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Solo Motorcycle Riding Vs. Group Motorcycle Riding

Solo Motorcycle Riding Vs. Group Motorcycle Riding

There are two types of motorcycle riders: those who love to ride alone and those who love to ride in a group. Both solo and group motorcycle riding have their pros and cons. It mostly depends on preference or how you enjoy motorcycling.

Group motorcycle riding is a common trend nowadays, with many riders from clubs or communities traveling together. You can meet and become friends with people sharing common interests. However, you are required to follow strict instructions when riding in a group. Meanwhile, you are free to decide the route and destination when riding alone. Read this article to learn the differences, pros, and cons of solo and group motorcycle riding.

1. Group Motorcycle Riding

1.1 Group Motorcycle Riding: Motorcycle Club Vs. Riding Club

Group riding has grown into a popular trend due to motorcycles and riding clubs. However, motorcycle clubs require you to invest time and money to join and stay a member. When motorcycle club members go for a group ride, they are required to follow a hierarchy and strict rules.

Meanwhile, if you want to ride with a group for fun without any commitments, joining a riding club is the better option. You do not need to apply to become a riding club member and can leave whenever you like.

1.2 Riding with Friends and Family

Another type of group riding is coming up with a planned route for only you and your friends and family.

2. Advantages of Riding in a Group

2.1 More Fun

Group riding is more fun than solo riding because you are with other riders often sharing similar interests. You can share your riding experiences with them and listen to their stories. You can also party together after the group ride.

2.2 Reduces Costs & Share Resources


If you go on a motorcycle tour with a group, you do not have to pay for a hotel room and yourself. You can share the cost of the room with your friends and save a lot of money.


You can also cut down on food expenses if touring with a group since you and the other rider can bring and share their food supplies. There is less need to visit grocery stores during trips if the group splits the large cargo of provisions.

2.3 Help and Support

If you are riding in a group, the other riders can offer their help during emergencies, such as if your motorcycle stops working due to mechanical issues. If you are a beginner, it is best to ride with a group as you may need to gain the experience to operate repair tools in the event of a breakdown.

2.4 Knowledge

While riding with a group, you have the opportunity to learn new information about motorcycles and improve your confidence. Most of the more experienced riders are willing to teach how to use repair tools and operate a motorcycle. You can learn useful skills that will allow you to fix and maintain your motorcycle by yourself.

2.5 Avoid Getting Lost

Group riders are instructed to follow an elected group leader while riding and to watch out for the slower riders. There are certain rules to follow when riding in a group. Routes are planned out beforehand. The more experienced riders in the group are responsible for keeping track of all riders to ensure nobody gets lost.

Riding in a group is safer, especially if you are with friends and family. The other riders will correct you if you are riding unsafely. Also, in the unlikely event of a crash, they can come to your aid and call for help.

If you have a hectic work schedule and find it hard to make time to plan a motorcycle ride, you can search for groups, clubs, and companies that are organizing motorcycle rides and trips in your area. You just have to pay the participation fee and you can join a planned ride.

3. Disadvantages of Riding in a Group

3.1 Less Freedom

While riding in a group, you are expected to follow the instructions provided by a group leader. While riding in a group, you have to stay together and cannot deviate from the planned route.

3.2 Must Wait for Slower Riders

You have to follow the speed of the other riders. If you are an experienced and fast rider, you may have to stop regularly to wait for the slower riders to ensure the group stays together.

3.3 Unsafe for Slower Riders

Riding in a group can sometimes be unsafe for slower riders as they may find it difficult to keep up with the pace of the rest of the group. When trying to accelerate to stay with the group, they may make mistakes that could result in a crash.

3.4 Cannot Proceed Without Entire Group

You cannot start riding from anywhere or anytime you like if you are with a group. Every member has to be at the starting point before the group can set out, and most of the time, you will have to wait for latecomers. This results in lots of time being wasted.

3.5 Conflicts Can Arise

When riding with a group, conflicts can arise between riders due to different preferences. Some members may want to go to a specific destination and follow a specific route, while others may want to go a different way. There can also be conflicts regarding rest stops and food to eat which can make it difficult for the group to make decisions and waste even more time.

4. Advantages of Solo Riding

4.1 Sense of Freedom

If you are a solo rider, you have the freedom to make decisions about all aspects of your trip. You have the authority to plan your route, rest stops, what food to eat, and where to set up camp.

4.2 Good Learning Experience

To ride solo, you first learn everything about your motorcycle, including how to repair and maintain it. You learn to be self-reliant and deal with mechanical issues by yourself.

4.3 Can Go at Your Own Pace

You do not need to wait for others or ask permission to stop. You have the right to decide whether you want to go fast, or slow, and stop as many times as you like to eat or explore.

4.4 Good for Recording Videos and Moto Vlogs

If you are a moto vlogger and love recording videos while riding, solo riding is a good time to do so. You are free to record and reshoot a scene without having to worry about becoming distracted or interrupted.

5. Disadvantages of Solo Riding

5.1 Expensive

Solo riding is more expensive than group riding as you are solely responsible for paying for accommodations, supplies, and other travel costs.

5.2 Cannot Get Help

While touring, you may not be able to find a nearby mechanic who can fix your motorcycle. This may force you to fix it by yourself. You will have to carry the necessary repair tools in case it breaks down during the ride.

5.3 Can Get Boring

If you are a social person and love interacting with other people, you might find it boring to ride alone. Solo riding is best for short casual and weekend rides.

5.4 Unsafe

Solo riding is unsafe for several reasons. Certain isolated areas are unsafe to ride alone, especially when it is dark. Off-roading can also be dangerous since you may not be able to contact help in the event of a motorcycle crash.

6. Conclusion

Riding a motorcycle in a group or alone has specific benefits and drawbacks. If you are a social person who loves interacting with people and making new friends, group riding is a good option. However, if you do not like following instructions, solo riding is better for you. It ultimately depending on rider preferences. Solo riding might be fun for casual and weekend rides. However, it can become boring and hectic on a motorcycle tour. If you are a beginner and hate the idea of traveling alone, you should ride with a group to be safe.

If you are a solo rider, make sure you are well-equipped and can carry essentials that may help you maintain your motorcycle. To carry belongings, Viking Bags offers various good-quality luggage options, including saddlebags, sissy bar bags, motorcycle trunk bags, tool bags, and tank bags. There are several other motorcycle parts to make your touring experience more comfortable, including sissy bars, backrests, fairings, and crash bars.

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