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Top 10 Excuses to Go on a Motorcycle Ride

Top 10 Excuses to Go on a Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycling is a fun activity if you know how to ride a two-wheeler. Most motorcyclists always manage to find excuses and reasons to justify going out for a ride. This article discusses the top 10 excuses to go on a motorcycle ride.

1. Riding Makes You Cool

Riding a motorcycle can help make you look cool in the eyes of your peers. Even non-riders acknowledge that riding a motorcycle takes considerable skill. A motorcycle complements your looks with its fantastic design, power output, and sound.

However, there are a few reasons why riding a motorcycle is considered cool:

1.1 Speed

Modern motorcycles are among the fastest vehicles on the road that fall within the ordinary person's pricing range. Though its high-speed capabilities and lack of foolproof safety features can be hazardous and, if employed inappropriately, can have disastrous effects, the incredible feats of speed are one of the most appealing features of motorcycles.

1.2 Sound

Motorcycles produce a distinct sound which is the first thing that most people hear. Each motorcycle produces a unique sound, whether the scream of a superbike or the thunder of a touring bike.

Road bikes and superbikes both have loud engines that scream when traveling at high speeds, particularly on the track or on the highway. The scream of these engines draws attention even when leaving a signal quickly and has many people's hearts racing. Off-roaders create a slow thumping sound which is appealing to riders who enjoy off-roading.

1.3 Design

Motorcycles are designed with striking, stylish builds intended to draw attention to them, causing people to stop and take a closer look as they pass. Motorcycles have always been fascinating because of their smaller size and higher speed.

As motorcycle designs have evolved over the years, they have slowly started to integrate both functional and decorative features.

2. Fixing Motorcycle Chain

Nothing is worse than a drooping or worn drive chain as it makes it impossible for the engine to power your vehicle. Even though adequate lubrication will increase the lifespan of the chains, riders frequently forget to lubricate them after rides. Luckily, there is a simple fix.

Take a short ride to slowly warm up the chain so that the surface can be lubricated. Then, wipe the chain before you ride with a cloth and some WD-40. It's best to keep the chain nice and hot because the heat in the chain allows the lubricant to permeate into the rollers. Put your motorcycle on a rear stand when you arrive home.

3. Reduces Weight

Motorcycles are not only a lot of fun, but they are also beneficial to your health. Riding a motorcycle can help burn excess fat as regularly riding your motorcycle can help burn a few extra calories.

A motorcycle rider weighing 70 kg will typically burn 170 calories after an hour of riding. Additionally, riding a motorcycle works out your entire body because you need to use several muscle groups to maintain balance and turn corners.

Setting up before a vacation or cleaning your bike both involve burning calories. Riding requires energy to maintain balance, change gears, brake, control the clutch, combat headwinds, and other tasks; as a result, a lot of calories are burned while building muscle mass.

3.1 Improves Mental Health

While riding a motorcycle, a rider becomes solely focused on navigating the road and has a more active mind.

Motorcycle riding has positive effects on mental and psychological health; it aids in stress management, getting rid of depression, and lowering anxiety.

3.2 Improves Physical Health

It is possible for teenagers and adults to ride a motorcycle. When riding, people who suffer from a variety of physical injuries find it easier to forget about their discomfort. Every one of the tasks connected with riding a bike—steering, braking, etc.—helps develop abdominal muscles and strengthens the knees and thighs.

4. Experience Freedom

You can feel so free when riding a motorcycle. There are no preset boundaries to prevent you from flying because you are in complete control of the situation.

The true meaning of "Freedom" can be found in motorcycle riding. This is a completely different situation because riding a motorcycle allows you to act independently and encourages self-reliance. You may experience this by simply getting on your motorcycle and turning the throttle in preparation to move.

On a motorcycle, you have no one to rely on but yourself and do not have to worry as much about pleasing others. In essence, you are the one in control of your destiny, and your actions and choices constantly give you a sense of freedom.

The independence you possess enables you to let go of worries about covering expenses, completing deadlines, or fulfilling other responsibilities.

This explains why riding a motorcycle makes you feel complete and not like a smaller piece of someone or something else.

Most importantly, the freedom you feel riding a motorcycle can improve your relationships with family, friends, children, coworkers, and others.

You can also make your motorcycle look good by installing a few parts including saddlebags, fairings, crash bars, and handlebars.

5. Reduces Stress

As we discussed earlier, have you ever noticed a motorcycle parked in front of a mental health facility? We are very certain that you will respond "No" because riding a motorcycle can help you feel relaxed and ensure your mind is clear when on the road. Cruising leisurely on your motorcycle can help you feel calm.

Additionally, because riding a motorcycle can make you feel energized and refreshed after every ride, many motorcyclists see motorcycle riding as a form of therapy. It gives you time to forget about everything that has been troubling you while allowing you to have your own space.

6. Scuffing in New Motorcycle Tires

Scuffing in new tires is a safety measure that riders do to ensure new tires have smooth treads and provide better traction.

7. Drying Off After a Wash

It is best if you keep your motorcycle clean; therefore, it is best to wash your motorcycle regularly.

After washing your motorcycle, make sure that it has been completely dried. Otherwise, the remaining moisture can corrode, rust, and weaken the metal parts. Do not use an air compressor since it may force water into the cracks and cause further damage. Instead, try to air dry by taking a ride on your motorcycle instead. This way, the motorcycle components will remain corrosion-free due to the heat generated by the engine and the wind blowing against the motorcycle’s surface.

8. Prevent Fuel Separation

Maintaining a full fuel tank when your motorcycle is parked is essential due to the high amounts of ethanol in gasoline. A half-filled fuel tank has air pockets that absorb moisture which permeates into the fuel. The gasoline can only separate once the ethanol has absorbed all available moisture, but this produces a thick, gooey coating at the bottom of the tank which can block the injectors.

As you ride your motorcycle, keep a watchful eye on the fuel gauge. Try to keep the fuel tank filled to the brim as much as possible. If you plan to store your motorcycle for a long time, you should drain the tank and fill it back up with the freshest gasoline possible.

9. For Commutes

Use it or lose it is an adage that applies to all acquired abilities. You may say the same about your riding skills. Without regular care, the finely honed edge that distinguishes an expert rider starts to fade. You may avoid creeping technique rot by commuting on your motorcycle.

According to studies, persons who go to work regularly on motorcycles are significantly kinder, healthier, more at ease yet more productive, more focused, more brilliant, funnier, and more attractive. Ride your damned motorcycle to work to enjoy its matchless benefits.

10. To Interact With Other Riders

Similar to how birds of a feather gather, so do riders who share similar interests when it comes to motorcycles. Motorcycle trips or events can give you the chance to meet new people and improve your social skills.

10.1 Brotherhood

During rides, you may run into friendly faces. Unlike drivers of automobiles and trucks, motorcyclists routinely wave to one another, even when they do not know one another.

Many motorcyclists feel a sense of brotherhood with other riders, regardless of the motorcycle they are riding or the state they come from. The bond ensures that riders can always count on one another for support.

10.2 Friendship

Motorcycle riding can help keep close friends together due to their shared interests. There are also motorcycle communities that organize large events and have members who take time out of their schedules to go on a ride.

11. Last Words

Riding a motorcycle is exciting and fun because it enables you to interact with different people, makes you look cool, gives you freedom, allows you to connect with your surroundings, and improves your overall health. Many riders need a couple of excuses and reasons to go for a motorcycle ride every now and then, but always take safety measures into consideration first before going for a ride.

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