike one fits them on to. With the help of detachable brackets it is actually easy to strap them on anytime one wants and take them off as quickly. But don’t let this compactness fool you because these bags pack in an amazing amount of space within. This makes them a convenient tool for all riders who are looking for extra space on their bikes which will at the same time, not hinder the leg space or disrupt the positive balance of the bike. We offer a wide range of best roll bags for Honda Shadow, VTX, Valkyrie, Rebel motorcycles.

Vikingbags' Roll Bags for Honda Motorcycles

The spaciousness comes in many forms – from the large interior space to the zippered mesh pockets by the side of the interior walls to hold smaller items. The Honda roll bags also have trendy features like elastic hold on loops to hang tools and similar items. Then there are the zippered and glove-friendly exterior pockets that allow one to keep frequently used items with reach for quick access. User satisfaction has led to word of mouth publicity that has in turn increased demands for these products the world over. It is the winning combination of quality, functionality, durability and affordability that has led to their popularity. With the universal feature of the above mentioned brackets, you can buy and use them for bikes other than a Honda as well.

Best Quality Roll Bag for Honda Models

The easy functionality of these roll bags for Honda is a result of multiple features like the handy top carry handle, the quick release chrome buckles that offer easy open easy close facilities along with the Velcro flaps for additional security. The main security of course comes from the embedded locks that are so hard to break into. Now theft and accidental loss are no longer worries that plague a rider when on the road. As mentioned, the detachable brackets can help convert them into a portable luggage very easily. The handle as well as the smooth rolling sealed ball-bearing wheels make it easy for one to carry these along when not on the bike. And when on the bike they do more than store luggage, they act as a comfortable backrest if you so want.

These ergonomic bags are complemented with free mounting hardware to help in easy and fast installation every time. Not to mention that it saves tons of money as well. With this feature along with its reasonable pricing and the no risk refund policy attached, the Viking Honda roll bags make an exceptionally good buy for all.

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