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Why are Motorcycle Seats Black?

Why are Motorcycle Seats Black?

1. Motorcycle Aesthetics

Many motorcyclists love to add parts and accessories to customize their motorcycles. Installing riding gear can help make a motorcycle look more appealing, whether changing their attitude or style.

Motorcyclists like to add, for example, long handlebars and designer sissy bar bags to complete their motorcycle’s looks.

2. Reasons for Black Motorcycle Seats

Reasons for Black Motorcycle Seats

Listed below are key reasons why motorcyclists prefer black motorcycle seats:

2.1 Hides Dust

Motorcyclists who go on longer trips often get their vehicles covered in dust. Due to high-speeds winds, traveling for a significant amount of time, and riding against flying debris, most of the motorcycle parts catch a lot of dust, especially the seats. In humid or rainy weather, dirt can become stuck to the motorcycle due to the presence of moisture. To keep your motorcycle from staying dirty, you must clean it often. A black seat can better hide dust and give your motorcycle a clean look. It is also economical since you don’t have to constantly invest in a new motorcycle seat.

2.2 Works Best in Cold Weather

During the warmer seasons, there are more motorcycles on the road. However, in hot weather, black motorcycle seats can quickly become uncomfortably warm. Meanwhile, in cold weather, the minimal sunlight ensures the motorcycle seat does not trap excessive heat, ensuring better comfort on long rides.

2.3 Complements Other Colors

Black is often called a universal color because it blends in and looks good with almost every other color. Black can help improve the look of motorcycles with different colors and designs.

2.4 Hides Wrinkles and Damaged Areas

Over time, a motorcycle seat can become damaged. On colors other than black, wrinkles are more visible. However, the color black helps better camouflage damaged areas while making your motorcycle seat look like new.

3. The Invention of Motorcycles in Europe and the USA - A Reason for Black Motorcycle Seats

Motorcycles were first invented in Europe and the USA. These countries were relatively cool for the majority of the year. Thus, there was a dire need for a feature that could help keep motorcyclists warm while riding. The solution was using the color black due to its high heat retention. This became a trend in Western countries, then was later adopted by the four big Japanese companies: Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha.

4. Are There Any State Restrictions for Black Motorcycle Seats?

Each U.S. state has different laws to ensure the safety of motorcyclists and the general public. For example, the use of DOT helmets is a state-sanctioned rule that motorcyclists have to abide by. But fortunately, there are no rules or restrictions regarding black motorcycle seats.

Motorcyclists can use any color of their choice while keeping safety in mind. State mandatory laws often arise on the use of red tail lights and reflectors. These lights and reflectors make the motorcyclists visible on the black roads during the night. It also accounts for the safety of other road users and pedestrians.

5. Potential Drawbacks

Despite all the advantages black motorcycle seats have, there are some drawbacks listed below:

5.1 Heat Absorption

In warm weather, the black seats absorbing and retaining more heat is a drawback. In warm weather, it can be difficult for a motorcyclist to sit on a hot seat and travel for long hours. Riders would have to take frequent breaks to cool off. To keep your seat from overheating, it is best to switch to a lighter color.

The black color tends to absorb more heat hence keeping the motorcyclist warm. Motorcyclists go for different colored motorcycle seats but black is kind of a standard put-up these days.

5.2 Visibility

Visibility is important for motorcyclists to stay safe on the road. The color of your motorcycle parts, especially the seat, can help make it easier for other drivers and pedestrians to spot you. Black tends to blend in with the road and can make you practically invisible in the dark from a distance. If you don’t want to change your motorcycle seat color, wear reflective riding gear instead.

Check out this article to learn more about motorcycle riding gear: Does the Color of Motorcycle Riding Gear Matter?

5.3 Tanned Seat

In summer, black motorcycle seats can become tanned. Fabric or leather becomes worn out and gives your motorcycle a bad look. Tanning is a result of your motorcycle seat being subjected to direct sunlight.

6. Which Color is Best for Motorcycle Seats?

Aside from black, brown or green are the best colors for motorcycle seats. These colors won’t cause the seat to become too hot and keep it from becoming tanned. Alternatively, you can customize your motorcycle seat’s color with leather or vinyl colors.

Leather Color Samples Vinyl Color Samples
Light Gray Light Gray
Medium Gray Medium Gray
Graphite Graphite
Black Black

7. Does the Material of the Motorcycle Seat Matter?

The motorcycle seat is primarily responsible for your comfort when riding, ensuring you do not become fatigued or sore after traveling for hours. It is best to get an extra padded seat, pure leather seats, or synthetic seats made of durable and water-resistant materials.

8. FAQs

8.1 What Other Motorcycle Seat Colors Best Hide Dust?

Besides the color black, brown and gray motorcycle seats can best hide dust and damaged areas.

8.2 Do Leather Motorcycle Seats Get Hotter than Synthetic Ones?

Leather motorcycle seats get hotter than synthetic leather seats due to the former being affected by the surrounding temperature and can become unbearably hot in direct sunlight.

8.3 Are Tail Lights Necessary for Motorcycles?

Red tail lights are a compulsory part of your motorcycle. It is mandatory to have red tail lights on your motorcycle to ensure better visibility on the road.

9. Takeaway

Most motorcycle seats come in black. This was the standard during the early days of motorcycle culture in European countries. Nowadays, motorcycle seats come in different colors, such as brown, green, or gray. The reason why black is so popular is because it hides wrinkles and dust most effectively. In winter, black motorcycle seats better retain warmth and improve riding comfort. On the other hand, black seats become unbearably warm in summer and make it harder to travel long distances. Black motorcycle seats become tanned more easily, which gives motorcycles a rougher look. Viking Bags has many parts and luggage options, including sissy bars, fairing, handlebars, crash bars, sissy bar bags, and motorcycle saddlebags that you can install for a better riding experience.

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