Honda Shadow 750 (Incl. C2) Sissy Bars


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Sissy Bars for Honda Shadow 750

If you are having trouble fitting all your cargo on the sleek motorcycle frame, install a set of Honda 750 Shadow Spirit (Incl. C2) sissy bars to make a little more room. These Honda sissy bars can be installed at the motorcycle’s rear end, with its detachable mounting system ensuring quick and easy installation and removal. 750 Shadow Spirit sissy bars are constructed from tall steel rods forming a curved or narrow edge and branch out into flat mounting brackets. Honda 750 Spirit sissy bars can be coated with a chrome or matte black finish depending on which color scheme would complement your ride’s look. 

Honda 750 Shadow Spirit (Incl. C2) Sissy Bars Features

The steel structure of the 750 Shadow Spirit sissy bars gives this aftermarket part its high durability, able to handle bad weather and flying debris without suffering much damage. Honda 750 Spirit sissy bars have a solid frame that can have a sissy bar pad fitted in the center to provide a comfortable backrest for short and tall passengers. Much like other Shadow sissy bars, Honda 750 Shadow Spirit (Incl. C2) sissy bars carry your backpacks and sissy bar bags by slipping on and pulling the shoulder, chest, and waist straps taut to keep them from being tossed off your bike.

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