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15 Unique Biker Tattoo Designs & Ideas for Women

15 Unique Biker Tattoo Designs & Ideas for Women
15 Unique Biker Tattoo Designs & Ideas for Women

The American motorcycle culture had been primarily male in the past, but not anymore. In recent years, more and more women have decided to become bikers themselves.

Today, many women rely on using motorcycles as a mode of transportation and like to explore the world on top of a two-wheeler. Women are also joining motorcycle riding clubs such as the Harley Davidson Group, Caramel Curves, Motor and Lace MC, etc.

Women are revamping motorcycle culture by serving their community and encouraging more women to seek adventure, freedom, and companionship.

These motorcycle divas are also adopting the biker look as you will see more lady bikers clad in leather vest with biker patches and female biker tattoos.

1. The Importance of Biker Tattoos for Female Bikers

Getting a motorcycle tattoo is an important decision for female riders. Getting a motorcycle tattoo makes many women feel empowered, confident, and masters of their own will.

A motorcycle tattoo reflects that a woman has full agency when it comes to what she wants to do with her body.

2. The Right Placement & Theme for Female Tattoos

Getting a motorcycle tattoo is a decision that belongs to female riders. Similarly, they decide the placement of the tattoos on their bodies. While some female riders get a tattoo to flaunt it to the world, others like to keep it hidden and only share it with a select group of people.

If you want to express your creativity and make your tattoo visible, place your tattoo on your arms, neck, and hands.

On the other hand, a motorcycle back tattoo or a motorcycle leg tattoo will usually remain hidden.

Some female bikers like to wear a uniform that matches the theme of the tattoo. For example, if you are getting a rose motorcycle tattoo, then you may want a leather jacket with a rose print.

3. Is a Motorcycle Tattoo for Women Mandatory?

Tattoos have been an inexplicable part of motorcycle culture since the 1940s. Most men love to get inked. It is their way of showing toughness as tattoos are quite painful.

Female bikers do not need to get a biker tattoo. However, most women like to get one to express their creativity and their place in the biker world.

4. Best Motorcycle Tattoo Designs for Women

From a dark secret to a bold statement, women’s biker tattoos say a lot about their personalities. Some females love to look feminine and adopt motorcycling because it complements their happy, free-spirited nature.

Such women often opt for tattoos full of vibrant colors and floral patterns, birds, and butterflies as images.

Women bikers who adhere to the bold and beautiful principle can also get daring and badass tattoos grafted on their bodies.

4.1 Biker Woman Tattoo

A popular tattoo for female bikers is an image showcasing a fearless biker woman riding a motorcycle. If you are willing to get a larger tattoo, you can make it more interesting by showing the female biker leading a group of male bikers. Adding the text, “M is for Motorcycles and Matriarchy” will give complement the image the text is describing.

4.2 Wind in the Hair Motorcycle Tattoo

The best part about riding a naked motorcycle is feeling the wind blowing through the hair. If you enjoy motorcycling because of the speed, freedom, and wind, then the perfect tattoo could be a girl riding a motorcycle with her long hair swaying in all directions.

You can also get a girl wearing a helmet with beautiful scenery or floral patterns tattooed on your arm.

4.3 Guardian Angel Motorcycle Tattoo

You can also get a tattoo of a motorcycle with large angel wings. Text like my bike is my guardian angel or daddy’s little angel would work well with such tattoos.

4.4 Biker Skull Tattoos for Women

Many women bikers love to flaunt their dark side through motorcycle skull tattoos. These tattoos usually have skulls with long hair, roses, and bandanas while riding motorcycles. A skull on a rose plant or skulls hanging from the motorcycle handlebars would also make for a unique tattoo design. A female biker with skull earrings are another example of a distinct skull biker tattoo.

4.5 Dark Themed Biker Tattoos for Women

When picking out a dark-themed biker tattoo, make sure that it is not too horrible or depressing. Try to make it quirky instead. For example, a red she-devil riding a motorcycle or a beautiful girl with a devilish smile can make for good tattoos.

4.6 Trash Polka Motorcycle Tattoo for Women

If you like large geometric shapes, abstract art, surreal characters, and bold letters, then the trash polka motorcycle tattoo is for you. Popular in black, gray and red color combinations, your trash polka can have deserted paths, motorcycles, a stunning girl with a melancholy expression, blood splashes, or skulls. To get the best trash polka biker tattoo, find a talented tattoo artist.

4.7 Motorcycle Accident Tattoo for Women

Getting in an accident can be traumatic, especially if you got hurt due to the collision. If you are the survivor of a motorcycle accident and are still riding motorcycles, then that in itself is something to be proud of. Tell the story of your accident and recovery through a motorcycle accident tattoo.

4.8 Betty Boop Biker Tattoo

The betty boop biker tattoo is perfect for flirty and stylish female bikers. You can make the Betty Boop tattoo unique by changing the color scheme, adding angel wings to the caricature, or changing the motorcycle model. This cute tattoo will put a smile to your face each time you look at it. It also has an easy going vibe so you won’t have any problems making friends.

4.9 Heartbeat Biker Tattoo

Another popular tattoo design for women features a track with a heartbeat pattern and a female motorcyclist maneuvering her motorcycle on top of the line. Some female bikers like to add butterflies and flowers to these tattoos while others add snakes to portray that they are trying to get over the negative infleunces in their lives.

4.10 Minimalist Biker Tattoos for Females

If you like discreet small motorcycle tattoos, then a small feminist slogans like “not your biker property” or “girl power” should do. Getting a motorcycle helmet tattoo, wheels on wings, or motorcycle frame tattoo are popular options. Change the color schemes, size, and placement of your tattoo to make them more unique.

4.11 Motorcycle Cat Tattoos for Women

For cat lover, you can get a tattoo displaying a cat riding a motorcycle. Adding text such as “felines are feminists” can make your tattoo more unique.

4.12 Motorcycle Couple Tattoos

You can get a tattoo to express your love for your significant other by getting a tattoo with a biker couple riding together. Use vibrant colors while putting the female biker towards the front in the rider’s seat.

4.13 Cool Motorcycle Tattoos for Women

All motorcycle tattoos look cool but the criteria of what can be considered cool differs between female motorcyclists. For example, a tattoo showcasing a woman riding alone on uncharted roads or with her biker girl gang are both aesthetically pleasing.

4.14 Girl With an Engine Heart

A V-twin engine depicted as a heart showcases that you live to ride a motorcycle and that nothing else makes you feel more alive than riding. If you want a small tattoo, then only get the motorcycle engine tattooed on your nech or collar bone.

4.15 American Motorcycle Tattoo for Female Bikers

There are two ways you can get an American motorcycle tattoo. First, get an original American cruiser tattoo. For inspiration, look at the old American cruiser styling and select a fresh color scheme to make your tattoo stylish and visible.

Otherwise, you can also use traditional American colors for your tattoo. No matter the design, the color palette will give your tattoo an American touch that you want to have.

5. Female Motorcycle Clubs Tattoos

Just like 1% outlaw motorcycle clubs, members of law-abiding female motorcycle clubs can get their club’s logo or motto tattooed on their arms to show everyone their allegiance. These motorcycle club tattoos for females are marks of belonging and companionship.  

6. Frequently Asked Questions

6.1 Are Motorcycle Tattoos on Women Attractive to Men?

Motorcycle tattoos are in fashion more than ever before. Though society is now more accepting of tattoos on women, it is a highly subjective debate.

Whether a woman would look attractive with a tattoo depends on her personality and the design of the tattoo. It is common to follow popular fashion trends due to peer pressure. So get a tattoo only if you truly want one. Follow your instincts and don’t let others peoples’ opinions influence your decision.

6.2 What Does a Woman Motorcycle Tattoo Signify?

A motorcycle tattoo can have different meanings depending on the design and theme of the tattoo. The artwork can symbolize femininity, passion for motorcycling, empowerment, freedom, romance, etc.

7. Takeaway

Female bikers are a force to be reckoned with because they live life to the fullest. They express their love for motorcycles through riding, participating in motorcycle rallies, joining clubs, and getting motorcycle tattoos. You can use the biker tattoo designs mentioned above to stimulate your imagination. Biker tattoos are permanent, so make sure you know what you want and why.

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