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Top 6 ATV Rentals & Resorts in the United States

Top 6 ATV Rentals & Resorts in the United States

Many riders combine their love for the outdoors and motorcycling to plan a relaxing motorcycle camping trip every once in a while. If you are looking to try something different, then replace your two-wheeler motorcycle, dirt bike, or electric bike with a three-wheel or a four-wheel ATV.

An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle featuring three or four thick tires for maximum traction and stability, a powerful motor, and nimble steering for effortless maneuverability on off-road trails.

Since America is home to scenic off-road trails and breathtaking landscapes, finding a motorcycle camping destination is never difficult. However, for a fulfilling ATV vacation, you need to research places where you can find the best on-site ATV rentals, beautiful wilderness areas, exciting off-road trails, camp sites, or indoor accommodations, food, and other recreational activities.

For all those wondering where to start looking for an ATV rental or looking for possible ATV vacation spots, Viking Bags has prepared a list of the best ATV resorts and rental facilities in the United States.

Best ATV Resorts Offering ATV Rentals in the United States

When it comes to off-roading in America, the opportunities are endless. One look at the scenery around you and you will find unpaved routes, stunning destinations, and never-ending adventure ideal for an ATV rental.

Best ATV Resorts Offering ATV Rentals in the United States
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1. High Country Lodge & ATV Rentals, Wyoming

The High Country Lodge is a popular rental service in Wyoming for ATV enthusiasts. One of the biggest advantages of visiting the High Country Lodge is that it is situated close to the Bighorn Mountains, giving the place a peaceful vibe.

One of the reasons this place does not attract large crowds is because of its limited facilities. But compared to the other two lodges in the area - the Elk View and the Bear Lodge - the High Country Lodge offers the best food, rooms, and scenery. Since it is located in the mountains, you can ride your motorcycle to the lodge when the roads are open.

The roads remain closed from December to April, so if you are planning to visit during this time frame, then you can contact the resort staff to arrange transportation for you. Renting a snowmobile to get to the lodge is also an option. It is worth-mentioning that if your ride breaks down en route, you might find it difficult to get it repaired as there aren’t many motorcycle parts and repair shops in the area.

ATV Rentals

The High Country Lodge offers well-maintained and popular ATV rentals to customers eager to explore 1,200+ miles of off-road trails in the Bighorn Mountains. This trail system includes over 950 roads, 180+ ATV riding trails, and 33 tracks, with each trail offering different scenery.

Moreover, you can ride your ATV rental to the Shell Campground and camp at the BLM sites, or you can ride over to the Shell Creek in the Shell Canyon to fish, take pictures of the beautiful scenery, or enjoy the peace and quiet by the creek.

High Country Lodge ATV Rental
Rental Location Main Street Lowell, Wyoming
Available Rental Polaris RZR (two-seater)
Yamaha Viking (three-six-seater)
Rent Rates $300/day (two-seater)
$350/day (three-seater)
$450/day (six-seater)
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Accommodation, Food, & Other Facilities

The small rustic cabins are the perfect accommodations for a vacation in the Bighorn Mountains. The High Country Lodge offers comfortable rooms, a hot tub, Wi-Fi, a fire pit, a general store, and drinks. This lodge also includes home-made breakfast and dinner.

In addition to comfortable lodging, the area surrounding the High Country Lodge has panoramic views, exquisite nature, and peaceful silence. If you want to get away from the stress of everyday life, then this is your ultimate ATV destination.

2. Ticaboo Lodge & ATV Rental, Utah

Utah is home to thrilling ATV off-road trails and destinations, so it is natural that this state has some of the best ATV resorts. Located close to Utah’s red deserts, the Ticaboo Lodge has access to the ATV trails at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and North Lake Powell.

Vast desert landscape, bright red canyons, mesas, and trails hiding between huge mountains will leave ATV riders amazed. Just make sure that you plan your trip during the cooler months as the scorching summer will make it difficult to have a pleasant riding experience.

ATV Rentals

The Ticaboo Lodge offers ATV rentals and guided tours that allow customers to see everything the red deserts have to offer. You can hire an ATV rental from the  Ticaboo Base Camp Adventure Center.

Ticaboo ATV Lodge & Rentals
Rental Location Red Sand Desert, Utah
Available Rental  Sport Models
Honda Talon
Polaris RZR- two-seater Base Model 
Polaris RZR 900 Base Plus Model
Yamaha Wolverine
Polaris RZR 1000
Rent Rates for Base Model  $125/two hours
$215/four hours
$295/six hours
Rent Rates for Base Plus Models  $215/two hours
$275/four hours
$375/six hours
Rent Rates for Sport Models  $235/two hours
$325/four hours
$415/six hours
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Accomodation, Food, & Other Facilities

You don’t have to spend your entire budget on ATV riding. You can also try out other adventure sports, including canyoneering, mountain biking, and water sports, such as jet skiing, kayaking, boating, and waterskiing.

For unrestrained ATV riding and off-road adventure, the Ticaboo Lodge offers the best facilities, rentals, and BLM trails.

3. North Hot Spring ATV Rental & Resort, California

The North Hot Spring ATV Resort located 50 miles from Glamis Sand Dunes, California is a popular ATV destination. A perfect place to escape harsh winter, its untamed off-road riding trails, mighty sand dunes, and hot springs offer a warm reprieve. The resort opens from October 15th to April 15th.

ATV Rentals

The North Hot Spring ATV Resort is also an ATV rental facility. It has a large, well-maintained, and affordable rental fleet of Polaris RZR models with GPS trackers so you don’t lose your way when exploring.

This ATV rental service also offers guided tours to landmarks and popular attractions so you can make the most of your trip. Though you can rent an ATV on-site, due to high demand and limited availability, it is recommended that you book your ride online in advance.

Glamis North Hot Spring Resort & ATV Rental
Rental Location  Glamis, California
Available Rental  Polaris RZR
Rent Rates  Starts at $150 (for two hours)
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Accommodation, Food & Other Facilities

While the North Hot Spring ATV Resort offers camping sites, RV sites, and cabins, you do not have to rent a place to stay to enjoy all the facilities and services, including the hot tub, restrooms, and showers. Your ATV rental will give you access to all of these.

Moreover, you will find a small restaurant, Sassy’s Cafe, which offers hearty breakfast and dinner.

The surrounding area has miles of open desert trails, beautiful red canyons, deserted miner’s cabins, bat caves, and rusty rail tracks to explore.

4. Saratoga Hot Springs ATV Rentals & Resort, Wyoming

Planning a lavish getaway? The Saratoga Hot Spring Resort is the perfect pick for your ATV escapade. The resort is located near Wyoming Highway and Snowy Range Byway. These two scenic roads also pass by the Medicine Bow-Routt Forest. If you are riding a touring motorcycle to the resort, you will pass by gorgeous landscapes and relaxing environments due to the roads here being surrounded by tall mountains, dense greenery, and untamed wilderness.

ATV Rentals

During the summer, the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort offers ATV rentals so you can explore the miles of dirt trails in the middle of thick dark forests. During winter, the riders can rent Polaris Snowmobiles.

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort & ATV Rentals
Rental Rent Rate No. of Persons
Polaris RZR Pro XP4  $475 (Full Day)
$315 (Half Day)
For Rentals   Click Here 

Accomodation, Food, & Other Facilities

The Saratoga Hot Spring Resort offers luxury accommodation, access to natural hot springs and a spa, and a western-style pub/restaurant that offers a memorable dine-in and pub experience.

After riding hard all day on long off-road trails, the Snowy Mountain Pub restaurant at the resort is the best place to hang out and relax. It includes an extensive menu, including large breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, salads, soups, pizzas, cold beer, and wines.

You can also enjoy some family time at their outdoor space connected to the pub known as the Biergarten. The outdoor facility offers a relaxing view of the outdoors and a lively community.

Apart from ATV riding, you can indulge in other outdoor activities, including river riding, wildlife watching, fishing, golf, and horse riding.

5. Ramada Wyndham ATV Rentals & Resort, Michigan

Known as the ATV coastal paradise, the Ramada Wyndham Resort is known for being an ideal ATV rental location. The facility is built on the Hancock Waterfront, attracting riders who want to explore the gorgeous Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan.

ATV Rentals

The Ramada Wyndham Resort offers access to some of the best ATV trails in the U.S., including the ones on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Peaceful and remote, this rugged peninsula stretches across 125 miles and is popular for its amazing view of the Lake Superior coastline. To check out the ATV rentals, you will have to visit the M&M Powersports website.

Ramada Wyndham ATV Resort & Rental
Rental Location  Hancock, Michigan
Available Rental  Arctic Cat TRV 500
Arctic Cat 500 Camo
Arctic Cat 350
Rent Rates  Disclosed at the time of reservation
For ATV Rental  Click Here

Accomodations, Food, & Other Facilities

The Ramada Wyndham Resort offers deluxe facilities and services to its customers, including a hotel shuttle to pick up and drop off clients to the airport, an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, a restaurant, air-conditioned rooms, a private washroom, complementary newspapers and breakfast, and Wi-Fi.

Though the onsite food services are good, you can also take advantage of the resort’s location and check out the best local diners and restaurants in the area. The Ramada Wyndham Resort offers a complete vacation whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family.

6. Twin Hollow Campgrounds, West Virginia

If you want to experience one of the best ATV resorts and rental facilities in the United States, then head over to the Twin Hollow Campground in Gilbert, West Virginia. This resort offers access to the iconic Hatfield McCoy ATV Trail system, which has 700 miles of dirt tracks and ten different road sections:

  1. Bear Wallow
  2. Buffalo Mountain
  3. Ivy Branch
  4. Pinnacle Creek
  5. Pocahontas Trail
  6. Indian Ridge
  7. Devil Anse
  8. Rock House
  9. Warrior
  10. Cabwaylingo

ATV Rentals

The Hatfield McCoy Riding Area near Twin Hollow Campgrounds boasts lush lawns surrounded by alluring mountains covered with greenery. With ten different riding sections, ATV enthusiasts will never run out of new riding trails to explore no matter how frequently they visit. Out of the ten riding sections, the ATV resort has access to the following three ATV trails:

  • Buffalo Mountain
  • Devil Anse
  • Rock House

All three trails have historical importance due to their relevance to the Hatfield Feud & Matewan Massacre. The trails are known for beautiful forest roads, mountain landscapes, and twisted gravel roads suited for ATV travel. Furthermore, the campground staff also offer guided tours so you can learn the history of these trails and take advantage of the opportunities for adventure.

Twin Hollow Campground ATV Rentals
Rental Location 
Available Rentals  Rent Rates 
Kawasaki Teryx SLE 800  $400/day (two-seater)
Kawasaki Teryx 4 SLE 800  $450/day (four-seater)
Kawasaki Teryx 4 800  $425/day (four-seater)
For ATV Rentals   Click Here 

Accommodation, Food, & Other Facilities

The campground features over ten private rustic cabins with private bathrooms, showers, large camping sites, and RV hookups with electricity, water, and sewer facilities. The well-maintained campground also has a restaurant known as Bar-B-Que on the premises.

7. Takeaway

Just like with motorcycles, riding an off-road vehicle like an ATV can help you experience true freedom. But when planning your ATV vacation, it is important to know the purpose, route, and destination of your trip.

Maybe you want to travel to a fancy place to pamper yourself, look for a secluded place near deserted trails to be alone, or want to mingle with other boisterous riders who share a love for power sports. Whatever your reason, use this article to help you find and pick an ATV resort that best suits your needs and make the most of your trip.

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